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7 ways to stop a foreclosure

Updated on July 21, 2009

How to stop a foreclosure before you lose your home

As a former real estate agent, I look out at the market today and I'm amazed. Simply put, I'm amazed at the numbers of people in Naperville, Dupage county and the state of Illinois who are using the same selling strategies that work great in the past but fail miserably in the market we face now. Tens of thousands of homeowners simply think that "listing" a home with a realtor will magically sell their home. Many are stressed with the burden of pre-foreclosure, forclosure or have experienced a job loss or Illness that requires a quick sale. However, the only tools I see being used today to sell a home in a very slow real estate market is to lower the price, and lower it again and lower it again. Most of the time the clocks ticking on the foreclosure and the pressures on...and all a homeowner can do is lower their price?

If you are in fear of your home going into foreclosure, or if you're already behind on your house payments, you absolutely must call this FREE 24 HOUR Recorded Consumer Information Line at 1-877-420-1144 or visit Real Estate Solutions, Ltd.

In this material, we do our best to explain how to stop a foreclosure, how does a foreclosure work, what happens during a foreclosure, what happens after a foreclosure. We cover foreclosure questions, cover some timeline for foreclosure issues, can a bankruptcy stop a foreclosure, how long after foreclosure can I purchase a home, can you refinance while home is in foreclosure, and more.

We advise those through out the Chicago, IL area but focus on the following cities; Aurora IL, Batavia IL, Bristol IL, Claradon Hills IL, Darien IL, Downers Grove IL, Fox Valley IL, Geneva IL, Hinsdale IL, Lemont IL, Lisle IL, Montgomery IL, Naperville IL, Oak Brook IL, Oswego IL, Plainfield IL, Saint Charles IL, Sugar Grove IL, Warrenville IL, Wasco IL, Wayne IL, Westmont IL, Wheaton IL, Winfield IL, Woodridge IL and Yorkville IL.

We will provide you with Real Estate Advise and help. Don't be a victim of the current downturn in the real estate market because you are not alone. To get more insights on what's going on out there, go to the Real Estate Trends on my website and see first hand that you are not alone.

And to be upfront, there are certain occasions when we do purchase and secure homes from homeowners. Please make sure to complete the foreclosure analysis survey for immediate action steps you can take to prevent losing your home.

Their is hope but you must take action. Call us at 1-877-420-1144 to discuss your options.


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