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Make Money by Writing at

Updated on November 9, 2017
Make money by writing online is a cool thing
Make money by writing online is a cool thing

What is Steemit?

This article was wrote based on my own experience at Steemit, I have joined Steemit since November 2016, firstly, make it very clear to you that I do earn some money from there, totally around $1,000.

Then, what is Steemit?

Steemit is a new social platform such as Facebook or Twitter, the difference is this social platform is based on blockchain technology, the authors can earn digital currencies called Steem and SBD by writing articles there.

You can write everything at Steemit, such as your traveling, photography or cooking recipes, when someone upvotes your contents, you will get paid with Steem and SBD, less or more. You can exchange USD with the Steem and SBD we earn at, or you can keep them.

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Steem and SBD

Both Steem and SBD(Steem dollar) are the encrypted currencies of website, which are something like Bitcoin, Bitcoin is the most powerful encrypted currency, and it also is very valuable. We as the authors can exchange Steem or SBD for Bitcoin, then we can buy USD with our Bitcoin.

The price of Steem and SBD: At this time of my writing this article, 1 BTC(Bitcoin) is equal to 3670 USD, 1 Steem is 0.000277 BTC, which is about 1.01 USD. 1 SBD is about 0.00271 BTC, which is closed to 1 USD.

Different with Steem, SBD is designed to be equivalent to 1 USD, so normally its price is more steady than Steem's.

Publish articles at Steemit

It is very easy to publish articles at Steemit, after you register a Steemit account, just click the write button or "submit a story" link, you can easily write a beautiful article there, when you paste an image link, your image will directly be shown in your article. You can add at most 5 tags for your articles, separate your tags with a space. It is very simple, you can learn how to write at Steemit in a short time.

Withdraw the money you earn online, so you can buy what you need.
Withdraw the money you earn online, so you can buy what you need.

My experience of withdrawing the money I earn at Steemit

Nowadays, we CAN NOT DIRECTLY exchange Steem and SBD for USD, so we have to exchange them for Bitcoin, then buy USD with Bitcoin.

There are some tools(websites) I use to withdraw the money I make at Steemit, they are Bittrex, PayPal, VirWox and of course Steemit.

*Please note that all these websites such as Bittrex and VirWox will charge some fees during your transferring the money you earn.

  • To exchange the digital currencies you earn for USD, you should firstly power down your Steem in your wallet of Steemit account.
  • Then you should transfer and sell your Steem/SBD into BTC at Bittrex or Poloniex or other platforms, you maybe have to wait for about 10 minutes for Bittrex to confirm the Steem and SBD you transfer from Steemit. After you get your Bitcoins, you can sell your BTC into USD easily. Or you can directly sell your Bitcoin for USD at which is a P2P Bitcoin exchange website.
  • Prepare a verified PayPal account to receive your money, you can transfer your money from PayPal to your bank.
  • Transfer the BTC(Bitcoin) you get at Bittrex to VirWox, sell your BTC into SSL, so that you can sell your SSL into USD at VirWox.
  • After you get your USD at VirWox, then you can transfer your money to your PayPal account.
  • Of course, you can easily withdraw the money you earn from PayPal into your bank card account, as you want.

Steemit VS HubPages

From my point, both HubPages and Steemit are very good platforms where we can make money by writings, while at the other hand, they are different.

  • At Steemit, your contents can only make money for you during the first 7 days of their publications, 7 days later, you CAN NOT edit or delete your contents anymore. And as a newer at there, you may find that nobody wants to give you an upvote no better you write high-quality articles or not, which is very unfair.
  • While at HubPages your articles can always make some extra dollars for you during all the time after you publish your articles, and you can edit or delete your contents as long as you want to. And if you can insist publishing useful and high-quality contents, you can get a very nice income from HubPages, such as The Top High Paid Writers at HubPages' Homepage

You can easily earn money by writing articles at Steemit if you are good at making friends there, I will update this article in the future to give you more helps.

If you have any questions about Steemit, do not hesitate to drop a comment under my article, I will answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

Keep calm and Writing
Keep calm and Writing

© 2017 ehonhdouzi


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    • skear profile image

      Sam Kear 

      10 months ago from Kansas City

      Interesting that you can only make money off of the content for the first 7 days. It seems like you would need the article to become popular pretty quickly in order to get any decent earnings. My articles on hubpages often take a while to become popular but then they generate earnings for years after being produced.

      I'm curious enough about Steemit though that I think I'll create and account and give it a try.


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