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Updated on February 22, 2016

Recipes make you richer in 2016

Money is considered a close friend, to talk "and" instead of "or" or do something to make yourself uncomfortable as recipes make you richer than in 2016.

Write down the goals using specific funds

According millionaire T. Harv Eker share in the best-selling book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, insist that you "set out the intended use of money varied but not trivial" and establish a time frame for achieve goals, think broader and not afraid to challenge friends.

"Most people do not know what you want. That is the most important reason that they are not getting what you wish for. The rich always have a very clear goal - wealth", Eker writes.

Join the Social / senior group

"If you can not afford to join the group, call a cup of coffee or tea in most luxury hotels of the city. Comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy and observe those around you to see that you are no different they are few, "Eker proposal.

"Exposure to more successful ones make you develop thinking and increase their income. Assets are often reflect the degree of your best friends," Steve Siebold, millionaire and author, explained.

Recipes make you richer than in 2016 - Photo 1
Read, listen to the news and participate in classes and workshops

The rich always learn and develop. They learn from the richer and more successful. Then continue learning school even if they succeeded at a certain level.

Eker stressed that "success is a skill that can be learned. If you want to become a better golfer or play the piano better, you can learn ... So, if you want to be rich, you can also learn ".

Find out 3 ways to make money except current job

That may be the investment opportunities or business. Start by understanding the diverse investment strategies, research creative ways to make money.

"Only interested in coupons and living frugally that many people miss out on a great opportunity. Even in the context of the cash flow crisis, the rich still oppose petty thinking and focus on mental strength from the big money, "says Siebold.

Establish good habits every day

Good habits are the foundation of wealth. The difference between successful people and ordinary people lies in the daily routine. In other words, successful people have a lot of good habits and bad habits are extremely low. If you can recognize the bad habits are preventing yourself become rich, this is the first step for you to change your fate.

Corley is recommended that you obtain the paper, divided into two columns. A record of bad habits, and converts them into a well. For example, instead of watching TV too much, now you just watch one hour a day. Or write the name of the paper to memorize them, instead of trying to remember mentally. After 30 days, you will be amazed at your progress.

Regularly set goals

Successful people always act in the target. They constantly set goals and to pre-plan a workday.

Successful people are those who know the visionary. They have goals for each day, week, month, and year. But the goal will not mean anything if you do not plan to achieve. So next set goals, successful people are trying to find ways to implement them and always take responsibility for myself.

Recipes make you richer than in 2016 - Photo 2
Perfecting itself

Successful people are always looking to improve themselves themselves. They read books every day and learn to improve expertise. They never waste time on things that do not help yourself approaching the target. Successful people know that time is extremely valuable asset and should be used only for his work. Self-improvement is a commitment to implement actions to train myself.

Look for a way to expand understanding. This is not easy, but people can only grown since the ordeal. Once you have the knowledge, opportunities will come to you.

Building relationships

Successful people are the center of attention of the people around. They spend part of their time to strengthen friendships and establish long-term relationships. They always take the initiative in contact and help others without expecting a response.

Someone once said, the most beautiful sound in the world is his own name. So, try to remember the names of all the people you meet. Ask yourself, would not you not impressed with someone's name remember me? It is an effective way to make an impression and the difference for yourself.

Efforts to complete the task

The today not tomorrow. Please complete all of the work has started. All people have fears, but successful people will break the fear aside and try to complete the important task at all costs.

Corley advised that when thoughts appear to delay work in the beginning, just repeating the phrase "to do right", and do not stop until the job was finished.

Recipes make you richer than in 2016 - Photo 3
Keep a positive attitude

Most successful people are optimists, enthusiastic and dynamic. They always look at the good points of ourselves and others. For them, the main problems are opportunities waiting to be explored.

Every day we are inundated in countless news about bad things happening. Achievers will minimize exposure to this type of news. Instead, they nourish your soul with positive thoughts from the book.

Save regularly

According to Thomas Corley is the effect the book "The Wealth habit," successful people typically spend 10-20% of their income to add to savings accounts, investment or retirement reserve.

Reasonable expenses

The rich are always trying to avoid overspending. Meanwhile, many others are struggling with financial difficulties due to spending too likely. They spend more than the amount earned and fell into debt. If you are in this situation, change the right to be able to better control its finances.

Do more than what is required

Instead of completing assigned tasks, successful people often do more than that. They volunteer to do things not in their obligations and thereby improve self-worth. If you are an entrepreneur, you will not have to manage your boss and tasked him. However, keep working hard and dedicated to impress customers.

Talk less, listen more

You always learn something when listening to others. That is why humans have two ears but only one mouth. The others listened not only useful, but also to benefit your work. When paying attention to what other people say, you can help them better.

