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How to Make Money Writing Articles (Part 5)

Updated on January 29, 2011


Promoting your articles / profile will be the deciding factor in whether you make money, or whether you make a lot of money. In order to promote an article, you need to drop backlinks, which are just links that go back to your article.

To do this, just copy the URL of the article (i.e. and paste it on another website.

It’s simple enough to do, but you need to make sure you do it write. Most people immediately try to promote their articles to their family and friends. It’s cool to post up links to your articles on Facebook or whatever, but don’t make that you’re only way of promoting.

One thing to do is to look for websites that are related to your article, and dropping backlinks there. Comment on the website in some way or form, then put a backlink in your comment.

You could also promote on forums that are related to your article. You have to make sure you are genuine when you promote your articles, because people can spot fakeness from a mile away, especially online.


A new way I was thinking of to promote articles is to use other writing websites to funnel traffic back to your main one. For example, if you decide to make Squidoo your main website to write for, you could paste the same article across multiple writing websites, and then drop backlinks back to the original one!

The only problem with this method is that most search engines don’t like duplicate content, so it usually ranks very poorly. So one way around this is to reword the article each time you publish it on another website! Think of it like copying someone’s essay: you take what was already written, but you say it differently so it sounds unique enough to be considered original.

You could also multiply the chance you have at making money by paraphrasing your articles on different websites. For instance, let’s say you write 250 articles on one website. If you repost them on 3 other websites, you have 1000 articles pulling in money, all without that much additional effort!

I haven’t really tested this, but it’s something to keep in mind. You might catch a bit of heat from some writers about this, but you’re not really there to be everyone’s best friend, you’re there to make money.

One final thing: some people believe that by having a lot of friends on writing websites, you make more money. While you might get more traffic from fellow writers to your articles, other writers don’t click ads, so it’s really just good for show, or if you genuinely are interested in building relationships through the website you write for.


Once you’ve successfully completed your first article, the next move is to repeat the entire process. You have to build up your article base by writing more articles. It might take a long time at first, but as you continuing producing articles, you’ll be able to do it in a fraction of the time it used to take.

You also have to stay motivated, because unlike working a regular job, you might not reap the benefits of your work at first. That’s why it’s important to set goals, and continue to read success stories. Envision yourself as being successful, and it will happen.

In fact, the only way not to make money is to give up. Like most things, making money online writing articles is just a numbers game. Don’t listen to anyone telling you anything other than encouragement or positive reinforcement, even if it’s yourself.


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