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Sample Expense Report

Updated on January 21, 2011

If you need a sample expense report, and how to use it, here is where to start.

If you've made your own personal expense report, or personal budget report, you're probably wondering what to do with it. Well, the answer is that, you have to break down the components of your expense, and figure out what is wrong with your budget. (or what is going right, if it applies to your scenario) You can learn here how to use and analyse it so as to help with sample expense report woes in the future.

If you still have not made one for yourself, it is very easy to find sample expense reports on the internet and just download them and subsequently filling in the details. You can use either a downloadable expense report that will work with excel and the like. Or you could look for the software that sorts out your expenses nicely for you. You can probably find them in links on a webpage or a sidebar or the like. Unfortunately since not all sample expence reports would turn out to be good, you might want to check out a few of them first and give them a dry run. There are lots of expense reports samples out there as well as software.

Following which once you've filled it up, we can move on to an analysis on your expense data.

Below you can see certain pictures and diagrams of a particular sample expense report of a college student, it is easy to understand how it can double as a budget and expenses report.


sample expense report
sample expense report

A quick but comprehensive overview of the sample expenses

The above is a possible analysis of a filled up expense report sample. The good thing about it is that the person has made a complete data collection of all his activities in the month and actually inputted it into a budget data entry software. Using a budget software can be immensely helpful in planning. there are many inexpensive expense software out there on the internet. often you can find them in links in boxes on related sites

A few things common to college students are unfortunately missing, they do seem to be fixed college costs however, such as rent and tuition, which the student cannot do anything about. (except perhaps rent, but re-negotiating rent or finding a new place is a topic for another time) his food expenditure looks quite low however, and i would assume he has catered lunch either at his campus or place of lodging that is paid for probably in his fixed costs

Moving on we can see that the student has done a pretty good job of allocating budgets to his monthly expenses. The student lists down his estimated costs and spending for the month, and he has done a pretty good job of meeting them, save for the deficit in entertainment, the student has some positive sums left over in the food sector and transport fields. You can see that it works out to be a budget and expenses report on the whole although the initial goal was to make a proper sample expense report.

It looks and is a pretty lean budget, and to have more leftover, he could perhaps spend less on eating out, or perhaps learn to cook more variety of food. By buying his own groceries and cooking it, he can save greatly on the premium food vendors and restaurants charge.

As for cutting down on entertainment, instead of cutting down, perhaps he could consider using the tips on saving money thereto streamline his entertainment expenses into something that would cost less. Perhaps renting a dvd instead of going to the cinemas.

so with that you should have a better idea of how to fill in your sample expense reports and use them to save money. If you are using this for a business, this will help in managing your cash flow.

It is imperative that a distinction be made between profits and cash!

´╗┐What happens when a budget crunch comes along, and you see your expense for the week or month suddenly ballooning? Perhaps you had to buy an extra bag, or need a new pair of shoes or blazers due to accidents at the laundry. What happens then?

The best thing would have been for you to have had a consistent savings over a period of time. Then now would be a good time to start digging. If you have not, after your temporary crisis is over, now would be a good time to start. Jot it down or make a report somewhere. Saving 7 percent of your income per month is good, and will slowly add up, creating a comfortable buffer. You can easily find budget samples elsewhere. As for saving tips or money making ideas you can check out some of the links around here as well as my other hubs. In the example above, the college student may have part time work to raise some income, without which it might be tough

Easily one of the ways to raise money fast is to look through your inventory, dig stuff up and throw them up on craigslist or eBay. But back to covering your expenses, the best way is to perform some cost saving techniques on your budget and then save them for a rainy day.

Although it can also be prudent to chain some passive income into your inflow of cash. This of course is a long term thing, requiring research and cannot be done simply in a matter of days. Even a few weeks or months might even be too short a time. A risky way is to try a forex account, but I would advise agains it unless you are prepared to commit the research time and prudence needed of such an endeavor.

A more common way to buffer your expenses are short term insurance coverage plans, which also takes a bit of studying. A far less complicated, less risky, but still financially important alternative would be to pick certain stocks for long term sampling. You could devote a certain part of your budget into DRIPs or spiders and count it inside your sample expenses report as a sample expense.

Budget Reports Samplte

Now that you have since how a sample expence reports look you might be wondering how the budget report used to create this sample expense report was made. Rest assured, another hub is being developed to address this issue. It might depend on whether it was targeted for monthly expense report or perhaps on a longer scale such as yearly expense report or even a very short micro view like in weekly expense report. And that should be it for an expenditure budget!

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