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Proactiv Solution Scam

Updated on September 27, 2015

Unexceptible Gutty Renker


Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to tell you about my experience with Gutty Renker and their Proactiv Solution. I was going about my daily routine this afternoon at this point I was picking up my 17 year daughter from school. When she came out she was in tears. She said that some collection agency had called her five different times and was telling her that her mother was in trouble and deep in debt. She tried to explain that this was not her mothers phone and that she was not to give her mothers telephone number to strangers, this was on the first call. The second call was the same type of call. Then the third time they called her a fellow student took the call for my daughter, she explained the same thing to the person on the line. That this was a seventeen year old girls phone and please stop harassing her.

By the time that we got home there was a missed call on my daughters phone and it was the same telephone number. I called the number and it was a collection agency trying to collect for Proactiv Solution. I told them that they were calling a 17 old girl and harassing her about a bill that she knew nothing about. I told them that we had cancelled the order back Dec. 2007, but Gutty Renker kept sending and kept charging our credit card until it went over the limit. I told them that the product did not work it just dried out her face and made it like leather. I also told them that we had 5 unopened packages that we wanted to send back for a refund. They told me that they would make a note of this, but that I should contact Gutty Renker.

I contacted Gutty Renker and explained what was going on. I told them that I wanted to send back all 5 unopened packages of their product and get a refund. They told me that they would only accept one of the shipments for a return and take us out of collections. When I asked why only one my answer was it was past the 60 return time limit. Well I told them that we cancelled it and it kept coming but that did not matter. Well you think a company like Gutty Renker would be more caring to one of their customers, but all they saw us as was a customer that did not pay, and we were lower than dirt! They should feel lower than dirt for one harassing a 17 year old girl and threatening her not once but 6 TIMES! That aggravates me more then them continuing to send the product after we cancelled it and won't refund our money even if we send the unopened product back. Speaks well for Gutty HuH! I would not get involved with this company on an auto-matic payment system or any payment system for that matter. They will keep charging you until you die and then go after your heirs. See Ya Later Gutty Renker!


Joe Hurley


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    • profile image

      keds723 2 years ago

      Called to cancel my account over a year ago, and they conned me into going for a 20 week shipment. Seems like I got charged $22.95 every month anyway, meaning I was paying WAY more than the $60 for every kit.

      I called again today to cancel this time, after seeing 2 charges on the same day for $40. They charged me 2 days prior to that for $22.95, so what the hell am I being charged $62.95 a month for? In the past month, they've taken almost $100 from my account and I haven't received a kit since June, nor do I expect one this month.

      I assume if you're seeing this comment, it means you've also experienced something like this. To those, I wish you luck. If you're here considering ProActiv, just say no -- go to the mall and get it when you need it. Not worth the extra money you'll pay for absolutely nothing. It's a scam.

    • profile image

      Ashlynn 3 years ago

      I tried proactive and really liked it, so I decided I would order some. I ordered two introductory kits, so that when I ran out of the first one, I would have something to use when the other kit was being shipped. (I know it's silly, but yeah...) So, since my order was over 50.00, a screen popped up after I paid and said that I qualified for a 20.00 dollar credit to the site as long as I placed my second order 20 minutes after my first transaction was placed. I knew this had to be too good to be true because some of the products were right at 20.00 dollars and would be very cheap! So, I live chatted with someone named Lisa (on a separate note, I have now Live Chatted on five different occasions and always speak with "Lisa"... does that seem strange to you???) and told her EVERY STEP I TOOK. I asked about the terms of it and she said I just needed to place the order within the 20 minute time limit. I informed her that when I added the product (I chose the daily moisturizer), there was no confirmation or discount saying I was being credited the money. She reassured me several times that I would be reimbursed AS SOON AS THE ORDER SHIPPED.

      Well, the order shipped. And no credit. So, I decided to just see if I could Livechat with another agent, and I got Lisa. Again. (But apparently, a different one...) When I told her the entire story and asked when I would be reimbursed, she told me that the introductory kit was not eligible and that I had to make a separate transaction of over 50.00, then buy something else AGAIN, to get the discount.

      Wait WHAT?

      I told her that there were NO CONDITIONS LISTED. That was the reason I contacted the representative to begin with!! I demanded to know why I wasn't informed and why the screen would have even come up if it didn't apply to my order! We went back and forth for about 10 minutes of me just explaining the entire layout of what happened. She told me I could return it, but I would be responsible for the shipping charges. I spent 10.95 to get the stupid thing to my house, and now I have to pay 10.95 to send an unused product I haven't even received yet back to be reimbursed for the product? I WILL STILL BE LOOSING 20.00 DOLLARS!!!!

      "Lisa" then told me that it WAS her who spoke with me, and she told me that the kit was not eligible. I told her I took screenshots of the entire conversation over live chat and not once was I told that the introductory kit did not qualify for the discount. She then gave me a "Direct" number to the "Supervisor" and said she could help me no further.

      Turns out, that number WAS NOT for a supervisor. Instead, it was for a representative named Leah (Shocked she didn't say Lisa... but close enough). Leah told me that I could not receive the 20.00 because the kit was already a reduced price because it was the introductory. I told her the 20.00 credit WAS NOT FOR THE INTRIDUCTORY KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made a SECOND order and was supposed to get the credit because my FIRST ORDER was over 50.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She then told me that I needed to speak with a supervisor and none were in.

      Wait WHAT?!?!?!?!

      I was nice, and said I'd call back in the morning. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!

      I love the Proactive products. I really do. But the company is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Tom 3 years ago

      I got the same problem and I believed most of customers got the same problem as well. Many of them got bad credit cause of this issue. We had to fight them back

    • profile image

      JULIO LOPEZ 3 years ago

      I bought a Proactive Solution product from them in June 2014, they are charging my credit card again without authorization, I called the company and they told me that the first time you buy something from them, automatically they continue charging you. They told me too, that if you don't want their products, return it and in six weeks they are going to adjust the charge. My bank is charging interest for this charge. It looks like a scam, there are hundreds of complaints against that company, may be is a good idea to summit a class sue. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Mario 3 years ago

      Beware they continue to charged me several times months after I had canceled. Now they have sent this over to a debt collector which has now impacted my credit. I will never use their products again nor will I ever recommend them.

    • profile image

      Dotty 3 years ago

      My daughter used Proactiv a few months ago, and the product is great & worked very well on her. Unfortunately, when she no longer needed Proactiv I had a terrible time discontinuing the product with the company. They tried to continue to bill my credit card, but fortunately my Chase Freedom Visa blocked them from doing so at my request. If you're having problems discontinuing Proactiv, I suggest that you talk to your credit card company to see if they can do something similar for you.

      Otherwise, the "Proactiv" problem isn't going to go away on its own!

    • profile image

      Adrian Grootveld 3 years ago

      Proactive are scammers, I bought and paid for a $29 kit and had it paid with a prepaid credit card, then a month or 2 later another bigger package came so I thought oh wow extra. then I get a bill 2 months later saying I owe $87 I called customer service he gave me a story about that I only ordered the trial small package and if I didn't cancel within 60 days of getting the bigger package I would owe them I said well I just wanted one package the one I bought and ordered I didn't ask for a bigger package so he says we didn't receive a phone call so there for we sent it to you. it doesn't make sense why send something to someone that they didn't order and then bill them for it?

    • profile image

      Flora2 3 years ago

      I used ProActiv a while back and it was not a pleasant experience. My skin burned, itched, turned red. And on top of all that, it was abnormally dry [shocking because I've never had dry skin in my life].

      I desperately needed something to get rid of my acne [which was located mostly on my forhead area] ... ProActiv was terrible, as I mentioned before. So I decided to buy the Citrus Clear Sensitive Kit (Face Wash & Moisturizer), and this was the best decision ever. I noticed results as soon as 2-3 days. My acne is all gone now. It's only 2 steps, whereas ProActiv was 3. My skin is great right now

    • profile image

      Danny 3 years ago

      Yep same thing as everyone else. I despise companies that operate like this I wish someone would investigate them and experience the deceptive advertising for the "program" and expose them on national tv.

    • profile image

      KrisMW 3 years ago

      Does anyone know what happens if you pay by check? I just got an offer that you can pay by check but would they steal your account number?

