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Money Counting Machine | Reviews, Tips, and Considerations

Updated on June 10, 2015

Are you tired of counting money and re-checking over and over if you counted right? Maybe you are a business owner looking to save some time when you count your money. There are several types of money counting machines in the market that all have different characteristics and features depending on which country you’re in and what your needs are.

When buying a machine that is going to be counting your money, you want to make sure you get the right one the first time. Mistakes regarding your hard earned money are just unacceptable and can cost you money.

In this article, I will be reviewing some of most popular models of currency (cash) counting machines and which one may be right for you based on your needs. We will take close look at the top 3 and I’ll review some key characteristics and causes for consideration. If you are looking more specifically for a guide on coin counting machines, you can check out my profile where I have compiled a guide focusing on those specifically. Let’s get started!

Considerations when buying a cash counting machine:

  1. Consider what type of currency you will be counting. There are several currency counters that count every type of currency, but because they accommodate a larger number of currencies, that tend to be less accurate. If you plan on counting only one or two types of currencies, then it would be best to get one that only counts one or two currencies but at a faster and more accurate level.
  2. Consider your available space. Currency counters can range from a weight of 8 all the way to twenty pounds depending on the brand. Considering your space capacity, you may want look at getting one that is large but counts large batches or a small one that fits on your desk so you don’t have to travel too much.
  3. Consider your counterfeit detection requirements. Again, depending on the type of currency you will be counting, you need to make sure the counterfeit detection features meet your needs. Some currencies need metal counterfeit detection while others need a UV detection system and some both.

Snapshot of Key Features

Cassida 6600
Royal Sovereign
UV Counterfeit Detector
Magnetic Counterfeiter Detector
Multiple Currencies?
New Bill Compliant
Batch Mode
$240 - $260
$130 - $140
AccuCount Technology
Avg. Hopper Capacity

AL-5100 Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection System

This Counter is a budget friendly machine where you won’t be sacrificing good balance of speed and accuracy. However, it is always a good idea to run batches through more than to make sure the count was correct the first time. It has a self-diagnosing system upon starting to make sure it is in proper working condition and has the ability to count nine hundred bills per minute.

This particular machine has the Ultra Violet and Magnetic Counterfeit sensors you will need to detect counterfeits of a wide range of currencies. The dashboard digital Monitor is very convenient for low light environments. This all comes at a sub $100 price range. Many people have commented on how fast this machine is able to count the bills.

It is also very versatile as it totes the ability to turn off the counterfeit detection system if you need to count different papers which are of similar size or dimensions as currency such as small flyers or handouts.

Because of its flexibility to count a wide variety of paper at a fast speed and counterfeit options, this is definitely the number one choice that meets the needs of most businesses.

Cassida Currency Counter (6600UV/MG)

The Cassida 6600UV is more expensive than the others as it has the most features. It has several operating modes to choose from which include "Batching mode","Count Mode","Add Mode" ,and an "Add+Batch mode". This can also save you a bit extra time and confusion when it comes to the math. The ValuCount features allow the user to select what currency is being counted to calculate the dollar value of the count.

The top loading hopper comfortably holds four hundred bills allowing you to count larger stacks of currency. Another smart feature is the ability to not only identify the fake bill but it also separates the currency from the batch and deducts the amount from the total count. there are two models currently available, one with just the UV counterfeit detection system and one with a slightly higher price with UV and Magnetic detection system.

With a price tag of around $240-$260, this is a great deal for those who are looking for a bit more than just counting bills.

Royal Sovereign RBC-650 Pro Electric Bill Counter

The Royal Sovereign is the midway point between price and features. It sports a fast operations that counts up to 1000 bills per minute with a mid-sized hopper capacity of about 130 bills. It also has a batching option that can bundles of 1 to 999.Fast operation, counts bills a a fast rate of up to 1000 bills per minute.

It has an automatic self testing feature that can cut down on human error. This counter also an automatic start/stop feature which automatically starts to count when bills are inserted and stops once the hopper is empty. This can be a big help when you are separating bills into stacks.

One of the drawbacks to this machine does not have AccuCount smart technology and only counts the bills that you run through it, it does not keep a running total or add the denominations of the bills together, so you may have to bring out the calculator for this one.


Cash Handling Best Practices

Cash Handling Do’s:

  • Always use a counterfeit bill detector when receiving cash, especially large bills
  • If applicable to you, always count cash with at least two people present
  • New bills tend to stick together, separate them carefully before distributing
  • When using a counting machine, run batches at least two times to be sure

Cash Handling Don'ts:

  • Never leave your cash unattended in front of customers or employees
  • When using a cash drawer, do not keep more than you are willing to loose
  • Don’t count large sums of money near fire or any other flammable sources ;-)

What is your main purpose for a currency counting machine?

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