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Easy Sewing Projects to Earn Money

Updated on December 31, 2016
How to Make Money Sewing
How to Make Money Sewing

Things to Make With a Sewing Machine

Some people that sew begin sewing items as a hobby. Making new items to sew can be fun, and once it's perfected you can turn it into a business. Many people take their clothes to a cleaners to be sewed up if it has holes in it. But as a person that sews and has a sewing machine, you can save money on all the clothing items in your home and patch up any loose threads yourself. Some people learn to sew in middle school and high school, which makes for a great hobby. There are grandmothers that sew quilts and other items as a hobby. Teenagers that sew like to sew just about everything, and they can have 'sewing' as an elective in college also.

When sewing is a hobby you want to experience with making different items. Whichever item you make better, try to make more of them to make a profit. There are different thing to make with a sewing machine. First you will need a sewing machine, thread, sewing machine needles, sewing fabric, elastic, patterns (if you're comfortable using patterns), etc. Things to make with a sewing machine:

  • Eco-friendly tote bags
  • Table cloths
  • Curtains
  • Pillows
  • Pillow Cases
  • Pajamas
  • Head scarves
  • Short pants (shorts)
  • etc.

Watch this video - Sewing Shorts

How to Make Money Sewing

When making curtains to hang on windows, you can make kitchen curtains, bedroom curtains, and living room curtains. Also with making pillows, the pillows can be made for couches, and beds. The pillows that you make for couches can be made smaller than the bedroom pillows. All you would need for pillow making is; a bag of cotton or either polyester fiber-fill, and some pretty material fabric. People will buy curtains and pillows because every house needs beautiful curtains hanging up. And pillows make the house looks more warm and cozy.

Also sewing Eco-friendly tote bags will be a great idea as well. Because people can use tote bags as: shopping bags, baby diaper bags, book bags, women tote bags, etc. The material fabric chosen for making cute tote bags would have to be a thick quality fabric.

Craft stores have all the things you would need to make the sewing items mentioned above. The craft stores that sell sewing items are: Walmart, Joann's, Michael's, and other craft store in your area. Try doing research online to find out how other people that sew are selling their handmade tote bags for. After doing your price-research then you would know about how much to price your sewing items as well.

There is a way to make money sewing quality items that people need. You can make some business cards and fliers to get the word out. The fliers would consist of your: name, phone number, quality items that you sew, your website address, and a brief slogan, etc. Another idea is to make a blog about your hobby as a seamstress, then add your business website address into the blog. People will want to click on the website link in your blog just to see more of your sewing work. There are free websites that you can use to make a business site, for selling your sewing items. The idea is to make more of one item than others, to make a profit. Let's say you make tote bags, you may want to make as many tote bags as possible. Because once people start wanting orders of tote bags you would need a collection of them, not a low number of them.

Most businesses don't really get off the ground until its first year; this is why there has to be patience. Selling sewing items on eBay or at a home garage sale is a good choice also.

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Watch this video - Sewing Pajamas

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