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Make Extra Money by Answering Questions Online

Updated on December 29, 2014

Don't you love having a little extra cash in your pocket to spend on something special for yourself or your family? Especially nowadays since even a trip to the movies or hair salon can really add up!

One way to make extra spending money while working from home is to start answering questions online. Yes, you get to share your knowledge, be a know-it-all, give your opinion, back it up with facts, and earn money all at the same time!

In this article you will:

  • Discover websites where you can make money online by answering and asking questions
  • Learn fun money facts
  • Take a Virtual Field Trip to the Money Factory

How & Where Do I Begin to Make Money Online by Answering Questions?

  1. The quickest and easiest way I found to get started answering questions online to make money was by joining a website called WebAnswers. At WebAnswers you must first answer 50 questions before you can start earning (this is very easy to do). Once you answer 50 questions, you will be sent an invitation from WebAnswers to apply for a Google Adsense account if you don't already have one. You need this Google Adsense account to make money on WebAnswers.
  2. Once you start earning money online with WebAnswers there are several ways to increase your earnings. First and foremost you should participate regularly by asking and answering as many questions as possible on a daily basis. This will increase your earning potential. Second, provide the best, most accurate and detailed answer possible, giving you the chance to be picked as the "best answer" provider - thus enabling you to earn more money with your answer. And third, you can refer others to this great way to make extra money which will earn you a few pennies more. I post my referral link in my hubpages profile and my webanswers profile. You could do the same, or if you have a blog or webpage you could post it there also to help you make more money.


What Are Some Other Websites where you can Make Money Online Answering Questions?

  • CrowdAnswers: At CrowdAnswers you also make money by having a Google Adsense account. At CrowdAnswers you must earn 500 points before you can start earning money online. There are a variety of ways to earn additional points and make more money, one of which is linking your Twitter Account to your CrowdAnswers account. Signing up is easy, it's free and only takes about 5 minutes to sign up and begin asking and answering questions. You are awarded points based on your activity, points begin at 10 for a newbie and go up to 500,000 for a VIP!
  • ChaCha: ChaCha is a human powered website where people can get answers to their burning questions any time of day or night, simply by texting their question to 242-242. You can be the human on the other end of the questions and earn money online by answering their questions. I've both answered questions to make money working on the site and I've asked questions of ChaCha. Once I was in the supermarket and didn't know if I could substitute quick yeast for regular yeast in a recipe so I texted my question to ChaCha and had my answer before I got to the checkout line! If you like doing internet research becoming a ChaCha guide is another good choice for making extra money online. The pay varies based on your level, you can be a vetter, an expeditor, a transcriber, or a generalist. You won't get rich anytime soon, the pay is anywhere from 1 or 2 cents to 20 cents per task, but it can add up if you work at it regularly.


Test Your Penny Knowledge

Take the Poll Below:

Fun Fact Quiz - The Cost of One Penny

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More Websites to Make Money Online

  • Tutor on Chegg: Here you answer academic homework questions and are compensated with points which are redeemed for gift cards. You earn rewards if you are awarded the best answer by students. For answering academic questions you can earn gift cards to places like Target, Amazon, Starbucks and more. This site has received quite a few complaints on better business websites, so do your homework (pun intended) before joining.
  • Mahalo Answers: Signing up for an account on Mahalo Answers is free and easy, you just pick a username, enter your email address and select a variety of topics in which you can offer expert advice. Be sure to read up on all the different ways you can earn, it's easy to earn Mahalo dollars and prizes using your expertise and research skills. If your answer is selected as the best answer you receive a tip you can use to buy gift cards in the Mahalo store. Remember, to earn money you have to earn tips and to earn tips you have to answer questions, so pour yourself a tropical smoothie and get busy answering questions and making money online!

Tips to Make More Money

  • Pick One or Two question & answer sites to earn money on and concentrate your efforts there. Gain a reputation for being a member that provides accurate, helpful answers.
  • Be Active Daily on the revenue sharing websites you choose, even if it's just to answer a few questions. Being active raises your scores and helps you earn more money.
  • Give thorough, complete, accurate answers. The longer the better!
  • Be sure your answers are grammatically correct and double check your spelling, nothing turns readers off more than too many misspelled words!
  • Have Fun! You can't earn a living answering questions online for money, but you can have fun learning new things, sharing your knowledge and making new online friends!

Fun Fact: Women and Money

There are only 3 women ever portrayed on circulating U.S. coins, they are:

  • Helen Keller on the reverse of the Alabama quarter: 2003
  • Sacagawea on the dollar coin: 1999-Present
  • Susan B. Anthony on the dollar coin: 1979-1981

The US Mint Field Trip to the Money Factory


Making Money Online by Answering Questions Online is one of the most flexible ways to make extra money for your family. There are no time restraints or commitments, you can work as much or as little as you want. There are no limits to how many hours you can work and the more you work the more rewarding it can be! You can work late night when the kids and family are sleeping or early before they wake. You can make money and answer questions on the go while you're sitting waiting for sports practice or after school activities to be over. The choice is yours to work as little or as many hours as possible. It's a great way to make extra money online!

Have you ever asked a question on one of these websites: WebAnswers, HubPages, Mahalo?

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    • Michele Gallagher profile image

      Michele Gallagher 2 years ago from Massachusetts

      Interesting, I will need to check out Webanswers. About how much do you earn on a like that if you are active? Do you find it's worth your time?

    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 2 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi, I also have an account on Webanswers, and this useful information. Voted up and useful, thank you.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 3 years ago from Texas

      Very nice and informative hub MomsTreasureChest, I have an account with Webanswers, but was unaware of these other sites. Thumbs up on your hub.