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The importance of insurance in your life

Updated on November 3, 2011

Life can be easy if you are prepared to meet the ups and downs you will experience. The ups in your life are a joy which you can share with everyone, but the do

‘Your husband is suffering from renal failure and he might need transplantation’, how many times these words created a volcano in me I can never tell. Though my husband is no more, I still cannot forget how I felt when I heard those words. ‘How can this happen to me. Something must be wrong with the diagnosis, the report is wrong, what to do for the money needed’, all these thoughts revolved round and round inside my mind.

Those nightmarish days of running around for money has got so imprinted in my brain that I will take it along with me to my grave. If only I had money, might be I could have given my husband a better treatment.

Your life is full of uncertainties. You are always caught unawares by the sudden trauma you face in your life. You always take it for granted that nothing untoward will happen in your life. But life is not like that, everything is undecided. Be prepared to face the unexpected. Theft, sudden illness, natural calamities and many more incidents prop up now and then to cause you immense stress and dejection. Is there any solution to these problems? Yes, insurance is a way to meet your problems half way.

You cannot live a life without a loss of some form or other, but you can guard yourself against it .There are lot of options before you which will meet your needs. When you buy a new car, have an automobile insurance which also includes third party insurance.

My brother –in –law had an accident which caused severe injury to a man who unexpectedly crossed his car in a drunken state. The man was hospitalized and by the grace of god he recuperated. The man filed a case against my brother- in –law and since his car had a third party insurance, the insurance company bore all the liabilities.

The first thing I did after the death of my husband was to take a medical insurance for myself and my daughter. It gives a feeling of security that I will not have to go in search of money if I fall sick. Some people think they are very healthy and it is waste of money to spend on paying premium for insurance. They are not aware of the fact illness strikes suddenly and it would be a nightmare to be without money in times of illness.

You can avail of the latest in medical field if you have medical insurance. No one wants to fall sick. But things do not happen the way we want. It is better to be prepared for such unforeseen things in life and you will never regret taking a medical insurance for your whole family.

Theft is another drawback which deprives you of precious things you so eagerly bought with your hard earned money. A friend of mine had costly jewels and she kept in her home. An insurance agent asked her to take an insurance against theft. She ignored it.

She had to go her native place to attend her relative’s funeral and she was away for a week with her family. She had the shock of her life when she returned. Her house was broken into and the thieves had literally wiped her house clean. It was pitiable to see her crying. If only she had taken the theft insurance she would have got back what she lost.

Life insurance is also important as it gives you an emotional satisfaction that your near and dear ones will not be financially deprived if something fatal happens to you. Taking up life insurance does not mean anything drastic is going to happen to you. It is just being prepared for the unexpected which life throws in your way every now and then.

Do not consider paying your premium as an expense, but as a savings which help you in a great way when you meet with circumstances which makes you disabled or anything which would cause severe financial depletion if you are not insured. Disability insurance is a must as it will help you in times when you are physically injured and unable to do your work.

Life can be easy if you are prepared to meet the ups and downs you will experience. The ups in your life are a joy which you can share with everyone, but the downs in your life will be borne only by you and so be hundred percent ready for it. It is here that insurance is a life savior in your times of need and it extends a helping hand as an oasis in your life.


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