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How to Make Money Writing Articles (Part 2)

Updated on January 23, 2011


With your goal in mind, it’s time to pick a website to write for. You can write for more than one, but it’s best not to do so when just starting.

There are 3 main kinds of ways to make money from writing articles online:

1. Pay Per Click - You make money whenever a person clicks on an ad featured in your article. The website then splits that money with you.
Examples: HubPages, Squidoo

2. Pay Per Impression - You make money every time the article reaches a certain number of page views, usually every 1,000.
Examples: Bukisa, Triond

3. Upfront Payment - You get paid money upfront as soon as your article gets published / bought.
Examples: Constant Content, Demand Studios

Some websites pay writers using a combination of methods, also. Associated Content, for example, offers upfront payments of $15 per article, then also pays people every 1,000 page views.

Since you’re just starting out, I’d recommend using Squidoo or HubPages. I’m more familiar with HubPages, but you have to earn at least $100 before you can get paid there. With Squidoo you only have to earn $10, and you can even change it to where you get paid as soon as you make $1.

You can write about any topic you want on these two, which is great for beginners. Plus, you don’t have to be accepted like on some sites.

Choose a site to write for, then create a profile on that website. You should add a picture too, so people are more inclined to believe you really exist. It doesn’t have to be one of you, but it does help readers feel more comfortable.


Now you need to come up with ideas for your articles. Since you have the ability to choose what to write about, I suggest you write about things that interest you, or that you know the most about.

Your article can be about anything really. A how-to-do-something, a movie review, your opinion about a news story; anything. Stay away from creative writing though, because that usually doesn’t make much money at all. Anything else is fair game.

Start a list of every idea that comes to your head, no matter how cheesy it sounds. Some of the “stupidest” ideas have made me a lot of money. For example, my highest earning article ever is How to Make A Facebook Birthday Wish Stand Out. I wrote that on July 15th last year, and it’s made me almost $400 since then. Crazy, huh?

So you never really know what will make money until you try. The best advice for choosing topics is just to write as much as possible, and see what works best. Then continue to repeat what‘s successful and stop doing what isn‘t. This is also called the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach.



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