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1. Make Easy Money Online writing

Updated on November 18, 2014

Make Money Online

Learn how to make money online
Learn how to make money online | Source

Make Money Online

With the current economic hardship, people are looking for easy ways to make money online to supplement their monthly incomes. It has proved to be a daunting task since the online world has proved to be a jungle. The rate of which information is released to the public has made it easy for low quality and non-useful information to be published even by the most junior authors of the respective fields.

It has also presented an opportunity for online cons to pursue their dreams and careers of robbing innocent people who are desperate to make a livelihood online. Not everyone who is conned is naive when it comes to earning online; cons are the smarter ones because they keep devising new ways and traps to con you of your hard earned money. Without proper guidance, you might end up losing money in unexpected ways.

It is to this alarming situation that I have taken responsibility to publish 10 articles that will help people make legitimate incomes online. Those who wish to know how others make money online will benefit from this series of articles.

1.Make Money Online Through Content Writing

Personally, i have been writing articles for blogs and websites for 5 years now. I can not say it is an easy task being an online writer because you are faced with many challenges. You have to sign up to freelance and writing websites. The hardest process is winning bids if you are a new writer to the website since many clients will overlook you as an inexperienced writer who will produce non-satisfactory work. To win bids, you require patience, a well tailored-out portfolio and a convincing tongue. You have to convince the client why he should hire you and explain to him your qualities in the writing field. Polish the client with some perfectly written samples.


Do not copy paste content from other people’s work. This will see you retire early from the writing field since no client will trust you with their work especially if there are bad reviews written for you. Always ensure your content is original and if you have to use any person’s content as resource for writing then always paraphrase or re-write.

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Sites to start with

A good point to kick-start your content writing career is at the following sites:


Of all, iWriter is easier to get tasks to do. Remember that you don’t have to be a university graduate to do writing; anyone with good command of English grammar can do writing. If you find making money online through these sites is hard or you face difficulty earning through these sites or you have a bidding problem then look for clients you can work for directly.

Once you are well versed in writing, you can move on to better paying jobs like Essay, Academic or Technical writing which pays huge sums of money. However, you need to have good understanding of some topics to do such writing tasks.

Remember, there is no easy money. If you want to make money online, you need to show dedication and commitment.

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      Jackson 2 years ago

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      also fiverr source of money