    • profile image

      lin 3 years ago

      I have the same problem, they kept charging my card one recent is july 29 2014. I was forced to cancel an account I never subscribe. I order mine over the phone. for the price of 29.95.. I want to try it to see if it works, she told me to try the bigger bottle for 39.95. that will last me 90 days. I said ok, but I insisted to her that I only want to try it for one time. And if I want to order again; I will order it either online or by phone. the products works, and I went order it online for card was charged without receiving the products. so I disputed it to mc and gave me the credit. then I received the products it came it late after 15 days of purchasing it. I went to check my balance on my cc they charged my card of 29.95. So I paid it cause I received the product even it was late. after I paid it, they charged me again for 39.95 june 24, then another charged for 39.95 on june 27, I called my mc to disputed it and have my account number changed to a new number so they cannot charged my account again. But they were able to charged my new card on july 29 for 39.95. It would be nice if I received the products I was being charged for but I did not. I was confused...I called my cc company in how is it possible, that they can charged my new card without me giving it to them? My cc company recommended that I should talk to proactive and cancel my account with them, I said ok..first of all I did not open an account with them or subscribe. I thought I have no reason to call them but I went ahead to talk to lady from proactive with my cc representative as well listening to our conversation at first she was very nice and she asked if she could have my first name, last name and zip code, I said ok, gave it to her and Im waiting, she said, she cannot retrieved my information on computer I wasn't on her file she cannot help me. I asked her, why is proactive able to charged my new cc number if she doesn't have me on file? she cannot answer it..she keep giving me run around about me asking to much questions, and Im rude to her that she could lose her job over this, she threaten to hang up on me cannot help me if I'm being rude to her then I realized what she was doing, I said to her what is this comcast? you refused to closed my account that I never open or agreed to subscribe to begin with..I just lost it..yelled at her cussed at her after she told me that she will closed it If I agree to pay 89.00. I told her I will never pay 89.00 dollar for what!!!. i was screaming loud...I was very upset and lost my cool. because I did not understand why I was being charged without receiving products and was told I signed up subscriptions monthly in the last day I was closing it. It was a terrible experience, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. I felt lousy, and learn my lessons to never order to proactive again. there are other products out there just as good like murad products. it just too bad the products works. they just scammed you .and treat you like shit. nobody should have to experience that kind deceitful practice.

    • profile image

      Icancomprehend 4 years ago

      All you people on here need to read the not so fine print. It is NOT anyone else's responsibility to take the recourse for your own neglect. That's what's wrong with people..everything is always someone else's fault. The autoship is clear on the website and comes with the paperwork in the pkgs. If you don't read don't have a mama or daddy working at Guthy Renker to wipe up your boo boos. GET A LIFE and stop ordering product and blaming someone else when it comes! WHATEVER!

    • profile image

      SusanM 4 years ago

      These people are just ridiculous, they charge you for products you never received. I am contesting one of their payments cause I am totallly fed up. In total they have charged me for 6 packages of which I received only 3. NEVER BUY FROM THEM,

    • profile image

      diana 4 years ago

      hey everyone, I just went through a similar issue. The best thing I can tell you is to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It does not cost you anything, actually you are already paying for it through your taxes, so take advantage. Explain to them through an online form what happened and they will deal with GuthyRenker for you. I tried contacting ProActiv directly a couple times and got nothing resolved. I cancelled my account but was told I had a $68 balance left for something I never ordered. Googling the issue I found many people had been sent to collections for this and it had messed with their credit. In my compaint to the BBB I wrote that not only did I want a refund for what they had taken out of my account, but I also wanted a letter stating that my account balance was at 0, my account was cancelled, and the case was closed. That is exactly what I got. Use the BBB, trust me.

    • profile image

      Laura Merriman 5 years ago

      I think that Proactiv is such a SCAM!! Please sign the petition that I started against them as I have been having similar problems:

    • profile image

      Pissed@Proactive 5 years ago

      Same thing here.. I have canceled at least 5 times and even called back to verify the cancellation and a couple months alter they charge/ship again.. My bank even called them as part of a fraud resolution on the disputed charge and they LIED TO THE BANK and said I never canceled and am still an active member!!! What BS this is after canceling multiple times with multiple confirmation calls!! PROACTIV is a POS company to deal with. A true world class slum shop!

    • Kimberly Ross profile image

      Kimberly Ross 5 years ago

      I too am now experiencing problems with Proactiv's deceptive advertising, dishonest customer service, and unclear terms/conditions. Rather than complain, listing all the problems, I want to urge everyone to TAKE ACTION! I'm going to file a compliant right now at Better Business Bureau ( and report them to Consumer Reports. Anyone know how to do a petition or even class act law suit? This requires a major activism on our part -- how can they continue to get away with this after scamming thousands, maybe millions, of people for 10+ years?!

    • profile image

      Fit Lady 5 years ago

      After trying Proactive, Clinique, Oil of Olay, Acne Free, Neutrogena... I can keep going. Citrus Clear's Acne Wash has been by far the best product! I wash with Citrus Clear every morning so that it maintains my clear skin. When I get a pimple I use their spot treatment. the next day it is either gone or substantially smaller. I have recommended this product to several of my friends and family and they absolutely love it! Please think about it and try it.

    • profile image

      victims 5 years ago

      Hi, how do you successfully stop them from charging your card again? I have email confirmation stated that my account has been successfully cancelled. However 2 months later I'm still being charged. I already changed my credit card so they are charging my old card that is not active but my bank records my credit still.

      I would like to just pay off once and for all, but will that help? they said they are not disputing the closed account, they are claiming back charges. So I'm really to let go of 'recurring' charges that i may have due to the 90 day sign up thing that i didn't notice when i click purchased :( as long as they will let go off me forever!!! i'm willing to pay the remaining 75 dollars or something(I’m confused) even though i didn't receive any packages. I just want them to stop harassing me and destroy credit card in their scamming system. If I pay this once and for all, and my account with proactiv has been closed, will they still charge me again and again?? Let’s file a lawsuit or contact bbb (better business bureau) together. This has to stop!

      Can someone share how they finally get them to stop charging?

    • profile image

      Cheryl 5 years ago

      I just got off the phone with pro-active and now am certain this is a fraud company. Though the product worked on my son, the problem is the billing. We have not used the account for 2 years, and suddenly the account is re-activated. I did not notice the $29 charge in May billing on my credit card. And I hate to say, the next 3 months of $29. I got no kits, boxes, etc. Hey, it was summer with teenagers.

      Then in August another round of $29. I sent an e-mail to stop the account. Still no shipments showed up. Then suddenly a box appears. I send it back with a careful receipt. More charges and then I call my credit card company. Payment was stopped. THEN I get one credit from Pro-Active and they charge the last payment of $39.

      They are saying I got two refunds--one from them and one from the bank. I somehow still owe them money.

      They are also stating that my credit card has somehow been used fraudulently. Really. Someone would use my credit card to order Pro-Active??? Wouldn't they be buying something else?

      This is a scam---call you congress man or e-mail. I am and the FDC as well. This has to be stopped. Have you seen these other postings?

    • profile image

      BETSYM 5 years ago

      Due to their deceptive sales tactics, customers are actually agreeing to automatic withdrawls from their credit cards when they order anything from Guthy Renker. They have call centers which field their calls that are contracted services. These call centers employees are NOT BACKGROUND CHECKED OR DRUG TESTED! They actually prefer to hire people who are good at lying to get the customers to continue their "subscription" to whatever product they are taking calls for. Guess what type of people are good at lying - CRIMINALS! These employees have access to the customer's credit card numbers - does that give anyone a warm, fuzzy feeling? I. for one, am very protective of who I give my credit card number to these days. This is due to someone stealing my credit card number to order online services at a gaming site for $60 which my bank reversed and returned to my account. Fortunately, I caught them within hours of using it. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF WHO YOU GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD TO! If they won't take a check for payment, don't do business with them.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      I'm sorry but I AM NOT PAYING THEM! I understand that maybe I might have missed the "fine print" but frankly it's still FALSE advertisement what they show you at first. It's only AFTER you buy that they show you the rest of what you signed up for. Even though, really, you didn't sign up for all of it knowingly. And even then! They have terrible costumer service and I refuse to pay the sixty dollars they keep charging me. They send it to my address in mail now. Since I changed my card number JUST so they would stop scamming me!

