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Tiffany Dow's PLR ATM - Scam or Legit?

Updated on April 30, 2014

How Can You Make Money Selling PLR Articles? Read This Review Before Buying The Book!

I have been following Tiffany Dow through her blog for months now. What I like about her is that she's honest about what she does and explains things in a crystal clear manner. Hard to find that in internet marketers nowadays who keep beating around the bush! If you search for Tiffany Dow in IM Report Card, you will see good reviews of her work.

I learned a lot through her set of Video Tutorials on YouTube - The 52 Week Amazon Challenge and I started making good sales on Amazon after using her techniques.

Other than making money through affiliate marketing, Tiffany also earns part-time income by writing high quality PLR articles.

Tiffany, who owns one of the best PLR sites online, doesn't work as much creating PLR articles like before, but she was able to make an average of $4,200 a month in the last 7 months selling content that she had already created a while back. She has been a ghostwriter for many popular affiliate marketers and that is how she came to know the secrets of making good sales online.

She gives away her secrets in the new book - PLR ATM - where she tells you how you can earn a substantial income by launching your own PLR store. I urge you to try her method and business model to see how easy it actually is. Most of the time we confuse the concepts we already know and screw up the entire process of making money online! Tiffany has cleared out all the confusion that comes with Internet marketing and gives us a simple and easy business model that actually works.

How Do We Go Wrong Selling PLR Articles?

Believe me, I had tried selling PLR articles before and I never got success. Here are some mistakes I made which were rectified by Tiffany.

1. Reselling PLR articles by rewriting them is not the way!

2. You should sell only unique content! This is absolutely necessary else you will just get a bad reputation online. Good reputation -> more sales -> more money! As simple as that.

Tiffany corrects these mistakes and more (which you might be making unknowingly) through her book - PLR ATM.

"The way it’s taught in PLR ATM, even those who can’t write well themselves have a good shot at selling PLR to a hungry audience. And you’re given two options – launch without it costing you a single penny – or launch with a few lost cost tools like a domain, hosting, and email autoresponder system. It’s truly a way to make easy money online – and still have your conscience intact when you do it."

Sell PLR instead of Seeking Master Resale Rights!

Most people will look forward to getting Master Resell rights so that they can get readymade content which they can then pass along.

In PLR ATM, Tiffany Dow teaches you using a step-by-step strategy how can you create PLR content instead and sell them over and over again to customers. This strategy is more profitable for you and this can be done easily by setting up a PLR shop as Dow explains in her book.

PLR is hot and content will always be in a great demand! You have to act now to take advantage of this money making process online so you can reap benefits as quickly as possible. Let go of the notion that master resell rights are the way to go and learn how to benefit from setting up a PLR shop.

More Reasons Why You Should Sell PLR Articles...

  1. For freelance writers, it's time to say bye-bye to ghostwriting and start something on your own instead. By selling PLR articles, you get to make more money plus you don't have to face annoying deadlines, demanding clients or a one-time pay for your work.
  2. You are in charge of your own content and how much you should get paid for it!
  3. After setting a PLR shop, it just means more profit as word spreads around on your good and original content.

You’ll be using PLR ATM to open your own content store and reaping all the rewards of profits without any of the hassles of freelancing.

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