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Online Shopping Made Thrifty

Updated on August 16, 2016

Save Money in Every Purchase With These New Breed of Online Shopping Sites

E-commerce has opened various methods of shopping for everyone in the world. Convenience is not the only thing that it has brought to the table for everyone to enjoy, it also led to different means for people to save money as they shop. Online shopping has now covered a broader scope and they now provided more defined markets for various shopping needs. If in case you’ve been shopping online for a long time now, yet you are still not fully familiar with the vast options you have out there to save on your online shopping expenses, here are 5 types of E-Commerce sites that you should totally check out.

Aggregate Sites / Price Comparison

Aggregate sites are where you’ll find many retailers in a single marketplace. When you search for a product using their search engine, it will return a search result which features the product, the stores that are selling it, and the price that the stores are offering it. This platform basically provides users the ability to compare products and stores easily and find the best deals available in the market. Ebay and Amazon pretty much fit in this category, because of their platform’s ability to connect different merchants with consumers easily.

At first glance, aggregate sites will seem like the typical online marketplace where you could freely choose from a wide array of products sorted out into different categories and prices. However, if you take a deeper look, you’ll see that there’s more to these sites than their products – they feature different stores online and explicitly show the price offering of each one of them.

Gift Cards Stores

Gift cards are also known as gift checks. These are basically cards that carry a monetary value that will allow consumers to pay for a certain product or service. Today, gift cards can easily be found online through gift card stores. The best thing about gift card stores is that it’s a platform that gives equal opportunity to consumers and merchants to buy and sell their own gift cards.

Since merchants and individuals who sell gift cards in these websites seek to sell their gift checks the fastest way possible, all of the prices are already discounted and could save you tons of money. When brought from retailers, a gift card would usually cost the exact amount of its value. However, in gift card stores online, they’re offered at a reduced price from the gift card’s actual value.

Compared to coupons, gift cards are transferable and could be used as a gift! Which is why it’s called that. Gift card stores are not just thriftshop havens, but they’re also a paradise of great gift ideas!

Some of the most popular gift cards sites are Cardpool, GiftGranny, and CardCash.

Coupon Sites

Coupon sites have a similarity with aggregate sites, however, instead of featuring different stores with the same product, coupon sites feature different stores with their own unique products and the discounts that they offer. Coupon sites such as ChameleonJohn gathers available discounts and promotion from their affiliated online shops and retailers across the internet and presents them to the sites’ visitors. These coupons are in a form of vouchers and codes that grants discounts, freebies, or maybe free shipping for online shopping. Do folow

The actual value of these coupons may seem like small time savings, but they could actually spell the different between money earned and money spent. Coupon Sites offer light to moderate savings, but in the long run, the money you’d save just buy using these coupons for your day to day purchase will eventually amount to a fraction of your monthly expenses or even your salary. You’d be surprised how little things will result to something big in the long run.

Ecommerce nowadays doesn’t just limit your shopping experience to famous retailers and brands. The cyberspace has made it possible to turn shopping more innovative in order to serve not just convenience, but a wide array of money saving strategies in shopping. With the availability of these new breed of ecommerce sites, saving money on your every purchase has become a freely available choice than a seasonal privilege.


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