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Money Making Mantra That Attract Money Your Way

Updated on July 23, 2014

Have you constantly think about how to increase your income, live a better life provide for your family needs, but the ever constrain on your present income did not give you the opportunity to live up to your dream. many people have been living under poverty because they did not think and act in a positive way.

This mantra helps in positioning your mind and putting you in a money making position. All you need to do is believe it when you’re saying it. If you really say these words over and over until you feel it in the innermost part of your body, then you will begin to act like what you’re saying then you will see that truly we all are money magnet, just as the law of attraction has stated that like attract like. Everything we say and think comes back in same reaction. So if money is your problem right now and you really feel that you need to get money, just join me in these positive affirmations that can change your life if well applied.

Believe me this is no magic, but its just nature doing its job, that whatever we say and believe we receive.


I am a money making machine

Money is always with me

Money keeps coming to me from every angle

I am in connection with money always

Money keeps me happy all the time

I speak money language

Money understand my language

Money is my very good friend

Money keeps me smiling always

Money is my second name

When I touch any money it keeps multiplying

Money making ideas is always in my brain

Every day in my life money is in my abode

Money is the root of all good things in my life

Money obeys me always

I am magneting money every second of the day

It sounds good when I talk about money

I feel good when am in possession of money

Every day is a fresh day for my money making ideas

The best thing that happen to me is making money always

Am taking care of my money and my money is taking care of me

I have the secret on how to make money continuously

I am receiving money from different sources on a regular basis

I am grateful for all the money in the world

I am grateful for all the good things money is doing for me

I am a rich and wealthy man/woman forever

I am a billionaire

I am comfortable counting millions of money

Money is flowing to me like an ocean.

I am comfortable buying/building a million dollars home.

I love money and money loves me too.

my ideas are bringing money to me everyday

my bank account balance is always green

I have all the money I need

Saying these words at least ten times in a day, will ensure that you feel it in your whole system that you are already a rich person even when it’s not yet manifested, it’s that feelings now that will attract all the money to you and it will manifest.

aside these words above you can create your own mantra as long as it soothes your wants and you act and believe that what your saying is real and effective, and your having the feelings of what your saying as being positive.

you can also read these books, the secret, the magic to improve your personal mantra.


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