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online post office box

Updated on October 12, 2010

Postal Mail Online???

How in the world can you get your mail that usually comes in your physical mailbox to instead be delivered to your email inbox? This is a unique problem that has been solved by a couple of companies.

The service is great for at least a couple of groups of people. There are the retirees that travel a lot but still want to keep on top of items that are mailed. Sure, you can do automated online bill paying and such but that can only go so far. There are times when the good 'ol postal service mail needs to be in effect Postal Mail Online.

The other group that likes the postal mail online concept are people whom love working with the computer as much as possible. These people want as much of their daily tasks and life on the computer so they have everything right in front of them.  For these people, having an online PO box is a big time saver.

Snail Mail on your Computer

Manipulate snail-mail with move of a mouse and click of a button
Manipulate snail-mail with move of a mouse and click of a button

How Does an Online PO Box Work?

The simple answer is scanning.  The person or business has their mail directed to a scanning service that converts the mail into a pdf and then emails the files to their customer.  The good companies will get the "mail" to the recipient usually the same day as its received. 

The advantages to this system is that there is no delay in getting your mail, you keep your mail organized, and you can get your mail anywhere.  The last is reason is great for people like retirees and business people that travel a lot.  There is no worry about forwarding mail or not getting their mail in a timely fashion. 

Those individuals that like to keep things ultra-organized can now have all their mail in one computer location if they wish.  Since their mail is in digital format, its also very easy search for just the right document using your computers search capabilities. 

Online Post Office Example


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    • Wahine profile image

      Wahine 7 years ago from California

      I never knew this existed. How cool!