      Taking my hard earned money in hard times like these without MY permission. How dare they and how do they live with themselves? Yeah I received vitamins. But guess what?! I didn't send them back and I'm not paying for them either! You know why? Because I called to cancel FOUR TIMES after I received my first shipment. Why? Because I wanted to try the product FIRST! If I liked it I would have gone back on the site and continued to buy from them. However, each time I called to cancel it was a hassle. After hours and hours of being on hold and talking to people that could not help me, every time I was told my account was closed.

      Oh but look here, I was, yet again, sent vitamins. So no, Im not going out of my way YET again to send them back to them and neither will I pay for them. They were unfair to me, so why should I respect them and their company? I don't use the vitamins but serves them right for scamming people. When someone calls to cancel, you cancel! You charge for what was sent before the cancel and nothing more. You don't continue to send things to that person that clearly doesn't want them! You don't bill them for those very things they don't want, either! Such a big company and so well known and they're being allowed to get away with this? Is that the law now and how it works? I've seen SO many complaints EVERYWHERE! Something should be done!

      They can brush aside the automatic shipments and say it's in the fine print, maybe they can continue to get away with that, yes. But what about when people call to cancel and they AGREE verbally but physically continue to send things and charge for them without the persons consent! That's thievery and I am both appalled and ashamed! I will NEVER order from them again. I will not even buy the products. Whether they work or not, why help a company that's ruining so many people? I just can not believe it.

    • profile image

      Mae 5 years ago

      My chat with proactiv. So sad.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your inquiry. Please wait while we connect you with a specialist.

      Proactiv: Please wait while a secure chat connection is established.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Thank you for your patience. Please hold for the next available live chat agent.

      Proactiv: Hello, my name is Lisa. I am sorry you wish to cancel. May I ask who am I chatting with today?

      You: This is maegen

      Proactiv: Meagen, I would like to thank you for being a valued Proactiv member and I am sorry you wish to cancel your account. May I please have your billing address or customer account # ?

      You: Lisa, this is my account # 458160330

      Proactiv: Thanks, just a moment while I bring up your account.

      Proactiv: Maegen, I have your account up and I can see that you've been a member since August and we certainly do appreciate you. I'm sorry you need to cancel. May I ask what is leading to that decision?

      You: Sure, I noticed that the price seems to go up and I don't want to receive automatic delivery

      Proactiv: I understand we have just shipped a new kit out to you and after that kit nothing else will be shipped. You do still have 2 more payments of 29.95 each left and after those payments nothing else will be billed to you.

      Proactiv: I’m sorry, but I’m not receiving your responses. Are you still there?

      You: yes just a sec sorry

      You: It looked like on my account that my next bill was going to be $50 and $60 after taht

      Proactiv: The first payment for the last kit was 48.18 and then you have 2 payments left of 29.95 each.

      Proactiv: I’m sorry, but I’m not receiving your responses. Are you still there?

      You: when I edit the kit online it says it costs more than that

      You: what is the 29.95 for

      Proactiv: The total for your kit was 108.08 and it was divided into 3 payments.

      You: Wow I was scammed by proactive. didn't see that coming.

      You: So I'm going to buy more kits and still paying on the first kit?

      Proactiv: I'm really sorry you feel that way. The total I just gave you is basically what you just gave me. I just divided it out for you. You are making one payment of about $50.00 and then have a balance due of about $60.00

      Proactiv: I have canceled your account. May I help you with anything else?

      You: Yes just one more time, the first kit I still owe for and also owe for the kit that is in the mail?

      You: and after that no more shipments?

      Proactiv: No you only owe for the kit that is in the mail after that nothing else will be billed or shipped.

      Proactiv: The entry kit has been paid if full.

      You: my balance is 60$ total?

      Proactiv: yes 2 payments of 29.95. One due on 10-15 and the last one due on 11-12-12

      Proactiv: I’m sorry, but I’m not receiving your responses. Are you still there?

      You: I'm not trying to pick on you, im really sorry. this first kit was $108? then the second kit was separate right? so is the 29.95 x2 for the first only? and there is going to be a balance for the one in the mail?

      Proactiv: it okay. I can understand, the billing can be confusing. The first kit was an entry kit for 32.42 it was 29.95 plus tax. The second kit that's on its way is 108.08. Its divided into 3 payments. The first payment was 48.18 and has been charged when it shipped out. The next two payments are 29.95 and one is due on 10-15-12 and the last one on 11-12-12.

      Proactiv: The second kit is a 3 month supply and is 3 times the size of the entry kit.

      You: ohhhh ok. thank you so much.

      Proactiv: You are welcome. Do you have any other questions?

      You: no, thank you for your help and cancelling my account. have a good day.

      Proactiv: Thank you so much for allowing me to assist you today. Should you have any additional questions, we are here for you 24/7 via chat or phone at 1-800-235-6050. We thank you for visiting, and we hope to chat with you again. Have a wonderful day!

    • profile image

      pak 5 years ago

      there are no good review on proactiv. i have to cancel my credit card if i don't they will keep CHARGING!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Jessica Stern 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Almost bought proactive 6 years ago

      Yea I was all set to buy it, put in my credit card and then I read the fine print. Googled proactive and realized they suck monkey balls. Typical money making raping company! I'd rather walk down to the chemist and get cheaper better products. Thanks guys for saving me time and a headache.

    • profile image

      yeahhh.. 6 years ago

      Read what your signing up for. They don't steal your money, they take it out after you agree to the membership. I cancelled my membership but was still charged the two months after BECAUSE I STILL HAD THE KIT. It's not that difficult to understand. if you get a 90-day kit and you're on a 3 pay... you make 3 payments. If you cancel and keep a kit and you've only paid one payment on it...obviously you still owe two payments. That's like going to a store buying stuff and not returning it and then asking why your money hasn't been refunded. Listen to what the people on the phone are SAYING and READ what you sign up for. I never had a problem with them, the only reason I cancelled my membership is because I started getting chemical peels...before that though proactiv kept the majority of my zits at bay so I'm cool with them.

    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      Thanks for everyone's posts. I was thinking of buying the product online as it sounded to be it would be cheaper. However after reading all your posts it sounds like an awful lot of trouble and probably costing alot more to purchase. Thanks for saving me a lot of time in the future.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Happened to me too. They are scammers. I had to cancel my card because they wouldn't quit charging me

    • profile image

      Singapore girl 6 years ago

      I ordered pro active on the 5th and received an email that the shipment had been processed on the 12th May and it'll take 6 weeks for delivery and i keep getting repetative emails and been advised a replacement.... It feels like im conned... Anyone knows what i can do. Pls advise.


    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I had this problem too - it's pretty fracked up how Proactiv is able to seem so legitimate, and even have major celebrity sponsors, when they work so hard to cheat you out of your money. However, a relative of mine is a lawyer, and he gave me some advice I figured I should share (and I'm cross posting this to other sites as well). He told me that you should first call customer service and ask them to cancel your subscription and not charge you anything anymore - it's important to be very clear you don't want anything more to do with them in a polite way, basically, then contact your credit card provider / PayPal / whatever payment method you used saying that you've canceled your subscription to Proactiv and would like to block any further payments to them. I mentioned that I'd seen posts online about how other people had been charged anyway after canceling, which made my absolutely wonderful customer service agent at PayPal take it pretty seriously. In my case, PayPal said I still had a standing payment agreement or something like that with Proactiv - so obviously the Proactiv agent I contacted didn't actually cancel it - but it's important to call first because then you have a legitimate reason to block payments. My PayPal agent canceled the agreement for me right away, and while I don't know if that's going to work 100% since I just did it now, it ought to. The problem a lot of people have, which is how they get you I think, is that Proactiv ups how much your order costs sometimes without telling you (except possibly in small print, which is just as nasty) so that you get charged more, or people just don't pay extra-close attention to their bills so they don't realize they're being charged, and then they don't make their "agreed upon" payment so they "owe" money to Proactiv. And if you owe money to a company you have a payment agreement set up with, you can't cancel it until you pay, which is totally unfair - but trying to get legal recompense or just not paying will just cost you more. If that's what happened, you should pay the amount they claim you owe (I know, it sucks, someone really should make a facebook group or something to start a giant lawsuit [not I though, I'm lazy =P]) and then immediately follow the two steps I did; call Proactiv to cancel, then contact your payment method's customer service to block more payments. And one last thing, which is perhaps the most annoying of all: when calling customer service you should be super-polite. Even if it's Proactiv's customer service. Keep your head cool and tell them clearly you would like to cancel your ongoing subscription, wait until they transfer and through the transfer, wait through the spiel at least one agent will give you about all the other "awesome" opportunities they have, and then politely say "No thank you, I would just like to cancel my subscription and not be charged anymore." Keeping your head clear and not getting in any grudge matches with customer service agents will get you through the hassle as fast as possible. (Still not very fast as, like other people have said, Proactiv is totally an evil company owned by Her Imperious Condescension the Batterwitch. but still.) Aaaaaaaaand... that's all the advice I've got! Just know that everyone else is pissed off too, and if we all spread the word about how awful Proactiv is and don't buy it the company will have to go under eventually.

