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Make money if you need

Updated on October 18, 2016

Money and honey


Is money really sweeter than honey?

Today, I am thinking about money. Is this the correct statement? It is quite OK grammatically, but the statement still not correct; why? I wrote, `today, I am thinking about money', rather than it would be `I am thinking about money'; because we think about money every day, every moment and it will be. Is there anyone who does not want or need money? In some cases, animals also aware about money that they knows if money comes then they will feed; the best example is about circus animals.

Mostly what people say -

  • You can buy a variety of sweets by money.
  • You can buy honey, if you have money. But, you can only taste honey; you cannot get money from it.
  • Money makes life sweets.
  • You can not taste honey, if you do not have money.
  • Honey represent happiness, so money is must to live your life happily.
  • Money and honey both important in your life.

How to Make Money


How to make money?

In most cases, you cannot make money as much as you need. You have to involve with a money making process; job, business or profession- you need a supportive process. You cannot make money alone. You have to work to earn money. When you barley needs money, even you consider any other suitable works that fit or not fit with your education, experience or profession. Either you have to work at the office or at home or anywhere. There are many ways to make money, The list you will get having searched on Google search engine with the string how to make money', You have to put your brain or your service or you can invest money in share market or any other business you feel comfortable; but I am not sure how many people can make money as much as they need, for sure all of you give best efforts to make money, who does not- he/she is not the right track.

  • Be-careful about online money making scam. They offer very interesting earning, but at the end you are loser.

Need money?

Need Money
Need Money | Source

You need money or you want money?

You can figure it out- how much money you need today, you have your calculation and budget, so you do not have tension. But, if anything happen today unusual that cost you additional money, then what? So, you will need money and somehow you will get it or you will try without success. There are many people who want money, but they do not need. On the other side, there many people who has no earning source, but they need money.

  • Some people wants money for savings, but they do not need for now.
  • Some people barely needs money now, but they do not have earning source.

So, some people are working over time for extra money and some people are not working or no work. Here the `over time work' means the work which is not for survival, but for savings.


Do you need money or you want money?

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Mostly who deals with money?

What is the race, who care about it? We are human, that's it. We have respect to each other(?). We all are equal, then why we are not helping each other to resolve our problems. There are many many questions, thoughts, research and discussion everyday, every moment in every part in our planet earth.

  • Some of the people want organization a group or a nation; they think that they will order and rest of the people will execute.
  • Some of the people are fancy, they lead luxurious life, they think that they only deserve it.

So some people are dominating money. They are controlling media and all other related instruments; they have the key to influence general people to serve them, they create issues for their greater interest; but always general people issues unsolved, as issues create one after another and general people forget their immediate burning issue.

You Don’t Need Money To Lead A Rich Life


Do you need money?

Suppose, 2 Mbps internet bandwidth is enough for your use, you have higher bandwidth - you are paying extra money for this. You have money, so you are paying or you are not aware about your wasting? You should know this, then you can realize that if you need money or you do not need. It is not justified, you do not need higher Mbps than 2 Mbps; but you want.

If you do not know about your needs, then it will make conflicts on your daily life. So know now, what you need and take necessary steps to get them or live peacefully without thinking much about money making.

Find out why you need money

  • You need money for comfort, buy something or upgrade your living status. If you really need money then get it.
  • If you have no need money, but you want much; then get happiness rather than earning excess money working over time. A happier moment worth more than millions of dollar. You can buy honey with your money, but not a happier moment.

How to be happy?

If you have no happiness, then you know how you will be happy. What you have no, but if you get this or sometime you compromise with this; then you will be happy. Suppose, you want to buy a nice dress, but you have no enough money; if you work and earn, you can buy it easily or if really your earning is not sufficient, then forget about this- buy another nice dress in affordable price (even it is possible you can buy the same dress from super market in cheap price); think which dress you liked, it is not the best one in the world.

If you wish you can create happier moment without spending money. Look around, may be you are leading much more better life then others. Some people has money, but they are under serious trouble with their life or they are affected by serious diseases that they can not lead normal life like you, then what is the worth of their money?

  • Money will come by turn in your life, but a happier moment is unique.

How much you will earn?

You will earn money, how much you need; not just how much you want. You really know much money you need to earn for your living- figure it out.

  • Do not run behind the money all the time.
  • Do not want much more so that you will be frustrated later (You will see many offers in Internet, just do not jump into them before knowing every details, otherwise you will be frustrated later).

Please give space to earn to others who really need money, you can do it when you have money to survive (If a system build up, then some one will do your over time and they will survive). You better spend your excess time for relationship buildup, meet with your family members, read books, go gymnasium or do some social work and for sure you will be a happier person than a millionaires.

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    • FR Tuhin profile image

      FR Tuhin 3 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Great hub Dania, keep it up. Yes, I agree money is not sweeter than honey.