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5 Products That Will Save You Money

Updated on April 14, 2011
Little changes with these products can add up to thousands of dollars of savings!
Little changes with these products can add up to thousands of dollars of savings! | Source

We nickel and dime ourselves in a variety of ways, and though it might seem counterintuitive, there are products you can buy that will actually save you money in the long term.  While there’s the upfront cost that might hurt a bit, within a few months you’ll find that the savings really starts to add up!  Try these products to save up to $2000 per year depending on your family’s spending habits!

Soda Stream

The average family spends over $50 a month on soft drinks.  The average can costs $0.28 cents each, and a fountain pop costs and average of $1 each.  With Soda Streams starting at about $100, you’ll recoup your money in about two months.  After the cost of syrups and CO2 cartridges you’ll use throughout the year, you should be able to save $400-$450 per year!  Plus this is kind of fun to make, so you get some minor entertainment value out of it, too!

Good Coffee Pot or Espresso Maker

Not buying coffee is one of the main things recommended by frugal living experts.  It sounds trite, but if you do the math, you can easily save several hundred dollars a year.  A coffee lover can easily spend over $875 per year buying a $3.50 cup of coffee five days a week, 50 weeks a year (and let’s face it, they often buy more).  If you have more than one coffee drinker in the house, this rises even more!  Investing in a good coffee pot and gourmet coffees can easily save you hundreds of dollars.  One of the more popular models right now is the Keurig coffee pot.  It provides individual cartridges of a variety of different gourmet flavors of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.  You can buy a variety pack or a box with just your favorite flavors.  The Keurig machines start at around $119, and the coffee cartridges cost around $0.60.  You’ll recoup the price of the machine in less than two months, and then you’ll be able to save $725 over buying coffee from your local coffee shop.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpets get dirty quickly, even if you remove your shoes, especially if you have kids or pets or both.  Cleaning carpets can get very expensive.  Heavily-used carpets should be cleaned twice per year, and that can be very expensive.  If you hire professional cleaners, it costs an average of $150 each time, for an annual cost of $300.  Renting a machine is cheaper, but still spendy.  You can rent a machine for $30 and pay about $15 for their cleaning solutions, for a total cost of $60 year (not counting solutions because you’ll be buying them for your own cleaner, to).  The average carpet cleaner costs between $140 and $180 (don’t buy the cheapest models—they don’t work well or for long).  You can recoup your money in one professional cleaning or 5 times using the rented cleaner.  What’s best, though, is you can use your own cleaner whenever you need it with much better results over what you would otherwise spend hours scrubbing.  Your kid spills grape juice.  Pull out your cleaner and have it up in just a few minutes versus at least 30 minutes of work scrubbing.  Your own carpet cleaner will provide significant convenience and time saving, and after the number of cleanings required to recoup your money, you’ll save between $60 and $285 per year.

Clothes Line or Drying Rack

Using a dryer to dry your clothes all the way can cost approximately $250 per year (depending on the cost of electricity in your area, that may be higher or lower).  Drying all the way also causes unnecessary wear and tear to your clothes, so they don’t last as long.  To protect your clothes and your electricity bill, invest in a drying rack or a clothes line.  Dry your clothes for just 10 minutes so that your clothes aren’t dripping wet and to help prevent wrinkles, and then hang them up to finish drying.  Costing an average of $20 to $50, they’ll save you significantly over time.  You can recoup your money in just one or two months, and after that you’ll see savings of over $200 per year.


If you have the room, a chest or stand-up freezer can save you significant money over time.  You can get a great model for $300-$500 per year, though I recommend looking on Craigslist or the classified ads to try to find a used one in good condition at a significantly lower price.  By having a second freezer, you can stock up on items when they’re on sale and freeze them until you can use them.  For example, if frozen vegetables are usually $1.89 per bag, but they’re on sale for $1, instead of just buying the two that fit in your refrigerator/freezer combo that you’ll eat this week, you can buy 10 that you’ll eat over the next 5 weeks.  This is only a savings of $8.90 over 5 weeks, but the savings on several products adds up.  If roast normally costs $4.99 per pound, and it’s on sale for $3.25 per pound, you save $1.74 per pound.  That’s a $6.96 savings for a 4-pound roast.  Instead of just buying the one you’ll eat this week, buy 5 and store the extras in your freezer.  That will save you $34.80.  Using coupons can help you get even more deals to save money and stock your freezer.  It takes the average family 6 months to a year to recoup the money on their freezer, but I can tell you from experience, it’s probably one of the best investments I’ve made.  I can stock up on products I know we’ll use in the future while they’re at their best price, and I can also make meals in advance that I can keep in the freezer.  Savings will vary based on family, whether or not you use coupons, etc., but the average family will save at least $400 a year if they take advantage of sales to fill the freezer.

Add up the Savings

Savings Potential
Soda Stream
Keurig Coffee Pot
Carpet Cleaner
Drying Rack or Clothes Line
Try one or all of these strategies to save money.


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    • Paul Kohler profile image

      Paul Kohler 6 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      Some very good ideas you have, with this economy we need to save every dollar we can thank you for sharing