    • profile image

      Ravy Crescent 6 years ago

      I was just robbed by this company, too!

      I purchased the discounted 3 piece 30 day supply, and set shipping for the next kit, via their website, for 12 weeks.

      The original kit I got the 16th of last month, April. They shipped out another kit yesterday and charged my account... This is not anywhere close to 12 weeks.

      I called immediately to find out what was going on, since I checked my account and it very clearly said 12 weeks. I had spent the day I ordered browsing through their catalog and considering future orders of different products. The first representative, said she would see what could be done, but when she called back she informed me that there was nothing she or the company could do. That they sent out the shipment yesterday (to me, the company could cancel the payment and then, if I don't return the kit, charge me for it, other companies do, they have all my info!) And it would take 10 days to arrive... and then it would take 4-6 weeks for the refund to even be processed.

      I explained that I did not authorize this charge! I had to borrow that $30 (and more) to pay my bills, I didn't have it to waste on something like this, when I set the shipment for 12-weeks. She simply kept repeating that there was nothing she could do.

      I told them I wanted my account closed, for good! I was giving proactive another shot after so many years as I figured, with the new website and everything, they surely wouldn't have the same shipping problems as they had before. She seemed reluctant to even understand why I would want it closed, after the company robbed me of money for my bills.

      She advised me to go to the bank and tell them to cancel the charge, to not let the payment go through, and I will be leaving to go do that in just a moment.

      She then transferred me to a representative who could cancel my account. I informed them the product was not even working, she seemed surprised (though I doubt it, considering how many websites there are stating the product is terrible,) and I informed her my entire exposure with this company has been bad.

      She told me it was not their fault, but she said it in different words. She stated that I had never been on the website, as it would leave a "footprint" if I had.

      Apparently ordering the product online is not proof I was on the website.

      She told me I could return the package as soon as I receive it, get a return to sender proof from the post office and call the company back and give them the tracking number, that it would expedite the refund process (to what, I do not know. How could it possibly take a month, to a month and a half to return someones money, paypal lets you do it within 5 business days.)

      I informed her the earlier representative told me to go to the bank and tell them to refuse all future transactions from their company. She seemed rather annoyed, but said I could do that if I chose to. I choose to.

      If this were a simply matter of deciding not to use the company anymore, or if I got a shipment at the scheduled date, but found I did not yet need it, the matter would be different. I would return the product as they suggest and wait for a refund, but they completely robbed me by sending out something I did not order.

    • profile image

      Debra 6 years ago

      Same thing here. Watch your account closely. I cancelled in December 2011 and noticed today a charge on my account from Proactive Solutions for 32.52. When I called they said they just sent out products because even though my account said cancelled someone made mistake. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR How are these people allowed to have continual access to your account after you cancel. Customer Service is NOT HELPFUL. Now I have to drive to my daughter's previous resident, try to track down this box and get it back to them so I can get reimbursed. THIS CANT BE LEGAL. Any lawyers out there??

    • profile image

      Stacey 6 years ago

      I am absolutely livid at ProActiv!! I have called to cancel three times and had to threaten lawful action. They are still charging my account and still sending me product!! And once you return the product it takes 4-6 weeks to process your refund (if you ever get it), and in the meantime they continue to charge your account. I am an educated woman, with a Master's degree, not an idiot. I am going to continue to post this on the internet to spread the word - warning consumers NOT to buy proactiv.









      --- a concerned, educated, scammed, consumer on a internet posting rampage against Proactiv, Guthy Renker, to put an end to their scamming of women!

      tags: Proactiv, Guthy Renker, scam, fraud, lawsuits, consumer warning,

    • profile image

      JD 6 years ago

      First, ALWAYS pay with a credit card, because you have so recourse that way. Once you cancelled the product you should have immediately called your credit card company and opened a dispute. You would have been able to have a charge back done, and it never would have gotten as far as it did. I have had a company or two try that with me, and I am on it fast. It is up to you to manage your credit cards... Also, NEVER NEVER NEVER pay for an auto delivery with a DEBIT CARD!!! A DEBIT CARD IS NOT A CREDIT CARD AND THEY NOT AFFORD YOU THE SAME PROTECTION A CREDIT CARD COMPANY DOES

    • profile image

      CM 6 years ago

      I ordered off a flyer, read it inside and out, no where did it state that it was some continual membership. The invoice or shipping confirmations in my email makes no mention of some bogus membership sign up. When I called to ask why I was being charge 3x for the exact products, I was told I signed up for a membership in my initial order. I did not sign for a membership. It was for my nephew and a birthday gift. They have deplorable customer services, especially the individuals who deal with cancellations. They are given free range to be the utmost rude and nasty to customers. I made a complaint with my state's Attorney General consumer page, talked about the bad customer service on twitter and even when to the Proactiv Facebook page to warn others to avoid. Even when I try to cancel they try to offer me some Cindy Crawford products....pathetic. The rep Rachel stated that it was clearly wrote on the page, but the magically words on appear when you complete your order. I hope this company bankrupts but when the saturation of their commercials on every channel it will be difficult for my dreams to come true. I feel sorry for the Proactiv rep who thought her misspellings and "inside" information who contribute positively to her cause to set us straight on what we did not sign up for.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      I was told my account was canceled...twice. Confirming with two separate reps, and am still being charged. Cancel whatever credit card you used for the order and get a new number. These people are evil, I don't care what anyone says, they have theirs coming.

    • profile image

      Donald 6 years ago

      Proactiverep... Your post clearly shows you as someone that lacks thought process, grammatical ability, compassion, intelligence and comprehension to the issues being discussed in this thread.

      One thing your post does tell us is why they chose you for the job. They recruited you as during the time of the interview it would have been aparent that you would be a person that would support the appalling business practice used, disregard consumer complaints and show no empathy for people caught up in a payment plan they could not afford. You also would have appeared to be a person that would leave work at the end of each day thinking you had done a brilliant job supporting the removal of thousands of $ from the most vulnerable.

      Remember that teenagers are the target group for this scam, easily encouraged to buy Proactive due to peer group pressure and the message is reinforced by teen icons that appear on the television advertising.

      In summary Proactiverep, your post reeks of narcism and it is easy to see you are one of those corporate psychopaths!

    • profile image

      Sherman 6 years ago

      Lawyer Girl is full of it. Their business model is to keep sending (sometimes even forget to) and keep charging. I told them to stop. The agreed and promised to credit me for what I had not received. Then they keep charging for three months (without product) until I reversed the charges with help from my bank.

      Over 1000 Complaints at the Better Business Bureau !!!

      Nuf said

    • profile image

      JAY 6 years ago


    • profile image

      anon 6 years ago

      These people at proactiv can all burn in hell. I wish the worst on their families and futures.

    • profile image

      proactivrep 6 years ago


      Ok, let me just start of my saying that i did work for Proactiv Solution for a year.

      Here´s the problem with majority of you that are upset with Guthy Renker and proactiv.

      For those of you who have ordered through the website: YOU HAVE TO READ WHAT IT SAYS! I mean your putting your card number, you cant just type in ur card number without even reading what your purchasing.

      Of course the website does not say and will not say the word suscription, auto delivery or whatever you want it to say for your personal conviniance. It just basically says how the membersy works. And if you did read it, and are planning to cancel, you obviously have to do it ahaed of time because by the 30th day or your order date, your second shipment will already be on it´s way to get there somewhere near those 30 days.

      AND I JUST HAVE NO WORDS for those who let there CHILDREN purchase the product, that's just complete IRRESPONSABILITY on your end.

      FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ORDERED VIA MAIL FLYER OR RADIO OFFER : Of course the paper will not have a giant highlighted word saying SUSCRIPTION!! If your a company, your basically gonna wanna to talk about how great your product is, and on the offer details, that's where you put the paragraph about the auto shipements. The radio isn't gonna obviously say how the membersy works as well, your gonna find out about that by calling customer service.


