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Living in the Desert of West Texas

Updated on April 14, 2013

Living in the Desert of West Texas

Living in the Desert of West Texas
Living in the Desert of West Texas | Source

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Living in the Desert of West Texas

The typical day in West Texas is a dry, and very windy. The dust from the open land flows constantly in and around the West Texas towns. There are trees in the city. However, once you drive ¼ mile out of the city there is nothing but mesquite trees and pump jacks. This is oil country, and we’re sitting on millions of barrels of this black gold therefore all different types of people live in Western Texas. Living the life style of the Texan in this area can be very boring. The only thing to do on a daily basis is to work and then go out to dinner or bar. There are quite a few alcoholics and drug addicts in this area of the country due to a lack of things to occupy time with. Although this could be considered an excuse it is a reality for a good portion of the population that lives in this area. This is not unusual for the oil fields to be a rough and tough place to work. This area of the country and the old and gas industry has never been an easy and very pretty place to hang your hat. Thousands of people have come and gone from one boom to another bust since the oil industry has been around.

In the year 2013, Midland Texas has seen a surge of population due to the oil boom and plentiful jobs that surround the small city. There are cars from as far away as California to New York City on the streets of this little dusty town. This is how Midland has been for every boom this town has been through. People tend to gather up their belongings from other states and come for the jobs in the area. This time the boom will last a while and the ever growing of Midland is evident with the building and construction of homes and apartments in town. The sad part of the people that come from far way cities is they are coming to a place where there are no lakes and mountains. There are beautiful trees in town and a few recreational facilities to go to with your family. The ideal spot for a writer to live is here as it is quite and not much to do.

The common man that comes to this area of Texas and gets involved with drilling for oil and gas must save his money. There will be a bust in this town someday, just when no one is sure. There is speculation that new oil has been found which means even more drilling in the Permian Basin. With oil prices high and stabilized in 2013 as it has been for a few years now, this would be the longest boom since the roaring 20s when oil was discovered in this area. Save for the day that the prices either drop or production goes down. This has happened a few times since the 1920s and it is no fun watching people lose their materialistic possessions and their lives. In 1980 this was the case at hand and many fell victim to owing banks and other oil companies for loans taken out. It was a terrible mess, with those who were filthy rich were now down on their luck. The old timers in Midland that are still here now made it through, yet the service workers and small time oil companies scraped by or fell to pieces and owed banks quite large sums of money.

We are in times where jobs are scarce in most of the country except for here. The job ads are like spam as they hit your email as a resident of this area. It is interesting to note that we now have a Spaceport for travel to the outer limits. The other companies beside oil and gas are getting tax breaks to come in and make this their home. This will be a played out scenario to see what develops out of this new business that is coming here. There is no doubt that living space in the area is limited and that slows down progression of people to this area. You can see where there are four to five vehicles to a house where people are shacking up to live here overnight with strangers or families from other parts of the country. The traffic is bad and was not really built for all the people that are here in this little town of Midland, Texas.

Our city is wide open for all to come to , and come they are. Remember to keep your old habits at home we won’t put up with it here. You’re in our town and we will run you out one way or another if you don’t respect this land. Just joking, every fool and their dog has already come here so you will fit right in. We will take your money and make sure you pay expensive prices for houses and high rents. We need the money, and you need our jobs. So welcome to this article and if reading it you’re already thinking of coming here or there is an interest about this place. Hope you make the trip safely and be friendly when you come.


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