Never give up

Do not be discouraged if you get stuck. The rich always find a way to manage to overcome all obstacles. Maybe they will have to change its direction, but always moving forward.

Do not say "or" speak "and"

Before any choice, ask yourself "how to have both?". Rich people never say "or" they would say, "and" because they know they can have it all.

According to Eker, "Think 'embrace' becomes more important when talking about money. The poor and the middle class people believe they have to choose between money and other aspects of life. Therefore, , money is always less important than other things. "

Your money is

Sometimes, pampering yourself by going massage, manicure or dining in upscale restaurants ... to feel the comfort and safety that money brings.

"If you want to make money, do not look at it as an enemy, but consider it as the best ally. Money helps you end the sleepless nights because of anxiety, physical pain, or even save your life. The rich said the money helped them in many ways that friends can not do, "Siebold writes.

Do something uncomfortable

Let's get out of regional collective satisfaction by offering ourselves decisions make you uncomfortable as talking to people you hate or get up early for an hour every day.

"The richest man in the world soon learned that becoming a millionaire is not easy work. They learn to be comfortable even when operating in continuous state of unrest," Siebold writes.

With a few small habits below, you absolutely can build up a great asset from his modest salary.

Change the way of thinking about saving

Normally, after deducting the monthly expenditure and taxes, you often find that perhaps now is not the time for you to start saving for the remaining amount can be too meager. But, did you know that if you keep spending like that, will not know until you can start planning for accrued yourself.

Therefore, we need a little change here. Instead of using the entire amount you earn each month, please extract small amounts to a savings right from the start, then consider spending the rest. At first glance this approach rather two similar, but the effect is completely different again.

According to Butler: "Most people usually spent before and just save the rest. The reason is that when your account is increased, in a natural way, your needs will also increase with, so it's very hard to make you stop as long as you still have money in your account.

So your savings plan will completely feasible if you extract a savings account to receive salaries from the outset, taxpayer then consider reasonable for the remainder. However, do not misunderstand that you have to save 50% of their income and then live "little bird" by day.

Also do not underestimate the 5% figure as such nonetheless still better than not saving at all. Try doing multiplication 5% for the entire duration of your work until retirement, an amount that you receive will never small.

Effective ways to help you save money in 2016 - Photo 1
Your savings plan will be workable if you extract a savings account to the moment we receive wages, pay taxes and then the remaining consideration to reasonable. (Illustration).
Keep your receipt

Let's stick to the fridge bill so you do not forget the food which they have bought, avoid buying more leads to spoilage.

The bill will also help keep you record expenditures more easily. And when you record them in red ink, your brain will automatically put them on the list of dangerous or alarming. And next month you will have a sense better control spending.

Subscribe to services automatically deduct wages to savings account

And every month the bank to automatically deduct on your savings account an amount corresponding to at least 10-20% savings from monthly income, go to the bank to work proactively rather you offline , you forget or avoid you for some reason need to spend extraordinary money, so the band can also look crooked banks and spent time monthly salary or not. The remaining amount will be able to balance your expenses for the month.

This is the best way to save money, most efficient, help take the most that you can make to your income no matter how. Perform this saving on a regular basis for a long time will help you make a financial guarantee in the future very safe there.

Having a specific goal

What to do with the money accumulated is question that you should ask yourself before you start your plan. Like an athlete practicing day and night to be able to win the championship at the Olympics, it would be difficult for you to save to spend efficiently when you do not know what I would do with that money .

Financial experts recommend that we should have a 5-year plan, which specify the goals you want to achieve in that time and you need to do to achieve that goal.

And no matter what your goal is, buy a house, buy a car, traveling or saving for old age, just that goal always being in your head, you will be more motivated to complete his goal.

Effective ways to help you save money in 2016 - Photo 2
Use a wallet compartment and used for saving money a secret compartment.
Simple life like the millionaire "mystery"

Referring to millionaires and billionaires, we often think of the super giant mansions and flashy sports car garages. However, the majority of millionaires in the world are not living like that. Can mention a series of billionaires worth us to learn.

With $ 58.2 billion (2014), legendary investor Warren Buffett still lives in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, in the house he bought for $ 31,500 50 years ago. His work room did not even have a computer or stock quotes.

The rich world's No. 2 with $ 64 billion in 2014, Amancio Ortega, founder of fashion brand Zara famous still lives in a modest apartment in Spain. If you do not follow the news, maybe the neighbors will not be able to believe that they are living next to the billionaire.

According to Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, author of the famous book "The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy" (roughly translated: When neighbors are millionaires: The surprise of the wealth of America ), "the well-known millionaires not by showing off their money."

Dr. Stanley spent two decades for an interview with the millionaire and concluded that "The millionaires in America became rich by working hard, smart investment and saving lives."

