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Updated on November 6, 2009

The Six Best Online Personal Finance Tools

The online tools are very popular nowadays. It's very convenient especially when you are all over the place. For those of you who are looking for the right tool to track your money, below are the list of six best free online personal finance tools.

  1. Yodlee

    it is very simple and seamless to set up. It also automatically connects to and updates information from your financial institutions for you as well as providing similar features for notification and reminders.
  2. ClearCheckBook

    This is an web-based checkbook. Instead of having to keep track in the actual checkbook that the bank provides, here you can keep track of your checks, credit card purchases and cash with Web 2.0 and lots of great features. You can also work with your accounts on an Short Message Service (SMS) or AIM enabled mobile phone, Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. It also allows you to place a spending limit for each account. Colorful indicators let you know whether you are reaching your limit.
  3. Expensr

    This is another online finance tracking site. Like several other sites we've covered already, this one also lets you fill in your income and expenses, and then gives you information about your money. Since Expensr is also a social networking site, you can compare your spending against other people. This means you get to see the aggregated data of the users of a specific tag. It's easy and simple to create accounts, input transactions, and see the charts of where your money is going.
  4. Mint

    It is the most well-known online personal finance tool because of its simple setup and easy to use budgeting tools. It automatically retrieves your financial data from your online financial institutions then analyzes and integrates it. Mint also has budgeting features, alerts, and charts help you manage your spending & investment with ease.
  5. Wesabe

    It is also called the financial social networking site. It tracks your finances and lets you interact. Once you upload your data to the website, your information is shared anonymously with thousands of users who have similar interests and spending patterns. Everyone passes along tips on saving, investing and spending ideas. Then it will aggregate and analyze the community members personal financial data, and showing recommendations to get the most from your money.
  6. Buxfer

    This is a web service especially good for tracking shared bills and expenses. It is best suited for roommates, family, coworkers, members or groups of friends who share expenses and want to sort out the bills. It automatically splits the bill among participants into either equal or weighted shares. You can upload your bank transactions, understand where you are spending money, what you are spending on, set up budgets, and get reminders.

Feel free to try any of the previously mentioned personal finance tools. And hope you enjoy using it and wish that it can help you achieve your financial goals much easier and sooner.


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