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How to make residual income

Updated on May 30, 2014

Go beyond what is expected

Why do people think in a way that gets them nowhere? It’s almost as if we, as a society, have been programmed into one frequency. It’s a frequency that makes our day stressful and with little to enjoy. People have gone into a routine of working day in and day out, for what? Just to buy a new TV or put a down payment on a new car? Stress is then built up from having to pay bills and realizing that to keep up with the expenses you need to work more hours. Overall decreasing the time you spend sleeping and living. It’s crazy to think that most people are stuck in this box of routine. We are supposed to look at life by “thinking outside of the box.” Looking beyond what is just in front of us and really begin dreaming and allowing, believing that it will become a reality. We need to break out of what we have been doing everyday and make the change because it is as simple as it seems, you can’t change unless you make changes in your life. Start by being grateful for all that you have, know that opportunities are presented to you everyday and why not make today that change in your life. How do you want your day to start off? Good, great, amazing…right? Think about it, if you begin your day by feeling bad about not getting enough sleep or something like that, the rest of your day is negative. You want to have your whole day positive, happy, and relaxing. That’s when the day becomes a lot brighter when you look at everyday like you have just won the lottery.

I’ll end on this note, don't get stuck living in this system and running on the hamster wheel to nowhere, step out of that and make the change toward your dreams. And it all begins here and now...

Start making residual income and make that first step out of the box:


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