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Social Networking Websites: How They Can Make You Money

Updated on December 8, 2014

Ok, by now you and your uncle should already be members in at least two social networking websites. These things are so popular now, that I am surprised that hardly anyone uses it to get a financial upper hand.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with using Facebook or Myspace to re-connect with family members, friends, or even to find jobs, but expand your thinking.

Welcome to the world of affiliates

Make sure that you find yourself a good product that you can earn off of. Wealthy internet companies are finding it much more cost effective to cut out middle men. This means that they rely on the general public to promote their businesses.

One simple way to accomplish this is through social networking. Most of the time it's a low risk investment, and you can affiliate yourself with as many as you like. You would be surprised how quickly the profits add up if you have a sound online business marketing plan.

Make the social networking websites your buddies

I cannot emphasize this enough: join as many networks as you can! Join one a day if you must. Every time you turn around there is a new one. If you're in it for profits, don't inflict injury on yourself by staying faithful to one social networking website.

You should be on YouTube, Linkedin, Peoplestring, Direct Matches, Plaxo, and even Twitter! Yes, don't be afraid of Twitter. Smart business owners use it every day. So many more are out there.

Synchronized social networking

Now that you're members of all these networks, don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed. I use a tool called Buffer that allows me to connect multiple social networking websites and update my statuses on all of them. It's great because I only need to update in one spot, and the same communication is spread over many areas. Try it, and soon you'll realize that signing in to each social network isn't necessary.

There is so much more you can do with social networking. Don't work for it, make it work for you. Here I just touched on the basics; a simple guide to let you know if you're going in the right direction.


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    • profile image

      naveen 5 years ago

      awesome ,very informative . ideas are really good .

    • profile image

      tipptopp 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing some relevant pointers. And especially for the Ping suggestion- I'm sure that will make a huge difference! I've just found myself without a marketer, and if there's one thing I've learnt, you need your marketing to be consistent. While trying to pick up the pieces (rather unsuccessfully) an associate mentioned to me that there are companies like Brandvocates that actually can do a lot of your online marketing for you. They provide services like social media, PR presence, testimonials and commentary. Something worth looking at too.

    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Oh, yea. Affiliate marketing is one of my favorites.

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal

      Thanks for sharing this comprehensive article. I have used some of the affiliate marketing and they are great when it comes to making money.

    • KevinTimothy profile image

      Kevin J Timothy 5 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      And you know, Karre, as popular as social networks have become it never ceases to amaze me how many organizations or companies aren't even on Twitter or Facebook yet. Social networking can be so powerful for any brand.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Karre profile image

      Karre Schaefer 5 years ago from Eskridge, Kansas

      This is great! Can't wait to implement these ideas by tying my loose ends together. Thanks! Karre.