      The company obviously has to do retention on every cancel call, IT´S A BUSSINESS!!

      There are different options to offer the customer to avoid a cancellation, but when you just basically denied the generally two options given, the rep. just has to cancel the account, and trust me, they do.

      As a matter of fact, I´ve personally have had a LOT of customer´s really happy with the option i gave them instead of cancelling the account because they weren´t even aware of some of the options they had.

      TO THOSE OF YOU THAT WERE STILL BEING CHARGED AFTER ACCOUNT CANCELLED : If you cancel your account, but had a balance due on your account, obviously your gonna have to pay for that remaining amount. Your account being cancelled just means your not gonna have subsequent orders, but if you had something sent, you either return it, or pay for it.

      Another thing, a lot of people just wont take the price for the one time order wich of course is higher because your not getting the discount, and just get the 19.95, You´ve told that person how the payments were going to be, etc etc etc, and a month later, that same person calls you saying, I FORGOT WHEN MY SECOND ORDER WAS GOING TO SHIP, I WASN'T INFFORMED OF THE DATE. Look at your little beautiful invoice your package had, that´s not very difficult, right? And then you expect the company to be able to remove an order that already entered the shipping process? CANT DO THAT.

      AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, 70% OF PEOPLE I´VE SPOKEN WITH, SERIOUSLY HAD A COMPREHHENSION PROBLEM, it´s not very difficult to understand that if your initial order was only a 30 day supply, of course the next one wich is either twice or three times larger, will have a higher price.

      I apologize if anyone reading this feels insluted or underestimated, but adrresing to what someone here said that as a conssumer your not suppoused to read the lines, let me tell you, YOU ACTUALLY DO.

      Being a consumer also means you have certain things to do and remember.

      I would LOVEE to have some comments about this to

    • profile image

      harrassed1 6 years ago

      I had to close my acct and get a new bank.card because they keep charging me. I ordered 2 years ago andancelled as the offer said. Almost 2 years later i notice a charge from Proactiv and when i called they told me that i called and placed an order and also my address was changed to a few streets over from my house but the same #as my current address. Now that i have a new card, they countinue to send the product to my house with a $73 bill. I keep calling to cancel and refusing the product

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      >>All of you are typical american buy >>things without reading the terms of your agreement.

      Terms of agreement my ass! There was no mention of this agreement in the receipt which I got from proactiv. The receipt clearly states in the Order Summary what I ordered: a $30 item. if there was any fine print saying that I was actually buying a membership, then that should be mentioned in the receipt. The receipt is supposed to show everything you have purchased in that transaction.

    • profile image

      Hadi 6 years ago

      And it still goes on after so many years. Searching online I can find people complaining from back in 2002. This has been going on for 10 years and no one has been able to do anything about it? I see the picture of those two doctors on the box cover and think these are the two master thieves.

      I ordered after I saw one of those late night paid programs. I ordered it for my soon-to-be wife. She has bad acne on her back and I was thinking maybe she would be able to get rid of them by the wedding (which was approximately 60 days after that). Well, it didn't work. No surprise.

      But they continue to bill me. After numerous discussions on the phone I figured that even though I had canceled my membership they had opened another account for me and were billing me! The last time I canceled my account was last night. I was told that I would get a refund for the packages that I hadn't received (yes, they bill you well in advance of sending the package) and that I would get a refund for the extra packages that I received (which they have charged me $80 for ) once I send it back. Guess what I saw when I checked my credit card this morning? Yup, proactiv had charged me $25! What a refund!

      I called again and of course heard the same crap. I have canceled my two memberships three times now. I hope it has finally been canceled.


      Go buy it off ebay. It is cheaper and you wont be forced to get a membership.

    • profile image

      L:/ 6 years ago

      I received a brochure about proactiv in the mail and it came with an attached envelop. I sent off my information and everything. It has been almost a month and I haven't heard or seen anything that look like Proactiv

    • profile image

      Warning 6 years ago

      Do not buy from this company. They continue to charge your account and send you product after you have called them several times. Do not give them a credit card number.

    • profile image

      Macaco005 6 years ago

      my god. I ordered proactive like a week ago and still haven't gotten anything but i did decide to cancel my membership, i am supposed to get an e-mail with a confirmation of cancelization. I am very worried, hope all goes well.... :(

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      My advice would be to call proactiv, explain your case, and if it doesn't work, ask to speak to someone higher up in the company. I was charged for a package I never received, and decided to swallow that payment then remove my card from my account. Later, I received a bill in the mail for another $30. I called and argued with a woman for about 10 minutes, then asked to speak to someone else. She put me on the line with an account specialist who removed the charge from my account. Still doesn't make up for my initial payments, but at least I got out of something. Good luck.

    • profile image

      :[ 6 years ago

      Do NOT buy from them. I paid for my original package, then when they sent me another one, I immediately sent it back to avoid charges. I had a tracking number, so when I saw that it had arrived, i simply threw it away. BAD IDEA. They continued to charge me $70 for the package I sent back, but they "never received," and of course without that tracking number, I couldn't get a refund. Then, I later get another bill from some agency saying I still owed them money. Regret! Such a rip off!

    • profile image

      CJean 6 years ago

      I've never even purchased Proactiv. But apparently someone got a hold of my credit card number. I've talked with Proactiv twice, and cancelled one credit card. But the charges continued, and (according to Citibank) rolled over onto my new card. Citibank talked to Proactive with me to get the charges to stop. But, to my amazement, Proactive keeps charging my credit card and most likely sending this product to a scammer who is using my identity (I'm guessing to resell the stuff, because the charges are so high.) And because they protect their "customers" identities, they won't even tell me where the stuff is being sent. Never mind that it is someone pretending to be me. Don't buy Proactive if you find it in person, or elsewhere. Don't buy Proactive under any circumstance. As far as I am concerned, this company is aiding identity theft.

    • profile image

      marymas 6 years ago

      OMG! i just ordered the proactive package !! If only I read this hub before..anyway, I did read the paragraph on the site and asked about it on the phone, the customer service said I can cancel that as soon as I receive my package and my name was in the system.

      Now, I also ordered the vitamin I'm gonna get into doule the trouble!! ughhh

      Can I just dispute the charge from my credit card? I'll call the customer service to cancel and then dipute the charge..good idea or what?

    • profile image

      Lexi 6 years ago

      I honestly love Proactiv- the product, at least. I had been going and buying it at the mall whenever I ran out (since we have one of those Proactive vending machines there, and I didn't want to be signed up for the auto ship program, which IS clearly mentioned in their commercials and advertisements!). However, after I moved to a new town that didn't have a Proactiv machine, I signed up for their program. I went a year without having any problems with them. They automatically billed my debit card, and I received my shipment. I never had any problems with it.

      Recently, I moved back home (to my original town). A few days after moving back, I happened to get a call from Proactiv about a special for their members- a 3-piece, 30-day system with three bonus items for $10. I made sure to ask about all the terms of the offer, and after making sure there weren't any hidden costs, I agreed. The gentleman told me my shipment should get to me within 10-15 business days.

      After about a month, I had not received my order. I called the hotline and explained my situation to the lady. She asked if I wanted the package re-shipped. I told her no, I would not like it re-shipped. She cancelled the shipment and told me I would not be charged, since I never received it. While I was on the phone, I asked to put my account on hold, since I do not have any extra money to spend right now. She took care of it and gave me a confirmation number (which is somewhere with my other papers, since I've had to move a bit since getting back home).

      Now, about a month later, I received a bill in the mail from Proactiv saying I owe them $107.79! It lists two shipments I owe for- The $10 system I never received, and a 5-piece, 90-day system I also never received. The system I had been ordering for the past year was only a 3-piece, 90-day supply, so I'm not sure where this 5-piece system came from. Plus, I have my debit card on file for payments, so I'm not sure why I received a bill in the mail rather than them just charging my card (though I'm glad they didn't!). I checked my Proactiv account online, and my account seems to reflect the hold on my account. My debit card information is no longer listed (like the lady told me would happen), and under the "Current System", it shows I have no system selected (again, like the lady told me would happen).

      I do not have access to a phone currently, but should be able to call in a day or two. In the meantime, I sent an email through their online form, and I supposedly should receive a response within one to two days. Hopefully I will receive a response and we can fix this. I thought I was one of the lucky customers who wouldn't have a problem with Proactiv. Guess I was wrong.