Sapper David Typically, the owner of a trading company in Las Vegas used car, and his wife earned $ 500,000 a year, but rarely spend more than $ 2,500 in a month. By using 90% of their income to save and invest, Sapper intend to retire early and travel.

Start saving now

If you are aged 20 or 30, retirement seems far too distant and the savings for that time is not considered a priority at this time.

This is quite understandable when you still have to spend a significant amount of money for banquets, weddings, house payments and use the rest for the youth as necessary for water to travel or shopping outside a few trendy items.

So unfortunately, you save more later, the amount you need to spend as much. And vice versa when you save early on, you will understand the power of "compounding".

Try it with a simple example like this, let's say you're 30 years old and 50 USD per month you moved into your savings account with an interest rate of 7%, after 20 years, the amount you receive will be up to $ 56,000.

Meanwhile, if you wait until age 40 years to start saving, monthly you will have to spend $ 110 to be able to increase this number to over age 50.

And if you start your plan from the 20s, the numbers that you have to spend each month will be a lot lower.

Use a wallet compartment to save money

The wallet is not simply objects to you for identification, light oil money, it also effective help you save money wherever you are in the best way, too.

Use a wallet compartment and used for saving money a secret compartment (preferably zippered compartment), every time you spend preparing shopping or anything let into the secret compartment Privacy some money from 10,000 to 20,000 even more when you buy cheap items due to the ability to pay their own good rates.

And every weekend to take you back this money in a savings account DIFFERENT, perform regularly until the end of the year so make sure you are not being surprised by the savings you get from the secret compartment wallet somewhere secret.

Understand the personal expenditures

Sometimes we wonder that he has to save as much as possible, but why the savings are again not "nowhere" compared with her mentally calculated. The reason may be because we did not manage their money effectively.

Once unfamiliar transactions on his bank account, you will not be able to know exactly the numbers you need to be able to carry out his plan and does not know when to stop the procurement again. Learn to become "chief financial officer" for your own household.

Stay away from debt

Perhaps few of us that have never ever in debt, more or less. A bird can not be overlooked when starting a savings plan that is reviewed and "settlement" of all outstanding debts.

As soon as possible because as long as you still get out of the vicious cycle of debt that you can hardly devote his mind to the other plans. You will always need a "reserve fund" for small jobs such irregular and broken car when he was sick.

Increase salary

Find ways to increase income, this is probably what we usually think of first, but not always feasible. However, this does not guarantee the savings also increased because as incomes rise, our lifestyle also changed that. In addition to a raise from his main job, there are a few other ways you can improve your income.

The world's billionaires were all extremely busy with projects of transnational investment, but they still take the time to educate their children, especially the issue of money ...

Bill Gates: Leave too much money for a child is hurt

Principles of teaching children about money and the world's billionaires - Photo 1
Many years as the world's richest billionaires with a total property assets of up to tens of billions of dollars, but Bill Gates - the founder of Microsoft Corporation intends to leave only for each child $ 10 million (equivalent to 0 , 05% of his assets).

In an interview with ABC Television, the world's richest billionaires each share he does not want to leave too much money for their children because they want the child, "the freedom to choose your path will go" and not rely on inherited property.

"I think the child should grow up with a clear understanding that we have to create our own path, taking his work buffet will follow. We just want to understand how the money was not well.

In my opinion, leave a lot of money both for the child is bad for them, but not profitable, especially if you look at their friends find a pile of cash, which are themselves also look at their similar thoughts " - paternal grandfather.

Anytime mention assets, Gates family are telling the child shall know to award it to the world.

Their children have separate accounts, but do not always want to buy whatever it is they that have to wait for occasions such as birthdays or wait until now to spend the money themselves.

Besides, Bill Gates couple also teach children the value of life and love every day.

They committed 95% of all donated his huge assets (currently estimated at 78.7 billion dollars) to charity because they founder.

Warren Buffett: Lessons teach children how to live before making money

Principles of teaching children about money and the world's billionaires - Photo 2
Billionaire Warren Buffett rarely talked to the children about financial issues that often focus on the philosophy of life.

He said: "You do not have to try out all the fields. When you're ready to invest, such as stock investors, you just have to imagine it like a round ball is moving slowly. "

Money is the goal of many people. But to him, the goal is always the right thing. He creates trust with the child by always doing exactly what he said, integrity and honesty.

Warren Buffett has always encouraged the children to choose their own path, failure or success under their separate ways.

He was not about to put the future and the way to you. Therefore, his son - Peter Buffett has become a famous musician.

He is the composer for the film "Dances with Wolves", rather than as a stock investor like his father.

Warren Buffett does not let me rely on inherited property. In 2006, he pledged to contribute $ 37 billion to fund the couple's charitable Bill Gates.

