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The Farmer and his Seed

Updated on September 22, 2015

Just before you say no, read on and find out if this is a question or an insult.
Madness simply means the state of not reasoning well. Madness or insanity is when one does or says things that are not sensible, things that do not make for good judgement. You say a person is mad when he behaves contrary to good sense or reasoning. It is recommended that a mad person be put away in an asylum or psychiatric hospital to correct his reasoning and behaviour to conform to good sense and judgement.
With my observation of the pattern of lives of most people, there are many more mad people putting on good clothes and staying in houses than we have in the asylum and psychiatric hospitals. Many people have their eyes open yet they are blind. When a man goes through life mindlessly without any plan for the future, he is obviously mad.
The scripture said that the labour of the foolish wearieth everyone of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city. It is obvious from the above scripture that this man is not lazy, he is labouring hard yet the bible calls him a foolish man because his labour is in vain. He is not making any form of savings or investment into his future. He is labouring hard, it is the How to secure his future that he is ignorant about.
Many people have the mindset for poverty or better still, the mentality for an average life. No matter what you say or try to explain to them, they cannot see a way forward, they are wont even attempt to look for a way forward, a way out of mediocity, they are contented and feel safe the way they are. They would not dare come out of their shell, they don't want any form of inconvenience or risk. They believe and have convinced themselves that it is impossible to achieve greatness. They are quick to remind you of how difficult things are in the country.

They also complain of how much they earn but may i say that no matter how low or small you think your earning or income is, you can still do something meaningful with it. If you continue with the mindset or thought pattern that it is impossible to save in other to invest, then forget the possibility of ever becoming wealthy. When you try to change this mindset of poverty and average in the minds of some people, rather than accepting it and seek for how it can be achieved, they get more mad at you and call you names. They throw stones of bad languages at you just like at you just like the mad man throws stones at normal people on the street.
The wise man saves for the futures but the foolish man spends whatever he gets. Many people are contented with a life of normal routine like the elder brother of the prodigal son. All they do is go to work and earn a reasonable income that can pay their house rent, light bills, children school fees without anything to use in securing the future.
If you would God into what you do, their will be a tremendous change. Its madness to think that going to another country to reside is where prosperity comes. Prosperity comes from above and not from abroad, it's madness to put your trust on man instead of the Almighty God. It is not an employer's responsibility to make you rich, the responsibility i all yours. The government is not responsible to make you rich either, the government will create an enabling environment for you. Your employers responsibility st the end of the day, week or month is to pay you your salaries and wages but the responsibility is all your to make out something from that. Its madness to spend all you earn instead of using part of your earning for investment and wealth creation. The young man that was termed prodigal son became prodigal not by collecting money from his father which was rightfully his, he didn't become prodigal because he traveled to a far country, he didn't become prodigal because he asked the father to divide his wealth and give him his portion. I ask myself, what if this young man made an investment with the resources that he collected from the father, what if he invested in a business no matter how big or small the profit is. This young man only became prodigal because he began to live an extravagant life. The bible told us that he began to live a riotous life and soon enough he became poor. A man wrote a book and the tittle is MONEY WON"T MAKE YOU RICH, this is 100 percent true. Robert kiyosaki will always say you don't need money to make money. Most of the rich, wealthy and famous people in the world today started with little or nothing and today look at the wealth they have acquired. Wealth is not from the government, not from the family you where born, not from your country,not from your community or your qualification, its within you. There's something inside of you that creates wealth. A friend of mine will always say " if you take away all the money i have in the whole world, i will still be rich". It's a mindset of the rich.

Let us use the farmer and his seed as a good example. We are going to learn the principles of the farmer. From the very foundation of the world, God has established the principle of seed time and harvest, sowing and reaping, but because man disregarded this principle, lack and poverty set in. Until a farmer sows, he cannot reap. Farmers have a lot of respect to this law.
At the beginning of each farming season, the farmer plants seeds and at harvest time, he reaps what he sowed. A farmer who planted rice will harvest rice while the one that planted corn will harvest corn. A farmer who paid the price to plant the two will harvest two different types. There is however a process, the farmer sows, tend, wait and then the harvest comes. "but am not a farmer you say" yes, the seed of the farmer is corn, rice, yam etc but your seed is your money. Some crops have seeds and fruit at harvest while some have seeds and fruits as one item. Some species of yam, after harvest are left to grow seed yam while others have tubers that is also seed. To plant the type that has tubers as seed, you cut them into pieces and bury them in the soil. Corn is also in that class. We also however need to know specifically the different between seeds and fruits which is the difference between the poor and the rich, it draws the line between prosperity and poverty. Fruits are for eating and seeds are for sowing. When you keep some part of the money for good investment you are sowing seed for your future. A wise man recognize this difference and applies the principle of separating his seeds from his fruits. He sows the seeds and he eats the fruits. For you who is not a crop farmer, your seed and fruit is your money. The money you receive big or small is made up of two components- the seed and the fruit.
The man with a poverty mentality will eat the fruit and the seed and the man with the mindset of prosperity will differentiate them. A wise farmer will never eat his seed no matter how hungry he is because he fully understand that with that seed he will have many more to eat but the moment he eats that seed, he has denied himself abundance. He is prepared to go hungry rather than eat his seed. Have this in mind, you will enjoy prosperity if you have the right mentality irrespective of your locality. See you at the top.


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