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How to Make Money Writing Articles

Updated on January 23, 2011


Before you do anything, set a goal of how much money you want to make per month. We’ll use $1,000 / month as an example. It’s best to set a goal higher than what you think is possible, because that will help keep you motivated and even inspire you to create new ways of hitting reaching that goal.

Write / print this out on a piece of paper, and put it either next to your computer, or somewhere you can easily see it to stay motivated. Writing for money online requires a long term investment of time, and it might be a while before you reach your goal, so you need to stay motivated.

Another good idea is to constantly read success stories of people who make money writing online. This helped me a lot when I first got started. Here are 4 links that I've personally used to stay inspired:
This is the article that encouraged me to find new ways to make money, other than working a 9-5. This guy has some other good stuff on his website, but this was the best thing for me to read.
Even though this is about eHow, the same basic principles apply to most writing websites.
The woman who owns this blog lives off of the money she makes online. Very encouraging read.
This will introduce you to what Squidoo is, how to make money, and other useful stuff.


Next, you need to create either a PayPal account or a Google Adsense account so you can start receiving payments. This will depend on the website you choose. Definitely create a PayPal account, but if you need a Google Adsense account, make it.

Just go to the websites for PayPal or Google Adsense and follow the instructions for creating an account.

I recommend you link your bank account to these websites, so you can get your money directly deposited. But you can also request to be paid by check if you’d prefer.



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