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Best Debit Card Available: How to Save Money Every Day on Things You Already Buy

Updated on June 20, 2013

Saving money is easy

You don't have to cut coupons endlessly and search for deals 23 hours a day if you think about how it is you spend your money. With changes in banking regulations and the beaten down state that most banks are in these days, rewards and member programs are becoming more and more scarce. However, one bank, perkstreet, has an offering that is too good to pass up, and within days, you'll be saving 1% to 2% and sometimes up to 5% on your purchases that you make every day. The catch? Perkstreet isn't your normal bank. There are no lobby's, no teller lines, no drive throughs, in fact, there isn't a bank in existence in the physical world. Perkstreet, is an internet bank.

Before you get nervous about cutting ties with your brick and mortar bank, recognize the trend in the world. Paperless, digital, electronic, and other mediums are becoming the normal way of conducting transactions. It is by cutting out the expensive buildings and staffing them with wokers 6 days a week that Perkstreet can offer a genuine discount debit card. Have no fear, the debit cards work at all ATM's and most, CVS, Walmarts, and common stores, have ATM's that don't charge any fees for using a Perkstreet debit card.

Now 1% doesn't seem like much. On a $10 purchase, thats only. $.10. But over time, for ever thousand dollars, thats $10, so do the math...if you spend about $20,000 a year on groceries, utilities, rent, car payments, vacations, entertainment, etc, you're getting back $200 a year, and what does it cost you? Nothing. Why not take advantage of an extra $200 a year, for simply spending money. Except in this case, you're buying everything at 99% of its cost. And to make things better, they offer promotions every quarter, on retailers and stores and offer 5% off.

The application is all done through the internet and funding your account can be done simply by using the debit card you already have. Simply "charge" your Perkstreet account with you debit card to transfer funds and you're all set.

So, while planning any budget for the upcoming year, consider taking advantage of any freebies you can get.


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