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Reasons why Paypal is safer than Credit Card when it comes to shopping online

Updated on March 1, 2013
Online scam
Online scam

In this article I will explain about two incidents of my life. I have been working online in my free time for more than 3 years. During this long period I have been scammed 2 times when shopping online. First time I was scammed with my Paypal account and this time I have been scammed while trying to shop online by using my credit card only.

Based on my experience I think it is much safer to shop online by using you paypal account than using the Credit Card directly. Yes in your Paypal account you can integrate your credit card, but that makes your credit card safe, because Paypal would take the authority to take legal action against any kind of fraud.

Paypal incident

Long time ago when I got my Paypal account to receive my money from revenue sharing websites. That time I had very less idea about online scam. I was registering in many websites for making money without judging whether they are legit or scam. The biggest mistake was, using the same username and password for registering other site. My PayPal’s username and password was exactly similar. This is how one site owner got access to my Paypal account and transferred all the money to his account. He also changed the password of my Paypal account. But thankfully the password of the original email account was different. So, I could access my paypal account by creating a new password through my default email. I was really shocked to see my account balance.

Then I created a dispute about the transaction. The Paypal authority took necessary steps to get my money back and block the account of the other user.

So this story ensures that Paypal is safe. The paypal is a trusted websites accepted worldwide. The Paypal authority would always take necessary steps if someone tries to fraud.

I shop online by using-

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Credit Card incident

Recently I shopped online from a website which only accepts credit Card. When I try to submit my billing information showed error message. After trying couple of times it accepted my request but said that the transaction was failed due to system error, and no the website did not charge my account. But when I checked my Credit Card statement, I found that the website did charge money from my account. I contacted with the customer service of my Credit card issuer. I was more when, they blocked my account instead of solving the issue. All they want to do is to block the current Card and issue a new Credit Card for me. But I have to pay extra fee and wait for the Card. I am really disappointed with the decision.

The difference

Paypal also need a credit or debit Card. Then where is the difference? Paypal actually transfers money from one paypal account to other paypal account. When a buyer does not have money in his/her Paypal account, paypal withdraws money from the user's credit or debit card. Now if the person who receives the money tries to scam, Paypal can take necessary action to stop it. It's because they have the authority to control every other users Paypal account. But when it comes to shopping online by using only credit card, the credit card issuers can't help to get your money back.

Thanks for reading this Article. Please post a comment to share your opinion.

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    • JessBraz profile image

      JessBraz 4 years ago from Canada

      Good job... It can be a bit scary using your credit card online to shop.. You just never know. Sorry to hear that you've had difficulties with this in the past... Maybe you could lengthen your hub just a bit to include some tips for your readers about how they can prevent security issues when using their credit cards or paypal accounts. I think your readers would appreciate that.

      Good job.