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Plenty of Thoughts

Updated on March 6, 2014

At my current age, I tried to recall how many jobs I had actually worked before. Waitress, customer service, hp lab researcher, part time retail sales executive, graphic designer and last but not least a project coordinator... Wow! that is quite a list. After all these years of job searching, is it what I am looking for? I am in a lost. I can't see my future in any jobs which I can think of. Pessimistic? I really don't know. I worked for money and not for passion. The thing is when I see money, I am not happy. It is so contradicting.

Passion or Money

If there is a choice for u, which will you choose?

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Work for passion or money?

I tried to ask around some of my friends "do you work for passion or money?" Some would replied passion and others would said money. There were few who can have both, passion and money. You can be practical at the same time passionate about what you are doing. If you really know what you are looking for, you are happy when you found it; when comes to salary if it is attractive, it becomes a bonus. This is what my friends who were in education explained to me. I totally agreed. They found satisfaction, passion and happy with the amount of salary they were getting. Finding a job is just like finding a good relationship. People always say " love or bread?" If you can have both, that would be great. If you can't, you have to choose either one.

When it comes to passion, it is not so much of the amount of money you are getting but love and passion of the job that you desire. It is tough. it is just like an artist, he/she doesn't really earn much but they are happy with what they are doing. Its their passion. I have a friend. His name is Shavy. We knew each other through stage performance camp before we went to different schools. Till now, he still followed his passion, doing jobs that is related to stage performance. Well, for me... ... I had forgotten I used to have a passion for stage performance.

We know that Singapore has a high standard of living. Usually when comes to money, the reply is always okay. I don't mind doing it. It is practical and it is the fact. In an Asia country, it is important be financially stable in order to support a family. Family becomes the most important reason of being practical. To be a responsible husband and wife, being able to have a stable and comfortable family life is essential. Money is usually the first priority rather than passion.

Lastly, it's the value of life each and everyone of us is looking for in terms of how we value ourselves, what do we want to achieve In life. In the end, it is all about choices. The choice of choosing whether to go for passion or money? Maybe a part of you want to follow your heart. But when comes to reality, it is really nomuch of a choice to choose to follow your heart anymore. Family, diapers, loans, bills, etc... they are the one that do the talking. Again, it's all about money.

No money, no talk

Not long ago, I came across this forum, "Quiting without a job." To leave an existing job, to find what you are really passionate in. One of this cotter (in this forum, they called their members as "cotter") brought out these 5 major factors that we can't do without money:

1) study

2) getting married

3) get sick

4) have children

5) lastly, die.

I don't know much you would agree on. There maybe other factors as well, depending on which come first and what is your priority. Everywhere in this world is talking about money. Maybe to certain extend, there were few things that we don't talk about money like a true friendship.... relationship... family? Or maybe not. It is really true that without money you won't be able to study, getting married, get sick, have any children or even you are dead, your family has to spend. The moment you step out of the house, it is about money. And even in a relationship, we are still talking about money.

Well, the thing is how it really matter of being able to adjust the standard of living. Really, most of the time, we are reluctant to give up our usual standard of living to a simpler one. In reality, will you choose a job that is $2k while your friends are earning $4k or a job that is $4k while your friends earning $2k? A matter of fact, maybe the first choice would be a better one. Is it the mindset or the figures that is fooling us.

But something that I realized slowly the more you earn, the more you lost. Maybe you can earn $10k, but what you lost is your time spent with your loved ones, family and even friends. Trying to balance money and life is not easy especially when there is a commitment and spending becomes a habit. Well, after leaving a job making me feel that there are a lot more than just wanting to earn money or rather finding the meaning of living. Maybe 'No money, no talk" is just how this world works but how you can survive in, is another matter.

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