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Why Short Term Car Insurance Isn’t Always the Best Option

Updated on April 8, 2010

There Are Many Reasons As To Why Short Term Car Insurance Is A Convenient Option When Buying Premiums But This Is Always Situational And Requirement-Specific.

There are many reasons as to why short term car insurance is a convenient option when buying premiums but this is always situational and requirement-specific. As with any type of insurance, it is essential to first realize your needs, necessities, and fundamentals. You will be causing a lot of waste in money, time, and effort if you do not sort this out first. It is important to decide beforehand what you need covered or what you damages you can offer to pay for. Coverage dictates a premium’s rate while deductibles lower the premium prices offered by insurance companies.

Never purchase short term car insurance if the vehicle being insured will be used over a long duration. This is why the policy was called short term since it is most suitable for cars being insured for brief periods of time. Of course, policy owners have the option of renewing temporary plans for as many times as they like but if you compute the costs of doing such, you would be better off acquiring a long term or permanent car insurance. Temporary plans come out more expensive when used for durations that a permanent plan would usually cover because insurance companies have to increase prices to compensate for possible risks of having to honor claims made within those given periods of time. Since the client initially pays less and may not choose their company as his constant insurer, the companies then raise costs to make up for it. In this way, short term car insurance become less cost-effective if you use your vehicle every so often but have to purchase this kind of policy frequently.

When you decide on a policy, you will have to sort out what benefits you are or will be seeking in the future. Short term car insurance is almost practically useless for luxury type of cars unless when lending it to someone else. The borrower however must be economically eligible to cough up the costs for having such a vehicle temporarily covered. A car’s worth is directly related to the premium rate simply because if at any point that the car encounters damages, the insurance company will be answerable to those costs as stated in the policy. And since parts or services for that particular kind of vehicle don’t come cheap, premium rates will have to increase in order to accommodate that. Although initially less expensive than permanent automobile insurance plans, a short term car insurance will not bear its policy owners full benefits and will usually only cover superficial damages done to the vehicle. Rest assured though that medical expenses for the driver and the passengers are still taken into account.

Regardless and to reiterate, it is necessary to make a list of what kind of coverage you need, what benefits you will most likely collect, and what costs appeal to your budget in the long run. In this way can you only really decide which car insurance policy will be the best option for you

and your vehicle.


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