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Make 'Struggling' ! your passion at hard time !!!

Updated on March 18, 2014

Self Help

"struggle at Hard Times"

"You yourself are a fortune builder and money Earner"

Earning money has never being a difficult task for those who know how to struggle in life I remember certain incidences which always put me into my shoes to be prepared to catch hold of every opportunity that comes across my way ,right from my childhood days i have been bought up in the similar kind of environment and have seen my parents making use of every opportunity coming across them and raising out positively .The same traits I inculcated in my children and now they are smart elegant and opportunist.They never let any opportunity pass by and keep trying until they attain success,

I remember some real time incidences of my family members which have always encouraged me to inculcate same traits in my behavior and further passed them to the next generation .we believe no work is said to be low or high, you may be a" MANAGER" or simply a caretaker or "a night guard of a certain place .
I remember my father telling me that he sold new papers (became a vendor)when he was in need of money and did not had it .I myself did plenty of handy -craft work such as leather work batik work ,clay modelling ,wood craft and paintings and sold them,by vending in front of my collage gate ,this helped me to pay off my fees because my parents were not well off those days .
Same traits gradually developed in my children when they were students they did any kind of work at school they served people at the restaurant or became a care taker and kept awake to earn money . The message that i want to convey is that hard days only come to those people who wait for opportunities to come ,which may or may not arrive and the right age to work may pass away.Do not let your brain sleep let it seek ideas and you do the job of application .Its no harm to be multi tasker ,one can keep trying with various kind of works until one is successful.
The key to keep going at hard times is to do work do not sit back and wait for the things to improve on its own. keep struggling and the good days will be yours.

Make yourself a money minter ,don't wait for thing to take shape on their own you shape your own fortune.

wish all the readers good luck.


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