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Pell Grants for Nursing Students

Updated on April 4, 2010

Are you interested in a career in nursing?  Careers in nursing are expected to skyrocket in these coming years as the baby boomers retire.  This influx of new retirees will call for more nurses to care for the elderly.  This is a great time to begin a career in nursing.  However, going to school for a nursing degree does cost money.  For example, not only do you have to pay tuition, but you have to pay for school supplies such as books and lab fees.  Yet money is something a lot of people may not have a lot of now.  Most people tend to go get student loans to cover the cost of school.  Yet a better way to pay for school is to get Pell Grants for nursing students.  These grants are sponsored by the government so that you wouldn’t have to pay them back. 

Pell Grants for nursing students allows a certain amount of money for the student depending on their need.  The need is calculated based on how much your family contributes towards your education or if you are an independent, how much income you make.  If you want to apply, you’ll need to get a FAFSA or Free Application for Student Aid.  The best way is to go online and fill out the application.  The information that they’ll need from you will include you or your family’s income and assets.  You’ll want to be sure that everything is accurate so that you don’t get your application rejected.  Then you’d have to correct it and resend again which will take up time.  

Once you have submitted your FAFSA, you’ll get a SAR which is your Student Aid Report.  This is a report that gives a quick summary of your FAFSA info.  Make sure the information on it is accurate. 

Pell Grants for nursing students is a great way to finance your nursing education.  You won’t find a better way to pay because it is free money.  You have no obligation to repay it.  Not like a loan where you’re saddle with debt after finishing school.  That alone could take years to pay off. 


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    • Mike steel profile image

      Mike steel 3 years ago

      great hub