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Share Shastram the Stock Market predictions 2011, forecast of stock market for the year 2011

Updated on January 8, 2011

Stock Market India

Stock Market Predictions 2011

Stock market will be remaining normally with positive tendency in first half of 2011. Rudr feels that as per financial astrology there is a planetary position that’s supports to bullish trend, and majorly positive days in first half of 2011.

Rudr says that there are some correction as its fluctuated market because its natural but overall the mood of Indian Stock Market may be towards positive. It seems that there are more days in stock market which goes up than the down one. There will be positive & bullish trend in Indian stock market especially from 17th January to 11th February (Around that dates), and if the other things are supportive than we can expect good bullish trend in Indian Stock Market. Then after stock market may tack some rest till mid of March 2011. During this face if there are any other negative things besides astrological points than some downfall may also likely, feels Rudr.

For Indian Stock Market there will be good phase between 20th March 2011 and 5th May 2011, as per Astro Economics the situations might be favorable for bullish trend. Rudr says this will be the best one which support good bullish trend, if Stock Market gets support from other things then investors might be the witness for good upward trend and the new high in Indian Stock Market. This face will be comparatively positive including some correction. Rudr feels some uncertainty in Stock Market between 9th May 2011 and 20th May 2011, also till mid of June 2011. There will be indications of mix results; stock market may moves in both directions. Rudr further says that there is indications that some political uncertainty and/or some negative overseas effects may be occur in this duration and if that happen there will be downfall in Indian Stock Market. Rudr says that if there is no big negative things in this duration than Stock Market sustain some potion with normal downfall.

Rudr feels that there will be big uncertainty in Stock Market during second half of 2011 i.e. July 2011 to December 2011. There are big ups and downs in Indian Stock Market basically the stock market perform volatile in this period. Some positive movements at staring phase of July 2011 but overall Stock Market will be in pressure. Negative things other than astrological things are more, than there is downfall. Rudr sees positive momentum from 20thth September 2011 (Around that dates) August 2011 to 10. This will be the good period in this phase. After that Indian Stock Market face some pressure till mid of October 2011, the stock market remains volatile. This is the period that may be down side days are more. Rudr says that form July 2011 to October 2011 Stock market face pressure and Big ups and downs are likely, so trade carefully in this. There are some indications that after this stock market will be get some support for upward trend, but there is an also big fluctuation and might be downfall in staring of November 2011. The closing will be with positive tone, market moves in both direction but if there will be no other things which effects market very badly than Indian Stock market gives bullish trend feels Rudr.


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      trade4target 6 years ago

      I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I?ll love to read your next post too.