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Think You (we) are dealing with World Crisis? No problem. There is one NATION that HAS USED TO IT.

Updated on June 10, 2012
When you are used to it, it's not such a big deal ...
When you are used to it, it's not such a big deal ...

Is it possible?!

Headline like this surely does shock and make you question yourself: "How,on Earth, is that possible!?" Well, there is one nation, one small country, that have used to live for almost 21. years under the "crisis".

If you still don't know, what am I talking about - I have to say that you will remain shocked after this hub, but in same time, maybe it will but you in to thinking... Serbia, the country where I'm coming from, is unique example of country and people that are used to "crisis". How come that, find out in next few minutes!

Two decades living on the edge

People of Serbia, or back in 90's - Yugoslavia, have lived, and still living, on the edge of real poorness. Back in 90's, Serbia represented everything that one country and nation shouldn't and can not do - and the price of being antagonist to everything that's coming abroad is ... unique way of dealing with amazingly low life standard - for TWO DECADES.

Sadly, almost everyday, we hear that depression caused by "World Crisis" is causing more and more suicides and mental disorders that can lead to high-risk behaviors for society. So,that is not something new...sadly. But,did you know that most of those suicides happen in well-developed countries? How come that, when we all know that in, those kind of countries, mental care and general care for people health is on pretty high level. BUT, what makes them much,much more vulnerable to the "World Crisis"s effects is the fact that they aren't used to live under circumstances where every single day brings new battle for surviving and life where all members of micro or macro community have to start thinking totally different, along with brand new start of LIVING totally different.

What does it all mean? Well, instead of listening and visiting professionals - you can read next.. "Western Civilizations" are exposed more to the negative {like there is any positive} effect of the World Crisis due the fact that they have being developing fast and great along with population that lives on "well-developed soil". Why? Well, to make you clear, I will give you an example. For example : an average family in Britain, before World Crisis, had two kids living in a nice house with nice garden, where daddy could support it's family with his salary.Beside that, kids were going to good schools, having cell phones,computers,mp3/mp4 players,having iPods ..etc.Mom and dad were saving money,constantly - in case of "bad luck" or something like that ,and they were paying their bills regular.NOW: situation is forcing whole family to "squeeze" them-self's a bit, to sell a car maybe, to go on to two different jobs with public transport, made wife to look for a job, forced maybe a little bit elder child to look for a "periodic-job", to exchange their free time to productive time, to stop fantasizing about things that are not necessary and start thinking wise and realistic and start valuing things that they forgot about... like free time, time with kids, appreciation of nice gesture, appreciation of having any kind of benefit, being happy for having healthy kids and being health them-self's and things like that.Also, "W.C" cost them to cut wasting money on every-week shopping on "just-necessary" shopping like buy one pair of shoes for each kid that should last for whole season.Also, to give up from expensiveness of family diners in restaurants instead of having a dinner in their own home.One of the things, what some of families can not coup with is "winter time" when best solution is to move kids from their rooms to the living room,and all sleep together - and on that way cut spending energy and cutting giant bills for heating.

Internet and cable TV are now something that is fairly normal for an average family budget - so all you, don't have to worry.At least not for now.

  • Having this example in mind, maybe you all didn't have a clue how hard it is, and what all kind of things does the "World Crisis" brings - we all have to start valuing small things like they are great... and... Start being support for close ones, when they don't see "the way out" from bills and taxes.But selling a car, can resolve some of the problems - for instance. We all know how hard can it be, especially when we get in some kind of emotional connection with it, having in mind that maybe that was the car that our dad was driving mommy to the hospital, when she brought us to the word...But, hey...That WILL remain in our memory for rest of our lives,and maybe some day - we/you/ can afford to bring it back.There are bunch of firms that will "borrow" you some amount of money that's about 20-40% less then real cars value.And, what's most important of all - WE ALL HAVE TO CONTINUE TO LIVE - and if the car,or part of the house { renting it } , or giving up of shopping and expensive diners are the price of harmony and normal life - then... consider yourself extremely happy. Think about, how many bigger families are there, with their children starving... Or, how many families are there that mom and dad are left without a job - with couple of kids, that need to go to school ... Or how many families are there that have one or both parents handicapped and incapable for job ... ??

Within crisis, people started to value real things more...
Within crisis, people started to value real things more...

Feel yourself as a win

So, two decades of living lives of some of above, people of Serbia has "adjusted" to live in these kind of situations. Starting from horrible wars that happened, trough the booming, whole nation used to help each other. Neighbors used to borrow sugar,oil,or anything that they can give, but in same time taking in mind how much can they AFFORD to give.But they are READY TO GIVE. So, we learned something - a big thing, by my thinking from past times/history - and now, when it's hard again, people are just thinking that it was never better or ... I would say: "The picture,of social life, has never gone a bit brighter for us 21 year."
- In same time, after 2000th, when democracy came - people thought that their life standard will rise at least for a bit. That, some of us, that are highly educated - will not have to work on farm fields for 8 euros for whole day on sun.Eight euros, for eight to nine hours of hard,intensive work on sun or ice cold winter... Eight euros... I am not talking about 90's , I am talking about PRESENT. Some of potential professors are working on those fields, some of them can be employed at "Google" or "Microsoft" for example...but, no ... Life never spared us here, and it seems like it never will.But, again, I say: "HEY, we can deliver this message and our life-knowledge and appreciation of it, to the world, and assure them that - not so far from them - there is a far worse life-scenario.

Two decades living on the edge of poorness, I feel an obligation to respect and appreciate life that I have - that for some would seem like an "ghetto-life" - but I do appreciate the fact that with my birth, I am born winner. Hey, I am "the one of the billion" {small ones} that survived the way to the uterus - and JUST with that fact - FEEL YOURSELF A WINNER.


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    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      YES! Exactly Cardisa! That is exactly what I've wanted to say! Appreciate what you already have with you have been born in well-developed countries, not in countries where at-most highly educated people are doing jobs for 300dollars per month, and where people are looking to find ANY WAY, just to get a life outside the border even tho - Serbia is an candidate for EU.

    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 6 years ago from Jamaica

      I used to read about the crisis in your country an see a lot of devastation on the news. This is a very touching subject. It makes us realize that there are people out there who have been though worse than what we think the world is going through now. We must be grateful for what we have while we seek to reach out to others.

    • profile image

      maja 6 years ago

      Keep writing such a good hubs

    • profile image

      Mici 6 years ago

      Really nice... I was google-ing for world crisis blogs, and I've found this article. Very nice and thoughtful.

    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Carco, yes, we truly don't understand { those who are } that we that are alive,and healthy - are WINNERS by existing and beating the other couple of billion of sperm cells in a battle to the uterus... Sounds funny, but it is. Just by the fact that - THAT ONE TINY LITTLE "SWIMMER", gave us L I F E - we ARE THE WINNERS.

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      Really interesting hub, your right, we should all view ourselves as winners and lucky to be alive, life is a gift and should be appreciated everyday, Thanks for sharing this!