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Work at Home Scams-Know What to Avoid When You First Start Out

Updated on April 16, 2012

Do Your Research

If you have recently decided that you would like to work from home, you have no doubt been searching online. Everyone who has thought about stepping into this career choice has found themselves wondering what is legit or not when they come across opportunities on the web. While there are real opportunities to be had, they have recorded that 90% of what you come across online is a scam in some way or another. Using a little bit of common sense along with your research should help you dig through all of the scams out there.

Look in the Right Places

The first thing you need to do is know where to go. If you blindly click on ads you see this will lead you to more confusion and overwhelm you. Try to find helpful groups of wahm who are already being successful with their own business either online or offline. One of the best forums for this is You can also do a search for message boards or questions on yahoo groups or Google groups. Many of these woman will e able to give you tips and advice into which home opportunities are worth your time and investment.

Remember though that the objective should be to be building up a business for yourself. There is no such thing as getting rich overnight. Scammers are the only ones who get rich. If you find an ad or an "employer" who says that you will be able to get rich without much work, run away. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Red Flags to Look Out For

There are a few fast and hard rules to live by when looking for legit jobs online. You should never have to pay for work or for memberships and job lists. There are plenty of places online that will offer that information for free. You just may have to look a little harder. Many of the lists you would end up paying for have old outdated information that will be no use to you anyways. Some of the lists are even filled with leads for other places that want to take your money as well. While some places may sound legit explaining that when you pay, you will just be paying for training materials, this is still not considered a legit opportunity. Have you ever paid to get a job in the offline world?

Now this does not include if you were to start up a business selling products like Avon or Mary Kay. You may need to invest money in samples, brochures, or whatnot. But even many of these direct sales marketing businesses are willing to give you free start up materials just to help you out and allow you to get making money.

Another red flag to look out for are when companies tell you that you need to "Act Now" or the deal will be gone. Any smart marketer has been taught that those types of lines cause an emotional reaction and can lead to more sales. But if you were to go and re-visit that same site after the deadline was up, you would still see the same deal. You should never make a decision to join anything without proper research first.

Checking into the Better Business Bureau is a smart move if you are consider with the legitimacy of the opportunity. If there has been a complaint filed, you will find it. You can also go to or These sites are set up for those people to report the details of the sites that have scammed them so you will know what to watch out for.


Common Scams that HAve Been Around for Awhile

There are new scams popping up online every day as people catch on to others or as the internet changes over time. But there have been some scams that make money online and still remain. These are the more successful ones that come off as legitimate.

Envelope Stuffing is a scam.This is actually being seen less and less as now it is being replaced by a "make money sending emails" scam instead.  All this entails is paying for a kit that will teach you how to post ads up to get more people to buy into the same thing. You take their money and send them the info so they can do the same thing you are. Nothing real is exchanged here that will grow a business.

Craft assembly crafts are still out there too. Normally you would receive a set of crafts that you need to put together and then send back to them. You usually purchase the kit with the promise that you will receive your money back once you have made a certain amount of dollars. But once you have spent hours on end assembling these crafts and sending them back, you receive notice that they were not good enough and you will not be paid for the work. Not only do you lose out on the price of the kits, but more often than not, there is nothing wrong with your craft and they end up selling it without your knowledge, pocketing all of the money earned.

The Internet is a vast and booming place. With more and more people looking for ways to make money from home online and offline these days, the opportunities for legitimate jobs are rising. But there will also always be the scammers out there trying to take advantage of those who are lazy or do not know as much. Take the time needed to talk on forums, research through pages online for anything you can find about the business or company you are interested in getting into. Never make an impulse decision and part with any money before you know that it is legit. Using common sense and care will help you find the best legitimate work
at home opportunity you can enjoy.


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