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Information Products Marketing: How to Create, Package and Sell Your Own Information Product

Updated on July 23, 2014
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

An Invitation to sell your own information products


“You are the source of the ideas, information, data and entertainment to fill the voracious appetite of millions of info-maniacs.”

- Roberts G Allen

An invitation to write and publish!

We are in the information age. Many organisations are involved in this multi-billion industry amid the various browsers and search engines linking various computers worldwide in the bid to cascade the information. Among the leaders in this field are Google, Yahoo and Bing owned by the giants, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. In order to keep the information age alive and kicking there is need to provide the information that is needed to power these search engines and therefore create the revenue from advertisers who want a slice of the information rich content being created.

Do you want to profit from the information age?

Or do you want to watch the excitement from the publishing possibilities from the information pass you by?

What idea, information, knowledge or point of view do you have to share in this domain or universe of information?

What passion do you have to share with the world at large?

Is there any skill, experience, or abilities that you will want to share with other people and therefore profit from your endowment?

This work is an invitation to how you can create, collate and distribute your ideas in different media formats so as to create products, services or information of great value.

It is a wakeup call for you to see opportunities in the information and internet age and use your creative talents to solve problems through writing or patterning information in a form other people can assess.

The opportunity is huge. Imagine the loads of information that needs to be organised in form of specialist knowledge to solve problems. The new media with the opportunities of blogging, self-publishing and e-book creation; where information age and communication age meet being catalysed by the mobile technology powered by the internet.

Don’t you want to have a slice of the cake? Imagine loads of knowledge you have at your disposal which may be the solution to solving other people’s problems. Get yourself published and become an e-publisher in your own terms – being able to prepare and issue material for public distribution or sale.

Here are some of the benefits of information business according to Robert Allen:

  • "The Best Business in the World: Benefits of selling Information
  • Unlimited worldwide market
  • Easy to research
  • Easy to create
  • Easy and cheap to test
  • Easy and cheap to produce, inventory and correct.
  • Low cost start-up
  • High perceived value
  • High mark up
  • Mobility: Operate from any mailbox in the world.
  • Copyright protection from competitors
  • Prestigious, impressive career. "I'm an author."
  • Satisfying: A permanent record for future generations

In the words of Claire Gillman – the author of Write Fantastic Non-Fiction, “developments in IT and printing technology mean that the new media, which include blogging, e-books and self-publishing, writers are now able to reach a global audience relatively inexpensively and with ease.”

Tap into the power of leverage

Imagine that you are a solo-prenuer who sells your skill in coaching setting or consultancy. How can you multiply your knowledge to serve add more value to the lives of your clients for less time?

You can multiply your knowledge; and package it in different formats – CDs, a digital download product, an online course and sell the same products many times over and over again.

This is the idea behind leveraging your knowledge by recording it once and selling it; a ton of it – just like a recording artist or a book publisher,

The concept of turning acquired knowledge into profit

“In my opinion, the most ideal business in the world is selling information products. These include "paper and ink" products such as books, newsletters, Special Reports as well as tapes and videos.”

Ted Nicholas – Author and Copywriting Expert

People tell you that knowledge is power. But if you cannot apply your knowledge towards a profitable end then it is not power. In the same way for knowledge to attract money it has to be organised into a particular pattern, format, end or objective with the ultimate aim to end to attract money. But how is this possible with mere snippet of ideas, concepts or information. The ability to turn information or knowledge into profit is an acquired skill. You need to acquire certain skills in the way you perceive process and experience information. You need to become more empathic as well as develop a keen sense of observation. This calls for you to become proficient or rather an expert in using your specialist information to solve problems.

You are paid for value that you bring in your chosen market place. Therefore you need to become more proficient in your ability to package your expertise in form of profitable, sellable, and valuable information products. For example, audio, video, text or a combination of these formats depending on the method you choose to deliver the information to your audience group.

You also need to develop the ability to sell market and distribute your information products to a wide audience group. With the advent of social media – Facebook, linked in, and twitter to mention but these few, you have a platform to share to your prospects and customers alike about your product. You also need to send the word out there through advertising to inform people about your product.


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