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Making Money Online with Crowdflower

Updated on July 18, 2016

Everyone who has ever tried to make some quick amount of money on the internet, heard about micro jobs. They have probably heard about Amazon Mechanical Turk or Microworkers or Clickworker and UHRS. Most of these have some limitations. Amazon Mechanical Turk doesn’t work in many countries while the others may have many periods with little or no work to do. An excellent alternative that will lessen these problems is Crowdflower. But what is Crowdflower and how to use it.

Understanding Crowdflower

To start using Crowdflower, you will first need to create an account with one of the many Crowdflower Channel Partners. You can find the full list here: Partners

The partners host Crowdflower’s micro-tasks. After you sign up for a partner, you will have access to the Crowdflower’s micro-tasks.

What are Micro Tasks?

Micro Tasks are usually crowdsourced data processing jobs. Examples of the jobs you will do at Crowdflower are: Identify name of the author of an article; Identify if a page is a CV or Resume; Categorize Clothes or other objects and many other kinds of tasks. Before you can work on any task, you will have to pass a test. The test consists of usually 2,3,5,8 or 10 test questions. Each work has a minimum amount that you need to answer correctly, but it will be usually 70% or 80%. After you pass the test questions, you go to the Work Mode, where you can answer the questions and get paid. In the middle of the real questions, there will be some test questions so they can make sure you are paying attention. If you answer many of them wrong, you will fall below the minimum rate and be expelled from that job.

The Badge-Levels

When you first begin with Crowdflower, you will start with no Badge. You will be at level 0. There are only a few tasks available at this level. After you answer 100 test questions, you can earn the level 1 badge, but only if you maintain at least a 70%. If you are over 80% you will earn the level 2 badge and if you are over 85% you will earn the level 3 badge. In my experience, the best tasks are in level 1 or 2. Only a few level 3 tasks were worth working on, at least for me.

Earning Your First Badge

Since there are only a few tasks available at level 0, it will take very long to earn your first badge. And many jobs, I don’t know exactly why, do not count for your statistics. When I first started out, I took two months and still had only a few questions answered. I was about to give up, so I decided to contact them. For my surprise, it was possible to take an Entrance Test.

The Entrance Test

The Entrance Test is not available in all partner websites. Actually, it wasn’t on the one I use, so I had to create another account with another partner just to take the Entrance Test. The test consists of many unpaid test questions. When you answer over 100, you can qualify for the level 1 badge and then you will have more work to do. Make sure to take the test very serious. You do not need to finish it. Actually, I did not know that so I spent many hours and the test seemed to be infinite. Then, I decided to stop and when I opened again I had earned my level 1 badge. With only a few more tasks, in level 1, I earned the other two badges. Just try to maintain your accuracy high, because after you earn a badge, it is possible to lose it again.


How Much You Can Be Paid?

The amount of money you can make per hour will vary with the tasks you are doing. The prices range from $0,01 in some tasks to over $0.30 in others. Most will pay $0.05 to $0.10. But the most important is not actually how much you can make per task, but how long you take to complete a task. You will be able to make some tasks in 30 seconds and others in five minutes. Some may even take longer. If you make $0.05 tasks at 30 seconds, you will earn $6 an hour. If you make a $0.30 task at 5 minutes, you will earn $3.60. So, you will have to track how long you take to finish a task to see if it is worth your time.

As time goes, you will get used to the types of tasks and will be able to finish them faster and earn more money. But it will take some time.

The Problems with Crowdflower

Not everything works very well. Some tasks do not pay very well. You may get less than a dollar per hour with some. Many test questions are very unfair and your accuracy will drop, putting your badges at risk. Whenever you fail a test question, you can leave a comment if you think that it was unfair, but I am not sure if your accuracy will be fixed.


It is Possible to Make Real Money from Crowdflower?

Summing up, if you understand how it works and take some time understanding the tasks, you can make around $6 or $7 dollars an hour from the good tasks and around $3 from the others. The good thing about Crowdflower is that you will always have work to do. So, if you need quick cash, it is a very good alternative.

The most important is to keep patient that the money will start to flow in.

Do you believe it is possible to make money with micro jobs?

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    • Marcelo Faria profile image

      Marcelo Faria 16 months ago from Brazil

      Exactly. They are good to do in your free time. The only problem is tha you have to find a good task to do. Some are very low paying

    • Robilo2 profile image

      Lori Robinson 16 months ago

      Interesting - I have an MTURK account and can earn small amounts of money - but it takes time. Not so good with my full time day job.

      The good thing about these types of tasks - they make you use your brain and think -so your cognitive skills are exercised too.

    • Marcelo Faria profile image

      Marcelo Faria 17 months ago from Brazil

      It should be on your dashboard. You can contact Crowdflower to see what happened if it is not there

    • profile image

      Ani 17 months ago

      there isn`t entrance exam, i was searching in different chanels and it s just gone

    • Marcelo Faria profile image

      Marcelo Faria 17 months ago from Brazil

      When I contacted them, I was informed that all of them, except for Clixsense, Neobux and Elite. I took the entrance test at Crowdguru, a german website.

    • profile image

      detlic 17 months ago

      i have question wich partner site have enterance test?

    • Marcelo Faria profile image

      Marcelo Faria 17 months ago from Brazil

      Hi tlcs. I have to agree with you. Writing is certainly more rewarding. Micro jobs are for people looking for quick cash. Writing usually takes longer to get money, but when it does, it is much better

    • tlcs profile image

      Trudy Cooper 17 months ago from Hampshire, UK

      Not for me I'm afraid, writing is much more rewarding.