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Poker Stars

Updated on August 12, 2012

Poker Stars and Tools

Maintaining and enjoying a fireplace requires a set of effective tools. We all want to come home to a cheery fire burning in the living room. It's a wonderful Winter tradition dating back to early families that cooked their family meals over an open fire. In order to keep our home and hearth clean and inviting, look for a good set of tools, including pokers, brooms, vacuums, and special logs that clean the flue when burned.

Enjoy your fireplace, but keep it clean and well organized with fireplace tools. Don't try to use kitchen utensils that were designed for cooking food rather than safely manipulating burning logs of wood. Never gamble with fireplace and home safety. A nice poker also makes a great gift for anyone who has a fireplace.

Firedragon: Blow Poke Fireplace Tool

Manipulate your burning logs from a safe distance with this specially designed poker tool. The Blow Poke includes a through-hole that lets you make your roar without actually throwing lighter fluid on it. Simply blow through the open end of the poker and point the other end in the fire. The increased air flow will increase ignition and bring your fireplace to a warm glow. This poker is intended to replace the traditional fireplace bellows.

The tube is 3 feet in length: be careful when using this tool and do not let children play with it anywhere near a fire. This device is definitely not a toy. The other end is forked for moving and turning logs without actually reaching your hand into the fireplace.

This poker makes a wonderful housewarming gift for friends or neighbors that recently moved into a house with a fireplace. Often, an empty house will not include fireplace tools. Every new homeowner will love this useful and stylish addition to their hearth.

Home Impressions 4Piece Fireplace Tool Set

Standing next to a fashionable fireplace should be a set of fireplace tools. Every safety-conscious homeowner who burns wood in their living room needs basic equipment to tend the burning embers. This set of tools makes fire maintenance easy and convenient. The shovel is specially designed to pick up ash and transfer it to an ash can or into a disposal unit. The poker is perfect for turning logs that are too much on fire to pick up with bare hands.The handle-mounted brush is perfect for sweeping up stray ash and embers.

The poker is designed with a special hook, allowing you to pull logs toward you (but not too close!) as well as arrange them in the fireplace.

All the tools mount into an attractive metal support stand that looks impressive next to any fireplace. Your favorite homeowner will never need to go looking for tools: everything they need will be immediately at hand.

30' Black Fireplace Poker

The simplest poker simply hangs from the mantle and is always ready. It's never out of reach. This basic fireplace poker includes a specially constructed hook at one end: simply attach a small eye-hook to the underside of your mantle and you're ready to store this poker when its' not in use. Homeowners with expensive fireplace tool sets will appreciate this simple tool as an accent to their stylish accessories. You can even take it with you on camping trips: simply unhook it from the hanger and toss it in the car with the other camping equipment. The basic rustic style of this poker fits in well around the campfire or hanging from a modern fireplace.

Landmann 1537 35-Inch Log Grabber, Black

It's a poker and it's so much more. This handy device can be used to pick up burning logs as well as push them around. It includes a 'level action' pickup unit that securely grasps small to medium sized logs in order to rearrange them in the burning fire. The handles are rubberized for protecting hour hands from the heat of the fire and to improve grip.

This device is 35 inches long, enough distance to keep you safely away from most fireplace fires. May fireplace owners prefer to move their logs into a pyramid shape in order to increase burning time and create a more attractive presentation. Be careful when manipulating burning logs and embers.

Fireplace owners may also use this grabber to reach down and grasp firewood from the ground, before bringing it into the house. It makes a very handy 'pick up' tool when the weather gets cold and the firewood needs to be brought in from the back porch.

Blomus Stainless-Steel Chimo Fireplace Tool Set, 5 Pieces

Traditional fireplace tools are black, usually because this color doesn't show dirt as much as other colors. Iron comes out of the forge looking 'black'. This stylish set of tools is crafted from stainless steel, which is iron, carbon, and chromium. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. It also maintains a shiny finish that is silvery in color.

Instead of basic black tools, pick out a few sets of stainless steel tools for fireplace aficionados on your gift list. This complete set of tools includes 4 elements: a brush, poker, tongs, and shovel. All 4 tools reside in a specially designed matching stand. This set of fireplace tools looks great next to any classic or modern fireplace.

The silvery color is an interesting visual accent to the burning fire and traditional black fireplace accessories. The tools are functional and the set works together to provide a striking and stylish adjunct to any hearth.

3-piece Stainless Steel Fireplace Tool Set

Here's an ultra-modern fireplace tool set that's compact but effective. A swooping stainless steel rack supports 3 useful tools: a broom, a poker, and a dustpan. The poker is a unique "L" shape that makes it easy to move your logs around. The brush head is thoughtfully offset, to provide convenient sweeping from a sitting position.The dustpan will last virtually forever: stainless steel construction stands up to many years of sweeping and ash collecting.

No other set of tools offers the high-tech look of this collection. The rack is a sweeping sheet of stainless steel that folds back on itself and seems to defy gravity. Tools are easily reached from any angle. A modern fireplace will look perfect next to this modern fireplace tool set.

Be Safe!

A fireplace is a potentially dangerous place. Do not let children play on or around any fireplace, even if no fire is burning. Fireplace tools are not toys, either. Improperly supervised children can be badly hurt by metal tools. These tools, including pokers, are important safety items for tending fires, but accidents do happen. Do your best to prevent them.


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    • nicomp profile imageAUTHOR

      nicomp really 

      7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @drbj: I'm as shocked as you are.

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      drbj and sherry 

      7 years ago from south Florida

      Clever title, nicomp - never would have guessed. I was looking for info on Texas Hold'em luminaries when I stumbled in.


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