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Real Estate Investment Training, is it Necessary?

Updated on December 1, 2011

Real Estate Investment Training

People think that if you want to invest in the real estate industry, you need a formal real estate investment training to learn the ropes. This is sort of true but you might want to learn real estate and get a course in real estate from credible real estate advisors and gurus. The world is full of opportunistic and two-faced people and they will tell you things you want to hear and how they want you to succeed in real estate, all for their own benefit. Real estate investment training is a part of your investment itself. Below are some of the things you should verify about your real estate investment training advisor.

The Key to Find Credible Real Estate Advisors is Common Sense
The Key to Find Credible Real Estate Advisors is Common Sense

How to Find a Real Estate Investment Training Guru that Won't Dupe You

  1. How they project their self. Successful real estate investment training advisors need not flaunt their success through flashy clothes, expensive jewelry, and cars. Usually, real estate gurus who do this are the one who needs attention because they are selling something which is their self.
  2. How they see their self. A credible real estate investment training advisor can be easily known by how he portrays himself. Another thing is advisors well-known for the success they have in real estate is what will portray their credibility, not some vague description on their bio-data that they are the “number 1 real estate advisor in the U.S.”
  3. The real estate industry like other big industries has its own dangers. And credible real estate investment training advisors know that because they learn from their own mistakes after getting away, their investments unscathed from these dangers. You know somebody’s not telling you the whole truth behind the real estate industry if all that they tell you are the positive things or how you will succeed. It’s better if you learn from the mistakes of others than losing your hard-earned investment.
  4. A credible real estate investment training advisor has to understand and respond to legislations, economic trends, court decisions what have you. And a great example is when the Tax Reform Act of 1986 was passed. Real estate gurus who B.S. people see this as merely a “challenge” and this pertains to tip number 3. Credible real estate investment training advisors on the other hand knows this is the worst tax law for real estate investors.
  5. Credible real estate investment training advisors use different techniques, depending on the different situations in real estate. And they explain to their client why it’s necessary to use that technique, even telling its advantages and disadvantages. Bad real estate gurus on the other hand believe in the saying “if you can’t convince them, confuse them.”
  6. Bad real estate gurus emphasizes on the motivational part of real estate. Real estate is much more than that. Real estate is a science where you have to learn from your mistakes to learn. Try to learn from real estate investment training advisors who have been there and done that.
  7. To determine if your real estate investment training advisor is telling the truth if they tell you that they are always using the techniques they teach you, ask the address of their properties. Many bad real estate gurus don’t respond back when you ask them this question.
  8. Bad real estate gurus who will take advantage of your investment will tell you that they will invest in your deals if you will allow them. Never allow this to happen. Credible real estate investment training advisors are just willing to help you with your deals.
  9. If you think your real estate guru will take advantage of your deals and investments, research on the web. Check their websites. Are the testimonials just too good to be true? Forget them they will dupe you ‘til you got nothing. Credible real estate investment training advisors will tell you both ups and downs of the industry.

Find a Real Estate Guru Who Will Teach and Motivate You to Success
Find a Real Estate Guru Who Will Teach and Motivate You to Success

Real Estate Investment Training is for You, BUT...

I could go on and on but finding a credible real estate investment training advisor is easy. The internet is available for information and it’s just right for you to use your common sense when dealing and doing business with people. Just remember to check the tips above if someone wants to help you in the real estate industry.


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    • Gc global profile image

      G&C Global 4 years ago from bangalore

      G & C Global Consortium the real estate consultants and agency in Bangalore helps you buy, sell, rent commercial land and property in Bangalore

      For more info visit us@

    • profile image

      condominums 4 years ago

      Yes I believe the internet is a great tool for learning more about real estate investment.

    • profile image

      TexasSelect 4 years ago

      Would you jump into anything without any training? Especially if it were risky?

      Real estate isn't something you want to learn on the fly -- the dollar figures are huge and the downside can be as well. Recommend you work with a reputable broker for professional assistance (like we do at !) to avoid the pitfalls.

    • ScottSellsFlorida profile image

      Scott Slomcenski 5 years ago from Tampa, FL

      I started investing in real estate in the mid-1990's. Training is essential, but remember, if the "guru" really had a bullet-proof method for making millions in real estate investing, why does he need to subsidize his income by "teaching you the secrets of real estate"?

      Before you spend hundreds of dollars to attend a rah-rah seminar, you should read a few books on the subject. I started with Robert Allen's, "Nothing Down For The 90's" and "The Florida Landlord's Manual" by Thomas Lucier.

      I earned my real estate license after I bought my fourth investment property. Getting my license opened my eyes to some of the mistakes I had made while I was just an amateur investor. My advice is to get your real estate license first, before you start investing in real estate. You will have a better understanding of real estate law, contracts, financing concerns and tax repercussions.

    • Hady Chahine profile image

      Hady Chahine 5 years ago from Manhattan Beach

      Agreed, training is essential to ensure real estate clients get the professional representation they deserve.

    • TotalHealth profile image

      TotalHealth 5 years ago from Hermosa Beach, CA

      Nice hub! Training can make a huge difference. Here's a source that I recommend:

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 6 years ago from Northern California, USA

      Very credible information. I voted up and useful.

    • ilitek profile image

      ilitek 6 years ago

      Training is the only way to acquire knowledge fast. Avoid crucial mistake etc. Training not ensure success. We need to take action to prove it and we will have our own success story.

    • profile image

      Sarah Hill 6 years ago

      I think some form of training is important, but that you make sure you receive your training from the right people.

    • profile image

      free mortgage leads 6 years ago

      I think training is very important

    • scottie g profile image

      scottie g 6 years ago

      Great hub. It's always good to be informed!