    • profile image

      Hates Layer girl 7 years ago

      Lawyer girl, it is not the buyers job to read every little line when buying a product. If I did this to your child and it turned out to be poison and said this to you, I think you would have a different take. It is the job of the FDA, and other big organizations to make it so we don't have to do all kinds of research before buying every freagan thing we purchase. That would turn this place into a jail, allowing everyone to put out what ever they want, and sit back and wait to see who's stupid enough to buy their crap.

    • profile image

      La Quinta 7 years ago

      I was just about to order pro-activ and decided to do a search on the website first.. I have used the product before and it works really well but purchased it from the mall in my area.. This page really helped.. I want to say thanks to all the comments.. I will not be ordering from Guthy Renker, will continue to buy the product from the mall.. Thanks for your comments..

    • profile image

      dexter 7 years ago

      I have had terrible trouble getting the pro-activ deliveries cancelled. Guthy Renker always state that "we'll take your number and someone will get back to you within 24 hours". They never get back to you. I threatened to go to Trading Standards today and lo and behold they cancelled the order and promised me money back on the spot. Their customer service officers are rude and put you on hold for ages whilst they chat to their friends - I know this because they didn't put me on hold properly and I sat there listening to the operator discuss me, her family and a recent meal she had. They are an appalling company and I urge you to avoid them.

    • profile image

      Serene 7 years ago

      I ordered my kit over the phone after listening to the radio advertisement. I gave my credit card information to the sales rep over the phone and was charged $52, which was the price I was told. When I receive my kit 3 weeks later (thank goodness i even receive it!), I saw from the invoice that I have to pay additional $34 in an installment plan, which will be charged to my credit card in 1 week's time! And that's not even for subsequent orders or what so ever! I called customer service and was told the extra cost is because they sent me a 60-day kit instead of a 30-day one. They refused to do away with the extra cost and told me that the only way is to pay up, and return the product for the full refund, of course without the shipping fees(both ways). This is really infuriating! I have since cancelled my "account" and cancelled my credit card. And I have this ill feeling that it wont be the last that i will hear from them...

      Bottomline, heed all these complains & advises, DO NOT order this product online or via phone. Buy direct from the booths.

    • profile image

      Katya 7 years ago

      Can we please arrange to sue Proactive???? This is ridiculous!!! No more scams! I hate them and their charges. Besides they keep sending you their products every month and of course, they want to charge you. Be careful everybody!!!

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Didn't work for me personally, but I didn't have any trouble canceling. The woman in this article received 5 more orders after she had originally called, and did not mention calling again until collections started harassing her. Should of called in immediately when she got another shipment rather than waiting and complaining they would not take the items back after she waited so long.

    • profile image

      Sophie Morgenbrod 7 years ago

      Thank Goodness I found this in google. I was just about to order proactiv. Now I definitely will not!!!

    • profile image

      Judy 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      ...and it goes on. I ordered this product for my 13 year old son online. At the time, I swear I made sure that I signed up for a one time deal, not a recurring payment. At any rate, we received several months of shipments (we have a PO box that I check infrequently).

      After the third shipment, I called and was told that I signed up for auto delivery. I explained my situation, and asked to return the product and was told the same 60 day policy as everyone above. I decided to keep the product I already had, but canceled the "membership", The girl kept trying to have me place a 33 month hold, then a 6 month hold on the accout which would then essentially start the delivery after that amount of time. I said absolutely not, and told her that I wouldn't remember, and that I did not want an automatic delivery any more. She finally agree to cancel the membership.

      Low and behold, 6 months later I was reviewing my bank account, and there was a charge from proactive.

      When I called to dispute the charge, I spoke with a lady and told her what I described above. She said the believed me and that they would stop the charged from hitting my account (it was a pending transaction). She gave me the sense that she;d done this countless times before.

      If you decide to go with proactive, buy it from a retail location (our mall in Phoenix actually has a vending machine with Proactive). Don't give your credit card to this company. Is there any integrity in business any more??

    • profile image

      David 7 years ago

      I was able to cancel my account with no problem, however...I received a shipment, and I called CS and told them my wife didn't want to use it. CS told me to send it back, and my account would be fully closed out when the money was credited. I wrote "return to sender" on the unopened package and sent it back within a few weeks of receiving it. However, I got another bill today, which said I still owed them money. I called CS again, and they said they received/processed the shipment on Jan 20th, which was past the 60 mbg so they would not credit my account. They then said if I paid the bill they would send me the product back. I told them I didn't want it, nor was going to use it. They then told me if I didn't have proof that I mailed it back within the 60 days that they couldn't credit my account with the money to close it out. I have never received such poor CS in my life.

    • profile image

      cheng 7 years ago

      I have cancelled my credit card account, but they are still charging me membership fee.

    • profile image

      Reena 7 years ago

      Hi all may I know how to canact the proactive people...I wanna return the product but none of their number works I have evn send them the mail yet no response. I am from India and really its getting suck to contact them..CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT

    • profile image

      Johnny 7 years ago

      This company is a scam. They automatically enroll you in a program and also get you hooked up with Vita power. When I called Pro Activ to cancel they said I had to separately cancel with Vita Power. If their product was half as good as they claim they would not have to use these sleazy means to enroll customers. The product I bought was for a friend but Pro Activ have lost me as a customer.

    • profile image

      Jazmyne 7 years ago

      I ordered proactive a year or so ago. The product dried out my skin and I called to cancel and return the product. The guy talked me into going for the "sensitive" product. He made it sound like I was getting a huge discount at the price of 19.99 and NEVER mentioned additional charges. Upon receiving the product I noticed on the bill two additional charges of $13.00 and some change .. these charges would be occurring over the next couple months. I called PROACTIVE and had them completely remove me from their "automatic shipping" list.. and told them to NOT charge me the additional two charges as I was told NOTHING about these upon ordering. (it added up to the original $50 price of the product I was getting an "amazing" deal on). I also told them I wanted to send the product back. I sent the product back and received NO refund. And a month later.. 13.30 was taken out of my bank account! I was furious. I called back and they claimed they never received the product. I had proof from my tracking # that the product was delivered. I was promised a full refund for the sensitive solution product. I got a bill the following month for the second 13.30 and had still received no refund. Over the next few months I began to receive calls from a collection agency. Finally, I allowed my Fiancé to talk to the collection agency and then to actual PROACTIVE. After a bit of yelling (on the part of my fiancé)... they agreed to refund 45 dollars (about half of what I had spent). It's been a month, and I still haven't received my refund. But on the positive side, no more collection calls for %13.30.

    • profile image

      Carl 7 years ago

      post people think they really smart them proactive ppl trying yo out smart people you order one kit and they put your name in some kind of a list to send keep sending you products and you can cancel before 30 days n in one week time you called to cancel they telling they already shipped the products even tho you told them not 2 those ppl are scamers n their product doesn't really work so ppl beware of proactive they some douche bag f them

    • profile image

      Kelly 7 years ago

      Actually, when you order, the website doesn't tell you that you are enrolled in the auto shipments. You find that out when you get your confirmation email where it says you've been 'upgraded' to preferred customer status. You can't cancel your order until you receive your first package. You can't log into your 'preferred customer account' until you receive your first package. What a load of you know what. They have a horrible voice activated customer service system and when you get to a real person, they can't help you anyhow. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

    • profile image

      WOW 7 years ago

      Ok, I actually worked for the company and the product. They definitely aren't the best company..BUT some people need to learn how to read! On their website, it states that YOU order the product to be enrolled in the MEMBERSHIP where the product is shipped out EVERY MONTH! It is YOUR OWN fault if you don't end the subscription before the next one is sent out because it will tell you the next date. I have heard it both ways: IT DOESN'T WORK or IT'S AMAZING. The company is still around and still getting new customers everyday. Stop complaining and by stuff at WALMART or live with it.

    • profile image

      gigi 7 years ago

      WOW.... i am definitely NOT going to buy their product after these remarks. But i have to find some way to rid this acne. I'm going to be a maid of honor in my friends wedding in 70 days! How can get rid of my acne in this amount of time?! And i totally agree these people sound like scamers. that is just not right.

    • profile image

      Albert 7 years ago

      No reputable doctor would ever tell you to use proactive.

