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Why Saving Your Loose Change Can Really Add Up

Updated on August 3, 2013

Loose Change

We're all trying to find ways to save some extra money these day. You may not think your loose change is worth that much but you'll be surprise.

Did You Know ??

That you can save up to $300 just by putting your loose change away

Piggy Bank - A great way to save your loose change
Piggy Bank - A great way to save your loose change

Bonus Tips

When saving your loose change just remember that even if you only put away a little bit at a time or a lot it all pays of in the long run

How To Save Your Loose Change & What To Do With It

  1. Get yourself a piggy bank or a coin jar
  2. Go and search for loose change


  • In between the seat cushions
  • In the drink holder
  • Underneath the driver and passenger seat


  • Furniture - In between the couch cushions and also underneath the couch.
  • Laundry - Look for loose change around the washing machine and clothes dryer
  • Clothes - Empty out your pockets this includes your pants, shirt pocket and coat/jacket pockets

3. At the end of each day check to see if you have any loose change in your purse or wallet. If you do take all the change out and only leave the notes.

4. Once you have found some loose change start putting the change away in your piggy bank or glass jar

5. Make sure that you continue to put your loose change away as often as you can.

6. Once your piggy bank or glass jar is full with loose change take your change to the bank. These days a lot of banks have a coin counter which makes it easier not only for you but for the bank teller as well.

7. Once your change has been put into you bank account decide what you want to do with the money. This can include

  • Keep the money in your bank account
  • Going on a holiday
  • Paying bills
  • Buying something nice for yourself


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    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Great tips on locating and saving loose change. I can't begin to tell you how much loose change I have put in jars and containers. It definitely adds up! At one point I had something like $205 just from one jar. Thanks for sharing. (Voted Up) -Rose