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Updated on February 2, 2012

How is it possible that this website has been up so long and I've just come across it? Unacceptable! As someone who is always looking to save money, nomorerack is perfect. With college expenses, saving money is essential but it's always nice to want to have the latest name brand item. Problems usually arise because they cost so much but nomorerack fixes that problem.

I found this website while looking through some saving money blogs. Thank goodness for those because they come in handy. I was amazed by what they were saying and selling. I already bought my first purchase which was a $200 dollar sports watch that I got for $35 dollars! That's some serious savings! Not to mention, I noticed some free items on that daily deals wall as well.

The premise of the website is there are 8 items plus 1 charity item that go on sale as a daily deal. The sale is only for that specific day. At 11:59pm the sale is over. Usually it ends earlier as the items fly off the shelves. The daily deals start all over again the next day with new items at 12pm. Now these daily deals are usually 50-80% off original price. Once those items are gone...they are gone, so it's best to check out the website for your daily deals everyday.

Nomorerack also has what they like to call Insanity deals. These deals are no joke. Where can you find an Ipad 2 or a Sony Playstation 3 for $40-$50 dollars? NOWHERE! The thing about these insanity deals is that they are rare so it's always important to come check the site though out the day just to make sure you don't miss some huge savings on popular items.

On top of all the amazing deals and savings, shipping is only $2 dollars per item! That's great because I hate when I have to pay more for shipping then for the actual item.

Can this site get any better?

...Actually can.

As I mentioned before they have 1 charity item that goes on sale just like the regular daily deals. For every charity deal sold $1 goes to the Pet Rescue Center to save the lives of cats and dogs. So you would be saving money and helping a great cause.

Something that I found interesting was the promotion the website has which is the use of referral links. Its more a way to get the word around about the site which has become quite effective from what I have noticed. The more people you refer using your referral link, the more free items you get. For example, if you refer 14 friends to nomorerack , you can now get yourself a pair of nice earrings for free! So basically the more people you invite that signup to the site, the more free items you can choose from! I noticed a Mac on that list of free items, I'm hopping to get that one.

As the website states "All you've got to do is invite your friends to join nomorerack! Best of all, your friends don't even need to make a purchase and there is no limit of many products you can win. It's that easy! Enjoy great new stuff - and guess what? You got it for free!"

I pretty much think that it speaks for it's self. If you would like to take a look at the site or even sign up, here is a link to the site. Enjoy the savings!

Ohh and just in case...Nomorerack is NOT one of those penny auction scams. This is more like Amazon with less items and more savings. Now I leave you with some testimonials about the website. Once my watch gets here I will be updating this hub!

Until next time... Enjoy the savings!


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