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oDesk merges with eLance

Updated on December 20, 2013
oDesk is getting into battle for whole freelancing market!
oDesk is getting into battle for whole freelancing market! | Source

Mail that changed the view on oDesk

On 18th of December, all members ( I assume ) got the e-mail from the CEO of oDesk, where he announces the merging with Elance.

"I'm thrilled to announce that we have signed an agreement to merge with Elance! We couldn't be more excited and wanted to take this opportunity to share what this means for you. "

- Gary Swart
oDesk CEO

- What Mr.Swart have underlined as well is that merger has not yet closed. Basically, all e-mail was dedicated on what oDesk gains, what about freelancers on oDesk? It's reasonable that investing in technology, that "with our combined expertise in engineering and data science, you will enjoy a host of quality improvements, such as superior freelancer recommendations over time"... etc.

But once again, where are the freelancers in whole this story?

Let's not forget

Let's not forget that Elance previously bought another freelance platform called EGuru. So, Elance was also expanding, while oDesk was keeping it's platform as it is with in 90% good modifications. Do you see what has oDesk done with merging?

- oDesk is not just getting the Elance market, but it gets all the markets that Elance bought as well. EGuru is just one of smaller platforms. About two or three platforms are in possession of Elance.

Merging with oDesk, oDesk will take basically 90% of all freelancing market. I really don't know is there a market that hasn't been bought by enterprise type of companies, like Elance and oDesk, until 18th of December?

- On this way, oDesk is getting monopoly over freelancing market. Which has it's good and bad sides. I love oDesk, and it is real pleasure working on it. But, I am afraid that they will adopt some "practices" from Elance, like paying for tests, and/ or raising the Guaranteed P-P-H contract's fee from 10% to 12-15%. That can have huge influence on clients/ employers to offer P-P-H (Pay Per Hour) contract to the freelancers.

Monopoly on Freelancing Work-force?

La Familia, BORIS MILANOVIC | Source

Previously created plan

Do you think that oDesk and Elance have had previously created plan to buy all smaller freelancing platforms and take monopoly, and have only oDesk as unique and only freelancing platform?

See results

Monopoly of oDesk behind all ?!

O.K! Let's face it. Working from home, for 10$ per hour (avg.) isn't a bad thing especially if you're unemployed, right? So will oDesk become the platform for all unemployed people?

To me, the step of merging oDesk with eLance is just a step of oDesk's monopoly over the freelancer market. I mean, oDesk was having; in past; heavy battle with eLance. Many of freelancers, as surveys showed, were always somehow more keen to work on oDesk than on eLance.

- Why? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Elance, or eLance, takes money for their testings! That's a way of handling income for the company, I can understand that. But me, as someone who's successful freelancer on oDesk, would certainly rather sign-up for oDesk (as I did) then at Elance; just because you have to pay for tests! Even English test, you have to pay 5 euros. I mean, it would be somehow "OK" if they would cut the 10% fee on Guaranteed Pay-Per-Hour contracts.

With oDesk, you simply don't have that trouble! Verifying identity, adding various ways of withdrawal of money earned working on projects are things that make oDesk, along with free tests, more desirable place to work on!

After all...

Do you think that oDesk tends to be the only freelancing platform, with intentions to take over whole freelancing sites/ platforms?

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© 2013 lafamillia


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    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 3 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      I really don't like the way that oDesk started working since the redesign and "Wallet" implementation. Now, Elance merging with oDesk wouldn't be possible if there would be some kind of International Internet Law against Taycoonization of IT. I find very good platform.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      oDesk merges with eLanceis informative and most helpful.