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Making money online in Africa

Updated on December 17, 2012

Across Africa, internet usage is on the rise and there is also a growing number of internet entrepreneurs and these are mostly young educated people who strive to make a living online.

Making money online is the new way to make money in a continent that had suffered slave trade, colonialism and westernization. Africa is growing fast.

When it comes to internet usage, there are a couple of interesting countries to look at who have an overwhelming number of users already. Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and South Africa are in the lead.

According to an internet world stats report in 2012, the following countries in Africa have an appreciable number of internet users already:

  1. Nigeria 48.4 million
  2. Egypt 29.8 million
  3. Morocco Over 16.5 million
  4. South Africa Over 8.5 million
  5. Sudan Over 6.5 million
  6. Kenya over 3 million
  7. Tanzania Over 5.6 million
  8. Algeria 5.2 million
  9. Uganda Over 4.4 million
  10. Tunisia 4.2 million

As I said, there are a lot of online business opportunities to be gained from countries in Africa such as Nigeria and these includes but not limited to the following

  • Selling advert space
  • Selling online
  • Trading currencies
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Video publishing

And lots more..

Africans would need to discover and use the abundant opportunities available on the internet in order to earn more income.

There are a growing number of successful websites from Africa that are catching many nations like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa like storm. Business listings and classified websites are the rave of the moment and these allow small businesses and traders to list their products or businesses online. Google is also trying to capture the small business market by the use of Google trader which is already popular in many countries.

If you are in Africa, it's time to take your own share of the online market as competition is not yet as stiff as it is in developed nations like the USA or UK. Africa seems to be the next place where internet millionaires are going to rise in their thousands, especially with growing recession or slow growth in the western world.


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