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Online Income

Updated on August 22, 2016

Working From Home

Traditionally work is something that you have to go somewhere to do. You have to report at the office at a certain time or you have to meet with someone somewhere at a certain time. This has been the way that people have done their work and earned their income for hundreds of years. Now that the internet has become such a huge part of our lives, a few more doors have opened up for everyone that is willing to take the chance.

I just want to make one thing clear right away: it is not any easier to make money from the comfort of your home than from any other workplace. The work has to be done no matter how or where you make your living. And of couse, the same rules of supply and demand applies.

However, working on the internet has a few advantages that regular work does not. You can basically be your own boss. A lot of people think that this means that they don’t have to work as much as they would in a regular job. This is wrong and quite frankly a recipy for failure. You have to work just as much, but you can work when you want, and you can do it from the comfort of your own chair.

There are so many ways to earn online income, and a lot more are popping out as we speak. In this article I will talk a bit about some of these systems to make a buck or two on the internet. I will mention a few systems that are known to work and steer away from the ones that are known to be scams. (If you want to know more about how to avoid being scammed online, use the link) It will tell you how a few different systems work, and recommend sites that will help you succeed.

Mailing Lists

This is the classic recipe for how to make money on the internet without doing much work at all. Basically what you do is to gather as many e-mail addresses as you can. Then you mail everyone an offer of some product that you will make a profit of. This is actually pretty easy to do, but nowadays there are so many people who send out these junk mails that no one even looks at them any more. You would need something extraordinary for this to work. You either need a good reputation or you need to have the best offers at all times. If you are able to build yourself a solid reputation as an honest guy, you will have a very good online income opportunity. However, this is very hard today, and everyone who deals in this business is often just looked at as spammers.

Click, read or do campaigns

This has become a very popular way for people to earn some additional income online. There are tons of different campaigns that you can participate in. All of them pay you to do some simple task. You can read e-mail. You can click on different links. You can read websites. I don’t even know all the different campaigns. These things actually work very well. It is a way of making a free online income. The problem is that it pays really badly. You will have to read a whole bunch of e-mails for it to have any impact on your bank account.

Internet Marketing

If you want to make an income online, internet marketing is probably the best way to go. This is how all the big guns earn cash online. Compared to the other methods of earning online income, this probably requires a lot more work but the pay off is a lot better. It can often also become a way of automated online income.
The usual way of doing internet marketing is by using SEO techniques to rank a site high in the search engines. This gives you a lot of online income opportunities through click based advertising, affiliate advertising and selling your own products.

The way that my online income system works is like this:
1. I find a keyword that is profitable.
2. I set up a site, or post on a site, using the keyword that I found.
3. I promote the site or post in a way that makes it rank high in the search engines.
4. I monetize the site or post with either an affiliate program or adsense.

And this really works. There are people who make several millions a year by doing just this. I won’t go in to details on how you promote the site in this article, but there are plenty of sites on the internet that tell you how you do it. You can find some that I like in the resources box below. By using the internet marketing strategies, you can make an honest online income for years to come.

Beginning SEO


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