      If you have a serious acne problem see a doctor and heed their advice.Most everyone has had some acne issues in their youth,be patient,keep your face clean and like a previous smart person said earlier,refrain from touching your face with dirty hands.

      Also do not squeeze everything in sight as it will only scar you for life.

    • profile image

      Dragan 7 years ago

      I had the same experience they are scamers but Il take them to court.In a legal country like Canada these things should not happen.Never order anything from those people.

    • profile image

      Liz 7 years ago

      oh my god! had i known this i wouldn't have bought their product! they have charged my mom's credit card 5 times and I've only received the free trial and ONE three month supply...

    • profile image

      mell 7 years ago

      you guys really need to learn how to read it does say on the website your gunna be enrolled in this auto shipping. if you didn't see that it says on the letter when you first get your kit that your next kit (auto shipping) will be sent on so and so date. if you call in to oder and want it one time your going to be paying more than 19.95 for the product, so of course your going to take the lower price cause you only wanna pay 19.95, well that offer right there is the auto shipping price. you chose it cause you wanted to pay less. if the agent doesn't inform you that your in the auto shipping club which i addmit a lot wont, it says again on the letter when you first get your kit the next one is to go out on so and so date. and yes i agree guthy needs to better train agents and watching over them because i worked in a call center for 6 months doing proactiv, meaningful beauty, and sheer cover customer service and agents would lie to the customers. a lot of the time ppl call to cxl and they say yeah well do that but they put it on hold,so six months later a kit will go out again. the reason why they do this is because cxling the account goes against there states. If they have low states when a shift bid comes along, which means it time for your new work hours, you will have a low shift bid number. having a low number like 85 means you would pick your shift after 84 ppl so your gunna get a really bad shift, work weekends, or work nights, or boths. most ppl want to work days, and want weekends off. so that right there is why when you call in ppl have trouble cxling there acc. and i am not sticking up for the agents. but what im saying is read everything on the page, website, ask tons of questions, research even before you order ANYTHING online or on the phone where you give your credit card out. like this is common sense. you should be careful with everything you do.

    • profile image

      Katrina 7 years ago

      Excuse me,

      But, proactiv WORKED for me, and you can now buy proactiv at some malls in Canada, to avoid the credit card toubles.

    • profile image

      Kana 7 years ago

      Proactiv gave me cystic acne which took several months to clear up the first batch, and lasted for more than a year. I still have the scars after a few years, and have made several visits to my doctor and dermatologist since I have used Proactiv "Solutions". I have spent a lot of time and money on medications to fix the damage caused by Proactiv, and they still kept billing me and sending their products even after I had called them to stop and complained.

    • profile image

      Ryan 7 years ago

      i know this is not right but why would you not call after receiving the first package i mean that just doesn't make sense

    • profile image

      David 7 years ago

      I received a shipment valued at 100 USD, I sent a money order, after a month they mailed me a bill saying that they had not received the payment, then after that, they kept sending me threats of sending a collector. I mailed the USPS and they said that the money order was not lost and that it could had been delivered to Proavtiv.

    • profile image

      findanotherway 7 years ago

      I was considering proactive but felt it was no different to any other product that contained the same basic ingredients. Glad I didn't bother with these reviews. I have however had excellent success using a good acne face mask EVERY 1-2 DAYS. Its pretty aggressive and can dry the skin but it takes that bumbyness out. To counter act the dryness and stop scarring use bio oil or a similar product as a moisturiser.

      Most importantly never touch your face unless you have just washed your hands. It takes some habit breaking and lots of care to give acne the boot but this is the only thing that's helped my skin.

      Lawyer girl-I think many peoples complaints where about trying to cancel the product, or making it clear on purchase they only wanted a certain amount of product and the company was putting accounts on hold rather than cancelling as asked.

      First of all if really a lawyer then you should know can only judge a case with full facts and details of it, which you would clearly not get on here.

      Secondly yes I am sure they have covered their backsides somehow and people are stupid for ordering it however I think may people are probably just young, and maybe inexperienced and I think the way this company operates is with the intention to exploit these aspectsthings.

      I think a company that deliberatly puts in an automatic payment system while praying on people telling them this is the only product that will work is clearly pretty irresponsible.

      To be honest there is a way bigger problem than what you guys are saying-this is why huge companies like this do so well they are giving you no service becuase they don't care (its a business, nothing to do with dermatology) and sounds like the staff are treated the same. When you rip off your customers and staff it is a false economy and will encourage recession to the masses while the rich few are sitting pretty.

      Go with companies with real values.

    • profile image

      Mandy 7 years ago

      If you look at your invoice, depending on the type of product you get, it tells you the total balance and that you will be charged using the installment method.

      For example, my bill was $68ish. So I will be charged $19.95 a month for three months until that bill is paid off. EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT RECEIVING ANY NEW PRODUCT YOU WILL BE CHARGED THIS AMOUNT.

      So when you cancel your order, expect to pay $19.95 for the next three months until your last installment is paid off.

    • profile image

      DeucesRunWild 7 years ago

      I bought pro activ and signed up for the automatic bill pay thing and then later on there was credit card fraud on my credit card so I had to cancel the card. The card I cancelled was also the card pro activ charges for my product. They still sent me one pro activ product but then realized that I still owe them $46 some odd dollars and continued to send me letters and then finally threatened me with contacting a collection agency. All this time I have not contacted them or anything but just ignored them and now it has been a few months since I've heard from them so I think I've gotten away with it

    • profile image

      lawyer girl 7 years ago

      All of you are typical american buy things without reading the terms of your agreement...shouldn't ever by anything without reading the have all complained about guthy renker and proactiv's auto enrollment plan...I find this funny since guthy renker is the only company out of all of the acne product companies that tells you before you complete your order that you will be auto's even on the commercials. As for complaining about the call center reps...most of the time you are getting screwed because someone didn't do their job correctly...guthy renker trains their employees to notify every customer that starts a new account that they will be enrolled in an auto ship program. If you order online it pops up before complete an order. Also...almost everything you order online these days has auto enroll...please before the fine print so that you don't end up in situations like these. Also...ask your call center rep questions...that's what they are there for. If you still feel slighted...then you are just out looking for an aurgument because it's your fault for not being a concientious consumer.

    • profile image

      abcde 8 years ago

      Please people don't get mad at the customer service reps they are only follow what guthy has required us to do.. If you really have a problem contact guthy renker corporate to file your complaint or the better business bureau.

    • profile image

      mansoor 8 years ago

      I am also victim of Proactiv too. I bought it only once and even then their cunning website claimed club membership and robbed me of $75 dollars two more times. when I asked to return they deducted 20 dollar for shipping. They are big scammers.

      Plz never order and use Proactiv...........

    • profile image

      Scott Tisthammer 8 years ago

      I posted on here, on facebook yesterday, & was fied last night.

      I worked at an HP call center in Boise, ID all we did was take calls from people complaining about not knowing they were siging up for cont, shipments, billing, charged for things they never ordered, continued shipments after cxling, messed up orders, orders not showing up, & all these problems were an easy fix if anybody at guthy renker or HP wanted to fix them.

      The people on these sites should file a class action law suit first of all because there are millions of people being caught up in this. Our mis-represnetatives should be addressing this the same as payday loan scams where 600% interest is a good rate.

      The people working at call centers are being manipulated into scamming the people who call in, first they're hired by a staffing service, no benefits, fired before they are hired on full time. HP let about 50 people go last week after a few months & they were finnally getting the system down so as to actually provide customer service.

      The training consisted of one week, then turned you loose on the phone which was a dsiaster. Before you're off that week traing you're already being harrassed to end calls in less than five minutes while HP has a 30% save/cancel rate, must save 30% of calls made by customers to cancel.

      Many of the agents postpone the accounts leaving customers to believe they have canceled, another kit comes out six months later, credit cards or worse, debit cards are charged, people don't know it's coming, & get overdrafts.

      There are millions of people calling in for the same problems, most have to call several times before they get out from under this trap. Agents are trained to lie, are kick out the door before a real jobs materializes, & the scam is from staffing services to payday loans to call centers. Don't have a job, get a payday loan to survive, get robbed untol; you get a job through a staffing service, do as you're told or lose that & go under, lie to the people & your turn is coming.

      A class action law suit would be easy because there are millions of people ripped off. Even though the web site & ads clearly state you are joining a club, you are lied to & continue to be robbed through call centers like HP.