He also spent most of each statement of assets for non-profit organizations rather than the children after his death.

Donald Trump: Principles "three no"

Principles of teaching children about money and the world's billionaires - Photo 3
Unlike Warren Buffett or Bill Gates started the independence by "cutting" birthright, billionaire Donald Trump - "American real estate tycoon" has always been to ensure that the children deserve a family life billionaire and testament will leave all assets to his children.

However, although not catch must strive for life but for their children Trump, the money or positions is not something "natural that can".

Since childhood, these children have been taught Trump and instill the principle of "three no", it's "No drugs, no alcohol, no drugs."

Because according to Trump, he had rich friends with the children is very talented, but talent does not get progressively blighted by alcohol and drugs.

Besides the education of their children to follow the principle of "three no", to set an example for the children, Donald Trump himself was not in the habit drinking or smoking.

Thus none of his children backsliding into bad habits yet and they always understand that "do not do that effect" is something extremely embarrassing.

Chuck Feeney Billionaire: stingy with themselves but generous with others

Principles of teaching children about money and the world's billionaires - Photo 4
Chuck Feeney is the co-founder of the chain of duty free shops (DFS), the retail chain the world's largest duty-free. In 1988, he was voted the 31 th richest person alive by the United States, with total assets of $ 1.3 billion. Unlike other billionaires, Feeney choose a quiet life and simple.

Currently, he lives in an apartment rented by the whole property was donated to the charity. His children also must roll for a living since childhood until adulthood. Feeney said, this is the way to educate his children to appreciate the value of the currency.

Despite owning silver billion fortune but always rejected Feeney luxury items. Feeney often said, he valued money but hates wasting it. This conception of life, he has tried to pass on to 5 children right from childhood. Although no money, he has to work hard and do not want their children to become "spoiled rich kid".

He asked his son to do the waiter, daughter waited rooms or cashier in the summer vacation, and must comply with strict spending rules.

When her daughter calls too much with her boyfriend in Europe from the Manhattan apartment, he arrived in town, hang up the phone. He just lets you be calling with friends in 2 weeks. He wants children to know "stingy" with yourself, are not extravagant life and become rich kids to be independent.

Feeney's first daughter - Leslie Feeney Baily, shared: "Father has helped us to live like other normal people."

Warren Edward Buffett: Lessons I know save, cherish the value of life

Principles of teaching children about money and the world's billionaires - Photo 5
Warren Edward Buffett (Nebraska, USA) is an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Americans. As one of the world's richest billionaires Warren Edward Buffett but always teaching me how to live and no place to save money on top.

Peter Buffett key - the son of Warren Buffett believes himself had received the best education of the family that anyone living on this earth also desire.

Billionaire Warren Buffett rarely talk to their children about finances but towards the focus on the philosophy of life. "You do not have to try out all the fields. When you're ready to invest (eg investor shares), you just have to imagine it like a round ball is moving slowly. " The objective is always the right thing.

Warren Buffett has the immortal words on how to save money: "Do not save what is left after spending accounts, which let's spend the remainder after saving".

He often told me: "The only new savings brought wealth for themselves and for their own country. Do not spend on useless things, invest in things you really need and helpful . If you want rich, consider and calculated as an economist in everything authentic. "

Billionaire Roman Abramovich: Teach yourself to spend money to make money comfortable

Principles of teaching children about money and the world's billionaires - Photo 6
Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire is one of the "giants" have the most luxurious life in the world, also known around the world as the boss Chelsea Football Club, one of the restaurant team in the UK.

Eldest daughter Irina Abramovich and named Anna Abramovich, one of the richest heiress of Russia, with assets of $ 3.4 billion. She can choose any house in the property collection of his father's billions. Instead, this 20 years old young women choose to start independent life in a rural house with a horse farm where the caregiver of her family lived for a while by want a normal life and independence as a lot of other girls.

Also Anna Abramovich, the son of Roman Abramovich are independent from an early age. The view of billionaire wealth is mine to comfort their children to do what they like, self and self to spend money to make money. Therefore, the eldest son Arkadiy Abramovich though this year only turned 21 but has not little experience in the market, performed many successful business deal with the huge amount.

Michael Bloomberg: Money is only valuable when they are let go

Principles of teaching children about money and the world's billionaires - Image 7
Ranked No. 13 among the world's richest billionaires as voted by Forbes, Michael Bloomberg - Bloomberg's father was a great philanthropist.

He always said education of their children shared by "Money is only valid when they are let go."

"If you want to do something for your children you love them and show, do not give you too much money.

Instead, take the money away to charity and for the children that giving is always happiest.

Ie charity you are contributing to a better life for your children and for all children in the world "- Former New York City mayor said.


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