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Why Acquiring a Memphis Property Investment Now is a Good Idea

Updated on August 15, 2012

Imagine having a Property Investment in Memphis

Imagine owning a property in which half of the city population is leasing. Having a lot of properties from a location like that can provide you a huge prospective profit. It would give you a reliable passive source of income and cash flow and be financially free for a specific amount of time and make use of that money for your other investments (e.g. investing in other places). Then again is there such a place or location that is out there right despite the housing bubble burst in addition to the economic downturn? Well, this is the United states and there is surely a place just very much like what I’m speaking of. Memphis in Tennessee is my best big bet.

3 Bed, 1 Bath, Single Family Residence in Big Tree Cove, Memphis TN
3 Bed, 1 Bath, Single Family Residence in Big Tree Cove, Memphis TN | Source

Memphis is the Seventeenth largest city in America. Its greater urban area has at least 1.3 million people while the remaining Memphis inhabitants are at 600,000 according to the last census.. You can’t go wrong if you decide to invest in Memphis through renting real estate property out, short selling or even flipping properties for buying, holding, and at some point, selling in its particular areas.

Then again what really is notable is definitely the thriving economy of the Memphis metropolis. You will find three fortune 500 businesses, one of which has the largest and busiest cargo hub in the US, FedEx’s “Superhub” provides jobs for 30,000 workers.

The Economy of Memphis

The one of a kind location makes Memphis one of the only four cities in the USA where the new I-69 Interstate (Mexico to Canada) passes through. The biggest volume of trucking companies in all of the US is also located here because of its advantageous location. Additionally, its railroad hub is the third largest in the country even Warren Buffett himself can’t help but invest in it. Certainly Memphis’ economic climate and progress is moving forward which brings us to the thought, “What could it possibly be like to invest in property in Memphis?

The real estate investing scenario in Memphis is alive and kicking -even post economic recession. It’s more affordable to rent than to buy a house in Memphis which shows in the high number of renters (46% in the metropolis, 28% in the National average) in the region. Housing occupancy is approximately 92% even if the rental rates are greater when compared with actual property prices. For retired people, the low-cost of living and low property taxes is ideal for you. All these great factors made Memphis have a position in the top ten places to invest in real estate through the business magazine, Business 2.0.

Memphis is an excellent setting for all real estate investors who are interested to earn money through real estate investment to create a guaranteed cash flow, even for those who are into cheap and inexpensive living costs, the Graceland, and barbeques (Yummy!)

About the Author

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Dani is a real estate blogger and finance expert from Los Angeles, California. She's the PR manager of, a real estate investing company operating in Memphis, TN but based in Los Angeles, CA.


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