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How to Make Money Writing Articles (Part 3)

Updated on January 22, 2011


This step really isn’t necessary, but it might help you understand how much potential an article has of making money.

Keywords are words that appear in an article or website that tell advertising programs (Google Adsense) and search engines (Google, Yahoo) what that website / article is about.

They are important because the words that appear the most in an article will be assumed to be its keywords. For example, if you’re writing an article about grooming pets, some words that will probably appear the most naturally are pets, dogs, animals pet grooming, etc.

This triggers relevant ads to appear, so people are more likely to click on them because they are related to the article. The rule of thumb is to mention your keyword(s) 2-3 times per paragraph.

You can research keywords to find out how much money they make on average, and also how high the competition is for that word. Generally speaking, competition is how many other websites are using those same keywords in an attempt to rank higher in search engines. The higher you are ranked, the more people will see your article, and the more money you have the potential to make.

Most people try to rank for the 1st page on search engines, because that’s where the most traffic comes from. Traffic is just a term to describe people on the Internet looking for something.


Anyway, in order to research keywords, write down a list of words that are related to the topic of the article you’re writing. Then, go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, type your keyword into the Word or phrase box, type in the word in the picture, and hit Search.

You’ll see a bunch of info set up into columns. Competition should be the 2nd column. All the way to the right are two buttons: Sorted by Relevance and Columns.

Click on Columns, then click inside the box next to
Estimated Avg. CPC. Then click Save to save the changes.

A new column will appear all the way to the right. This will show you the estimated amount of money each keyword pays out per click. Note, this is only if the article / website has that particular keyword appearing the most.

Also, this amount is just an estimate, so the real amount you make per click will probably vary. But it’s good to use to get an idea of how profitable a keyword is.

You can organize all of this data by clicking on Sorted by Relevance. This will let you arrange the keywords displayed by different factors, either in an ascending or descending fashion.

Because websites like Squidoo are ranked so highly in search engines, you really can write about anything and not have to worry about ranking. The only way to climb up ranking becomes to promote your articles, which I’ll get into later.



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