      This is no different than the financial crisis, health care reform, wars, or the Guld oil spill. People need to get off their duff & o something about it beofre we're finished as a nation, working class all living in poverty.

    • profile image

      Donald Tisthammer 8 years ago

      Hi ebverybody, I work at a call center for HP, handle Guthy Renker/Proactiv solution & Meanful Beauty product calls.

      You are all absolutely right, there is a serious problem with Guthy Renker, & call centers. First they hire through staffing services, fire people so they don't have to hire as HP employees after approxomaetly six months, not teh best brown nosers & liars who postpone accts instead of cxling them when customers call in.

      Why do they postpone instead of cancel? Cancel/save, not getting the saves, time limits on calls, bad evaluations if calls last more than five minutes, & lack of training.

      I'll be posting on after I get with Guthy Renker if they don't resolve these problems.

    • profile image

      Bert 8 years ago

      I unfortunately fell into this scam as well. I knew about the 3-month kit, and I paid for the three months, yet I received another bill the 4th month. When I try to log in and manage my account, its not even there. Not to mention I got another bill just recently for $48.56 for not reason. Best of all, the system doesn't even work.

      Side note- Rob sounds a big fagot in supporting their system.

    • profile image

      HippieChick 8 years ago

      People like Rob should be fired due to lack of professionalism in any customer service related environment. They automatically enroll you a bill plan which is not identified in any statement. I order a one month supple and two months later I was billed for another shipment I did not authorize. Even though I did not receive the package every other third say proactive would bill my account and refuse to stop the billing process until I shipped back the unauthorized merchandise. I had dispute this transaction with papal, my bank and Proactive. I ended up closing my banking account. The representatives from proactive were very unhelpful and acted just like Rob. Karma is a real B---- Rob!

    • profile image

      scammerrodanfields 8 years ago

      stupid proactive

    • profile image

      arrowme 8 years ago

      I did not receive my proactiv order so I had called them. They tracked it and told me it was delivered. I asked for the tracking # because my order confirmation was never sent to my email and the delivery confirmation wasn't sent either, like they said we would get on their website. I tracked it while on the phone with one of the reps and told her that this was never sent to my address. It was sent elsewhere. She had lied to me! Then she said that she will send a replacement. I told her that I don't want the replacement and to refund me the money. I was not going to support them and waste my money on such a shady company. She said that I could not cancel and that she will put my account on hold till September. I told her give me a refund and she said that I will have to fill out an affidavit. Told her forget it, I will just dispute the item with the bank. So I called the bank and told them of the situation, that they lied about the delivery of the item, and also that their website says that we can cancel at anytime, no questions asked. The bank called them and they had us on 3 way conversation and the bank representative said she will leave the conversation and that if they continue to fight me on the item, call back, and she will refund me. So I talked to a different proactiv rep and he said that my account is cancelled. Then he said they will refund me after I receive and sign an affidavit. I told him to send it to me fedex 1 day and he put me on hold. Then he came back and said they will override and just give me the refund. What a shady place. I had called them in the first place because I did not want them to charge me for another month when I haven't even received the item yet. This is all a scam to get another months worth of money out of you. I'm sure the product works, but they're in this business to make more money...and this is how they do it. I told the rep to find a better job and he surely must not feel good scamming people...that I'm probably not the first to complain. He was quiet for a good 30 seconds.

    • profile image

      Lina 8 years ago

      I am a victim of this too! i bought their product on last december on the website and i paid with my credit card. actually it worked but i didn't want the second one. suddenly i got a package of proactive today and i noticed that they charged 3 times of $82.48(including shipping and CAD sales tax). i phoned, tried to talk about refund but they never answer the phone. finally i just cancelled my credit card because i can definitely expect them charging like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. IT IS SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT SO MAD!!!!!!!!! and i didn't even get the 3rd package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY NEVER, EVER BUY ANYTHING PAYING WITH YOUR CREDIT NUMBER.

    • profile image

      Julia 8 years ago

      Same thing happened to me recently. I can't believe that someone (my colleague) actually recommended this product to me! Did she ever check her credit account? They charged me 30 dollars without any notification. Obviously they are good at doing this, charging people after months of their purchase, thinking that you wouldn't notice. I can't believe this kind of company is still operating. I am so MAD!! Anyone has better idea how to deal with it?

    • profile image

      Jim 8 years ago

      Just call Jason Solato at 310-581-6250 and voice your complaint. He will take care of it. This company is the worst kind of scum. You can also email them at

    • profile image

      Rob 8 years ago

      Proactiv® 3-Step System. When you order today you’ll also get a FREE Refining Mask and Travel-size Green Tea Moisturizer! After 30 days, you'll receive a new 90-day supply of our 3-step system every 3 months at the guaranteed low price of just $19.95 per month plus $7.99 s&h per subsequent shipment you accept, which will conveniently be billed to the credit card you provide today. Every Proactiv® order comes with our 60-day Money Back Guarantee (less s&h). Proactiv is the #1 acne system in the world!

      Yeah your right I can see how this is a scam . . .its listed right in the paragraph you didn't read, your all people who don't read your terms and conditions on your credit card and complain about the interest rate too huh? lol

    • profile image

      Isabeau 8 years ago

      Never deal with this company. They act like you are giving them permission to take money from you whenever they feel like it. I had purchased on what I thought was a one time deal their product Proactiv. Then on January 4th I noticed a charge for almost $40.00. I contacted Paypal to tell them I did not authorize this and it was suggested I contact Proactiv. On January 5th I contacted Proactiv. They informed me at that time that I had checked a box giving them permission to charge me for future shipments. I told them I had not done this, but if I did I was revoking this and I asked them to cancel the charge and the shipment. They refused. I asked them also to cancel my "membership" as they call it.

      They did not cancel the charge as I requested so I called again on the 8th. I spoke to Branden and then his boss and they again refused to cancel the charge or shipment even though the product had not gone out yet . They also informed me that my "membership" had not been cancelled.

      The charge did not go through because there was no money to back up the balance so I was relieved until the 11th when they sent the charge through again. I disputed it with paypal and they denied it because there was a "billing agreement". I did not realize that was the situation. I called Proactiv again and Ford told me that the product had been shipped out on the 8th even though I had asked that it not be sent and I not be charged.

      Now I have to wait until I receive their overpriced crap then return it. From what I have read on several sites, it could take up to 3 months to get my money back, not to mention it has cost me $30.00 in overdraft fees for an expense that was not authorized and not expected.

      Proactiv does not care about their customers, only about making money. They put me in a situation where I am without $70.00 at a time I am unemployed and scrapping by. They are a disreputable company and in my opinion have fraudulent business practices.

      They had plently of time to stop this shipement and refused so they could get my lousy $40.

      Don't buy their product, you will be very sorry if you do!!

    • profile image

      Dorn 8 years ago

      I have tried and tried to get them to stop sending there packages. The product works but my son out grew acne and they won't stop sending the stuff. My credit card company said I have to send a certified letter before they will believe me. My phone calls and faxes apparently don't mean squat. I recommend that no one EVER sign up for credit card payments for ANYTHING EVER!

    • profile image

      p panda 8 years ago


      I am victim of Proactiv too. I bought it only once and even then their cunning website claimed club membership and robbed me of $50 dollars two more times. Has anybody taken them to coourt yet. These people are the worst kind of scammers. I hope they land in jail

    • profile image

      Elvis 8 years ago

      Never ever purchase anything from Guthy Renker. They are cheats and only interested in milking your money. It would behoove a prudent person to heed the advice offered here. However, nothing would be more poetic than those who have read these words and those of the other's testimonial account with Proactiv, who still choose to place their hard earned, reccession dollars into the hands of these facist. Don't be upset when you find yourselves in an unhappy financial predicament!! Thank you for your time.

    • profile image

      Ashley 9 years ago

      A few months back, I ordered Proactiv. At that time my CC was charged for 43.25. Yesterday I received a bill in the mail for 50.08. When I called, I talked to a gentleman named Mike, who informed me that they had a problem proccessing my CC. Mike then asked me if I would like to pay for it now over the phone. I informed him that I woud like to check my records first. (This morning I checked my CC and sure enough, there was a charge from Proactiv.) Mike then asked me if I would like to purchase something (I think he said vitamins). They were trying to rob me. It is very hard for me to beleive that Proactiv, the name we see all over television, is behind this dirty work. Aren't they making enough money? If they try sending me to collections, I will raise hell. I'M SO MAD!


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