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Make money from the sale of old junk

Updated on October 9, 2010

Money for Junk

As the old saying goes "One mans junk is another mans treasure".

there is good money in junk.

just look around you it is everywhere,in the garage,in the shed, in the basement, in the attic you even see it in the street on bin collection day.

what you think is junk could be useful to someone else so sell it.

Clear some space and make money at the same time, sell it on ebay,have a garage sale or if you have them in your country take it to a car boot sale. if not you could make money from starting a car boot sale,find a piece of land ask if you can rent it out one day every week and advertise then you charge a fee from the sellers.

There is a car boot sale at Ayr race course, near my home, every Sunday where people load up their cars with junk and a decorating table take it to the race course and set up stall, it's so popular that some people make a living from it and return week in week out.

I threw out an old coffee table one time and saw it at the sale the following Sunday someone was selling it for £10.00 almost $20.00.

3 years ago Alison and I bought a pallet of goods from the wholesale section of ebay for just over £100 when it arrived we sorted out the good items from the broken and unsellable items,

the pallett lasted 3 Sundays and we made over £700 in total profit.

don't throw anything out there is a market out there somewhere just waiting for it.

have fun .....jimmy


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    • LivePaths profile image

      LivePaths 10 years ago

      Great tips!

      Now you can sell all that stuff in an online  Garage Sale in your own Virtual Neighborhood:

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 10 years ago from DC Area

      Nice if you like doing such things and you have time for this :)