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Long term smart investments

Updated on January 19, 2014

Make more money in your future

Making money seems to be gradually getting harder for the next generation, wages are lower, the economy is partly dry and the future overall looks fairly bleak for our children and young adults of today. Although the working area and profit/spend ratio is unever it doesn't mean there won't be current opportunities that will boom over the next 20-30 years.

2013-2040 should be the young adults margin to see massive growth in areas that guarantee profit on your investment. Now is your time if your a parent looking for your children or if your a young adult looking for the future. There are investment opporuntities under your nose right now that will not guarentee but almost certainly 10 fold to 100 fold in your lifetime.

All the signs are there

Legends of our time have always said that you should learn from your past before making your future. How have we developed over the past 80+ years? What has been essential to our grown and development? Our evolution and development over the past 100 years has been greater than in the entire history, so what areas have we excelled in?

The big picture is simple, technology and science is our future. The development of our race relies on it as a whole and the growth of this cannot be denied by ourselves now. The growth in these areas means micro chips, fusion, electricity, precious metals and tech companies will sky rocket in good time.

Market placement

Knowing what people want is a powerful piece of knowledge and it is really easy to profit in life all you need to do is take the time to step back and look at society. Technology will not go backwards and adding a zero on your retirement funds over the next 20 years will come down to your research. How do you see the future? Majority of people see it to be technology infested and electrically enhanced so that is exactly what it will be! How the majority see the world is how it will be. As technology and the desire for energy grows it is guaranteed to grow the desire for metals such as gold, copper, steel etc. Also expect a guaranteed growth in solar and wind energy although the return may be lower and take more years to return than the commodities required for electrical goods. Take time yourself to think of the past and how you could have made money then think of what will go forward for you to cash in big 20 years plus from now.

what scares me

Stocks and shares are very hard to make big money from and 90% of people seem to make the same mistake. Do you think shares in Apple is a good investment? If you answered yes then please don't go on the stock market because your going to waste your time and there is a high probability you will lose your money. The time to buy Apple shares as a long term investment has long come and gone and I wouldn't suggest even humouring the idea of investing in them for the future if your expecting a massive turnover.

Do you disagree with my Apple predcition? Well they have 3 ways to go, they will remain steady as a price for the next 10 years (most likely), they might be at a small loss 10 years from now or they might make you a little buck which is quite probable however for you who disagree ask yourself why would you invest your money in a company already at the top? Will there be any companies that will set up and grow by 1000%+ like Apple? Well I would bet my life that there will be at-least 2-5 companies that grow to that size within the next 20 years which means making more than 1000% profit. Invest $1000 in anything from 2-5 companies that show the signs, some will fail but 1 will always succeed because people like new and change. 1000% profit on a $5000- $10,000 investment = $1,000,000 return (Minus tax and commissions).

The formula is simple: New and exciting+similar fundamentals as icons+company profits+ fair margins and large gross= a large icon in the making.

The signs are always there and every month there is at-least 1 new company that shows a promise to shine for the growth in our ever changing media and electronic frenzy growth. Many companies over the past 5 years have 5x in value due to their value in technology and have been bought out by powerhouses like Google, Apple etc.

Apples losses for 2013-2014

Apple are a great company but making a significant growth over the next 20-40 years simply isn't going to happen. Short term trading strategies can make you a lot of money with this company however this isn't what this article is about and is fare more technical and risky. Long term trading and investing is the easier road for untrained trader and ideally should be the only option for the majority.

Is it really that simple?

Of Course not..........there are aspects of this you are going to have to figure out yourself, I'm not going to simply write you a check by telling you who to buy and when. I'm trying to get people to see that there are certain options that almost can't fail for your future. Our future promises certain scenarios and they hold profits. Seeking them is something most people just don't seem to do, even a percentage of those who find them feel fear for loss and change. My goal with this article is to simply open your mind to the opportunities to making long term money, possibly for your retirement or children.

Keep an eye out for growing companies with future prospect, companies using revolutionary technologies and applications to implement significant demand in our society will provide a great growth for your future.

There's one thing that the world has shown even since the begging of time and the is growth and change, this is part of our nature and is what enables us to predict the future.

Be a profit, Make a profit.


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    • Troyangeluk profile image

      Troyangeluk 4 years ago from UK

      looks like I was right about avoiding apple for a long term prospect.

    • Troyangeluk profile image

      Troyangeluk 4 years ago from UK

      Burning your finger is fine aslong as you learn from your mistakes ;).

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Interesting read, though I wouldn't touch shares having burnt my fingers.