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Choosing the Right Tax Relief Attorney

Updated on August 18, 2009

It can be very frustrating or even stressful to be in debt to the IRS, especially if you don't know what to do or how it happened.  If that's the case, and your debt is not something that you can easily resolve yourself, consider getting help from a tax relief attorney.  You may be thinking of other options, such as taking out a loan to pay off the debt, setting up a payment plan with the IRS, or even mortgaging your home but before you go ahead with any of these other options you should make an appointment with a tax relief consultant. A tax relief attorney may well be able to reduce your tax debt and will also be well versed in dealing with the IRS department.  

Tax relief consultants are not cheap to hire, although most offer free first consultancy meetings.  If you are going to hire one, you need to make sure they can do the job and that they are competent.  The first thing to do is ask around to see if any of your friends or other family members have used a tax relief attorney in the past. Referrals are a great way to find a good consultant. 

Before you commit to any attorney, it's important to find out all you can about them and their experience in handling tax cases.  While a tax relief attorney may advertise that they have expertise in this type of work, you should make sure their claims are well founded. Ask them for a list of other clients who have used their services and get in touch with them.  Check into their background and make sure they passed the BAR and are licensed to practice in your state. Find out if they've dealt with or worked for the IRS before. Does the attorney have experience as a CPA, or at least some experience in accounting?

Another important consideration before you hire a tax relief attorney is whether or not you can afford their fees?  Remember, whether or not you gain substantial savings you will still have to pay by the hour for your lawyer's fees. Some also require you put down a retainer.  For this reason, it is probably best that you check into three or four different lawyers and include their costs when finalizing your decision on who to go with.

You should be able to get a free consultation from a reputable tax relief attorney as they will also have to review your case and see if they're interested in taking it on, before agreeing to it. You can use this initial free consultation to find out most of the information you need to know about them, and to get a clear assessment back from them on the cost for handling your case.

If you choose the right tax relief attorney you may find that your problems with the IRS department can be over in a fairly short amount of time.  These professionals know well the best methods for dealing with your problems, they are well versed in IRS tax laws and requirements, and they also know how best to approach the IRS department on your behalf.  So, although it may be an initial investment to hire a tax relief attorney it could also bring you a fast solution to your problems.



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