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Pell Grants for Unemployed

Updated on April 5, 2010

For those people who are unemployed in this down economy, now may be a good time to go back to school and get a degree.  The economy has changed a lot since the recession.  Old jobs are gone and new jobs are coming in.  In order to keep up with the change, you need to get a degree in the new coming fields.  But going back to school can be a tough choice financially.  If you are unemployed, shelling out more money may seem out of the question for you.  However, there are ways to get funding for education.  One way is to get student loans.  These can be great, but the problem is that you have to pay them back and usually with interest.  The other way would be to get Pell Grants for unemployed people. 

Pell Grants for unemployed people are money given by the government for people to pursue an education.  Getting these grants is the best way to pay for education because you never have to repay it back.  You can get up to $5350 per year to help pay for your schooling.  The money can be used for tuition, school supplies, or just about anything you want.  In order to get these grants, your income is factored.  The more you make the less grant money you get.  Of course, being that you are unemployed and making no income, you should be able to get the maximum amount of grant money.  

To apply for Pell Grants for unemployed people, you need to go get a FAFSA application which is also called the Free Application for Student Aid.  This application will ask you to input financial information about yourself including your income and also your assets.  Using this information the government will calculate exactly how much money you should get.  Be sure that you fill out the FAFSA correctly otherwise you might get audited.  Also, it will take time to correct your application should you make a mistake.   

Once you have submitted your FAFSA, you’ll get a Student Aid Report.  This SAR summarizes all the information that you put your in FAFSA.  Check it and ensure that it is correct.  Soon after that you should get notification for receiving Pell Grants for unemployed people. 


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