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Reward Cards

Updated on March 27, 2012

Discount cards or store reward cards are cards that you can register for at 9 out of 10 stores. I am going to give you a little information about the CVS card and if you are unfamilar with it hopefully you will know enough to sign up for one by the end of this article. The cards I have are from CVS, Winn Dixie, Publix, Office Depot, Burkes Outlet, and Rite Aid. These cards help out in several ways. These cards are a way that the store tracks your spending. They know how loyal of a customer you are. The more loyal you are to them, the more they are to you in most circumstances.

CVS has a program called the Extracare program. They also have a beauty club in addition to your extracare card. You can register for an extracare card online or at the store. If you spend $50 of beauty products then the beauty club will give you $5.00 extracare bucks. Extracare bucks are basically dollars you can use at that store. Now when you register with CVS for the beauty club you get 10% off your purchase. On your birthday you get $3.00 Extracare bucks! These are great freebies.

The Extracare program is a card you recieve from CVS that you scan in their CVS Coupon printer to receive CVS coupons and extracare bucks if you are owed any. (Remember I said, they are keeping up with their customers) Then anytime you make a purchase then you be sure to get the cashier to scan your card. The amount your purchase is recorded to your account and each quarter you get 2% of all your purchase during that quarter previous.

If you sign up online, you can view actually view your extracare rewards and spending. This reward card is by far one of the best reward cards that i have seen. You can now have fun shopping!


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