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How to Make Money in Participating on Online Surveys

Updated on March 4, 2010

Through Internet use, people nowadays tend to quit their jobs and make money the easier way through online jobs. Many who have tried and are currently doing surveys claim they are receiving more than what they normally get paid for when they employed.

There are many kinds of online jobs. Some of it would include data entry jobs, simple copy and paste, online surveys and the like. The main thing one should consider before participating in such activities is making sure that every single survey that they take will actually be paid. The internet is open to everyone, so who can say as to whom we should trust and who not to. One just needs to make sure that every possibility has been carefully considered, so as to avoid being a victim of fraud and getting scammed.

  1. Making sure that a reliable internet access is available for the job is a must. They are paying for the time that you spend to partake on the surveys that they provide and not for the time that you spend troubleshooting your connection.
  2. A little research on the websites that provide programs for online surveys is a good idea. Checking the background of those programs if they are not in anyway associated with fraud will do no harm. This will only be an assurance that time spent for the job will be paid for.
  3. Be aware of the rules and restrictions laid down by the program. Always bear in mind that they will do the payments and if their specifications are not met, there won’t be any leads as to where to find research companies if the money doesn’t come into the account.
  4. Verify the payment method provided by the program. Making sure that all matters involving money are legal. If working on multiple surveys under different programs, it will be handy to keep track of the time spent on each work submitted. It would be much easier to compute compensation in this manner.
  5. Always keep track of the surveys that were submitted and the payment that is to be expected. Knowing how much you’ll earn often times pushes one to spend a little extra effort to sit down and work.
  6. Make sure that money really does come into the account as soon as the surveys were submitted. That way, necessary actions can be done if payment was not received in anyway. There are various ways to verify or complain if the amount allotted for a particular survey was not credited.

Things Needed:

  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • Registration
  • Program Software Required if any
  • Bank Account for the Payment


  • Beware of fraudulent companies. There are lots of companies asking for registration payment, make sure nothing will be lost in signing up.
  • Companies often times offer various payment methods. Some of them are through MasterCard, Visa, Paypal and the like. Verification of the payment methods ensures that you will have the money into the right account.


  • Do a little research on the programs that are legal and are confirmed to have been paying for their surveys.
  • Working on multiple accounts will help earn more money at a single time.


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